Your wife (Prerish OS)

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Prerna was sleeping peacefully on her bed , but sleep is far away from his eyes..

Who could do this to his family.., his both children were on stake along with her wife...

He was standing on the window and looking outside..

Her face is shining in moon light which eas peeking in their room..

His decision of living in Basu Bari , proved wrong for him and his family..

Kuki... She was so scared and then in party , Prerna someone tried to push her, it was not an accident..

Who tried to harm his wife, and unborn child...

When kuki was stuck in store room, he thought it must be an accident.. But after party , when he reviewed all the incidents, and what his wife told him...

All things were planned, so he mistrust her....

So, the ultimate trget is she... But who...

The first thought came to his mind was of Basus, but they were not at home when kuki was in store room..

Then, who...?

His mind screaming two names again and again.. But he refused to listen..

And in frustration he slammed his hand on window..

Prerna wake up startled.. And try to focus her gaze in the room, and caught him winching in pain..

She went to him...

"Mr. Bajaj.." She called..

He turned abruptly and Startled her again...

She put her hand on his arm to compose..

"I am sorry, maine apki bhi neend kharab kar di.." Aap jakr so jayiye..

He tried to free his arm and to went away from her..

But instead she tighten her grip..and turn him towards her..

And without asking anything, she took his hand in hers to check.., cut is not deep but a small cut, and blood..

" ye kya kiya apne, gussa nikalne ka ye konsa tareeka hai" she scolded him

He snatched his hand away," chota sa cut hai, thik ho jyega.. Aap so jaiye.."

" Aur aap" she asked

" This is not your concern" he snapped

" And my health, my life, my safety... Is your concern  , but your is not mine..why?"

She asked by crossing her arms..

" I am habitual of it, Mrs. Bajaj.. No one concern for me ever.. But, you were pampered by your family, then by Mr. Basu.. So...." He trailed of..

" Life keeps changing, and your and mine are changed, so you should change your habits according to it.. " she reasoned

" what if it changes again..?" he asked

"Your insecurities lead you now where, learn to trust people.." She told him as she lead him to sit on bed with first aid kit..

She was nursing his little wound with so much care... And he was staring her with mix feelings..

"Why don't you trust on someone?" She asked slowly..

"You trust people easily, Mrs. Bajaj.. Tell me what you get in return.."he asked..

" trust, security, assurance.." She told him by looking into his eyes..

He laughed, " you are so innocent, Prerna" 

She crooked her eyebrows in confusion..

" kya lagta hai aapko, jo kuki ke sath hua, aur jo party mai apke sath hua.. Wo accident tha.." He asked her..

" Haa shayad.. Kyu apko lagta hai ki kisi ne..." She realized 

" exactly" he said

" now tell me, who do you think is behind this.." He tested her..

" Basus.. but they can't harm us, wo ese nahi hai..apko.." She tried to explain

" Basus nahi hai Prerna , i know.." He cut her..

"Basus nahi Kon aya hoga ghar mai..koii bhar se hai kya.." She asked

He denies by shooking his head and stand near window..

She again start guessing... And realize something..

She went towards him.. and hesitantly put her hand on his arm..

He breath deeply, and closed his eyes..

"Now, you know why i bring you in kuki's life..?"he said slowly

"But how can they,.. I mean they love her ..i.." She tried to reason..

"You give your heart so easily Prerna... Learn to judge people, everyone is not like you.." 

She closed her eyes in anger and frustration.. and slowly lean her forehead on his arm..

He was surprised by her act...

But then, she want him near when she was in the hospital few days before.., he was on hospital bed and she sat near him whole night holding his hand..

And even she hugged him, when doctor declared the he is safe...

" why, you allowed them in the house then,?" She asked from the same position..

" They were not harmful before, they never do these things.. But they are here for my money, and i let them have it..."he told..

" If this is true, then... then i don't want them near my daughter, please.." She requests..

She was now looking him with hope...

" I have decided, what will happen to them..,i will not tolerate this, not when they harm my daughter, my wife and my unborn child.."he declared with venomous voice..

She was touched with his this side, BEST FATHER she smiles by putting her hand on her belly...

But ..

in her tension she forgets everything and  She turned him towards her and 

 cupped his face with one hand, he moves his head back ... Looking at her in surprise..

She realize and take her hand back.. and start gazing the floor in embarrassment..

He stare at her in confusion, after a while he try to left but she hold his hand..

" Are you all right, Prerna..?"he asked with concern...

"I want to request you something.."she asked...

"Go ahead.."

" Please, don't let them know that you know about them, make them go anywhere but with respect, kuki loves them and mai abhi se usme trust issues nahi chati... Aap samajh rhe hai naa.." She asked politely

He nodded...

"To aap unhe ese hi jane dengi.." He asked

" Mne kha aap kuch nahi kahenge, but mai to bol sakti hu.. Aur warn bhi kr sakti hu.." she said with anger..

" okay, whatever you want... Warna socha to kuch aur hi tha mne..." He sighed

" Aap bed... I mean bed ke other side so sakte hai..., i trust you.." She told him and went to her side..

He stand there for sometime deciding what to do..and then went to bed as couch was really uncomfortable for him..

As he sit on bed, she smile to herself..and both sleep their sides..

First time he speak to her as his wife and eventually they took any decision together...

"Waqt lgega lekin sab thk ho jyega Prerna,bas tum kosis karti rhna.., agar unhe pati chuna hai to mano bhi, aur rishtey ko imandari se nibhao.. tum ek kadam bhadao, aur dekhna unke kadam khud tumhari taraf bhdenge.." Her mother told her ,when she saw her husband's caring side for her ...

She turned towards him ,and smile to herself..

" Ab mai sirf apki patni hu, aur is rishtey ko kese nibhana hai ye samajh gyi hu mai.. apko apki patni ab har kadam par apke sath milegi Mr. Bajaj.. Mai sikhaungi apko trust kese karte hai.. Aur pyar..." she promised to herself..

And sleep with a Peace in her heart...



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Posted: 2 months ago

Aww this was so sweet. ♥️❤️

Posted: 2 months ago

Super sweet! Their journey from parents to husband wife will be a beautiful one❤️

Posted: 2 months ago


The last line was so good. She's willing to teach him to trust and love. smiley27

Posted: 2 months ago


My fav bit:

"Waqt lgega lekin sab thk ho jyega Prerna,bas tum kosis karti rhna.., agar unhe pati chuna hai to mano bhi, aur rishtey ko imandari se nibhao.. tum ek kadam bhadao, aur dekhna unke kadam khud tumhari taraf bhdenge.." Her mother told her ,when she saw her husband's caring side for her 

VB #goals smiley42

Posted: 2 months ago


Posted: 2 months ago

Conversation makes relationship better 

Talking with each other and making decision is the best first step towards any relationship 

Great OS, liked your writing. 

Give us more Preish OS

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