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Hi all, this is Tanika. I hope you all know me by this timesmiley36. Okay I don't know what am I writing and I'm not sure how many parts I'll be able to write. So just bear my crap and give the needful feedback smiley17.

Okay enough of my rants,here is the first part.

Mr. Bajaj,I think you should allow Basu family to live in this house as it's their house where they have spent so many years of their lives. And please if possible, just give their house back. We can't stay here . I'll also talk to Anurag about Bajaj mansion and I'm sure he will agree to give our house back- she requests.

I can't do this Mrs. Bajaj. You know that I didn't have any interest in this Basu badi but Mr. Basu forced me to take this step. He invaded my personal space, literally gave a mental stress to my family. Bajaj mansion is everything for maasi,tanvi and more than them it's the safest place for kukki. My daughter is already suffering alot and by snatching my daughter's paradise,he himself has invited this situation- he retorts.

Mr. Bajaj,I can completely understand that what Anurag did was wrong. I totally condemn his act. But you are also doing the same thing. You are also reacting like Anurag. And you are not Anurag, you are Mr. Bajaj,kukki's strongest Dad. These things doesn't suit you.(she looks at him with so much proud). And I believe that you can understand this situation. Like your family has a bond with Bajaj mansion, similarly Basu family is also attached with their Basu badi. And Kaka babu is also a father figure to me and I have promised him that I'll give him his house back. He is also not physically fit and now if you will evict them from this house,he will not be able to bear this all- she explains.

With a little mention of Moloy Basu,his eyes gets filled with so much rage. He clenches his teeth and fist in anger.

Fine, they all can stay here. And listen one thing, I'm doing this only because of your promise not because of your Kaka babu and anyone else. Saying this ,he leaves from there in anger.

After him Leaving, Prerna smiles a little and murmurs- I knew it Mr. Bajaj, you will not say no to me.

He leaves for his office without informing her. He is still so much in anger and breaks some of his office stuff too. He picks up a glass and pours some whisky in it and starts drinking.While drinking,he is only thinking about his wife's concern about Basu family.

She still thinks about that Basu family. This family has given her so much humiliation,insults and what else.But this woman,my wife is still sympathising with them. These people don't deserve sympathy but punishment. Not just because they humiliated my wife but also they ruined my life too. He pours some more whisky in his glass and starts drinking again.

At home, prerna is looking for him in the whole house but couldn't find him. She calls him again and again but everytime he disconnects her call. This makes her more furious.

Why isn't Mr. Bajaj picking up my phone?? He never does this. Whenever I have called him,he has always picked up my calls even during his important business meetings but what happened today?? Is he ignoring my calls or should I say he is ignoring me?? She gets restless with these thoughts and goes to her room. She is sitting on her bed and her mind is busy thinking about just one person- "Mr. Bajaj".

Just then kukki comes to her and asks her about her tensions with her gestures.

No bacha, I'm not tensed. I'm just waiting for your papa to come- prerna explains.

Kukki again gestures about being sleepy. Prerna takes her in her lap and caresses her head. After sometime,kukki gets asleep. Prerna too lays besides her but sleep is far away from her eyes.

Mr. Bajaj still hasn't been home. It's already midnight. Don't know what has happened to him? He has never done this before. Something is bothering him- She murmurs.

With these thoughts, she also falls asleep.

Mr. Bajaj didn't come home all night. In the morning,he comes back from the office and slowly moves towards kukki's room to check her. He slowly opens the door and sees a beautiful sight in front of him. Kukki and her Mumma cuddling each other and having a peaceful sleep.He smiles a little and is about to leave but his eyes falls on a strand of prerna's hair which is disturbing her sleep. He goes near her and puts the strand behind her ear. He again gets up to leave but prerna wakes up and holds his hand. He pulls his hand back from hers with a jerk. What are you doing Mrs. Bajaj? You had made it clear that I won't touch you and now you are touching my hand.

She gets amused by his talks. 

He starts moving towards the door but she stops him from behind.

Mr. Bajaj, where have you been all the night?? I was so worried- she questions.

He turns towards her and just gives her a Stern look.

I am asking you something,Mr. Bajaj. Please care to answer my question- she speaks.

I'm not in a mood to answer any of your questions and you don't need to worry about me. I'm completely fine.

What do you mean,mood nahi hai. You have to answer. I'm your wife and I have every right to ask you questions- she shouts.

Well I think you have forgotten,it was you who didn't want to be my wife.And now you want rights of a wife. I'm amazed- He replies.

I didn't mea.. mean that,Mr. Bajaj. 

I know Mrs Bajaj, you will never accept me as your husband,so just do your duties and your only duty is too look after kukki, not me.

 Saying this,he goes from there leaving a confused and shocked prerna standing over there.

Part 1 ends.

So how's it ?? Do like it and give your feedback

PS-Ignore the typos


Part 1 - Pg 1

Part 2 - Pg 5

Part 3 - Pg 9

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Wohoooo smiley40 a story on PreRish at BB. smiley40Prerna is concerned about Bajju smiley40 want more  give me more. 

Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by MisHumptyDumpty

Wohoooo smiley40 a story on PreRish at BB. smiley40Prerna is concerned about Bajju smiley40 want more  give me more. 

Sabar rakein humpty ji smiley36

Posted: 5 months ago

Woah,  very good start to the PreRish fanfic..Rishabh is not around, Prerna's worry, everything was well expressed, awesome...What a start..Continue soon.. smiley20

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Bajaj Family in Basu Badi, with what Mr. Baja says it is not easy for him to live here with these people but sometimes you have to do things you don't like when you are forced. 

Anurag without thinking plotted against Mr. Bajaj. Does he not know him by reputation or he was counting on Prerna to make a deal with him. 

Itne time se she was saying aapka mujhpar koi haq nahi hai and now khud haq jata rahi hai it must have pinched her when Mr. Bajaj reminded her of this.

I could clearly imagine her scolding her husband infact I could imagine the entire part. 

He must have been carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders but seeing his daughter and her mother must be relaxing for him.

Can't wait to read more.

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Already waiting for next part..

Posted: 5 months ago

What a rocking start! smiley32

Loved RB's coldness and Prerna's concern. Their conversation in the last part was so natural and you captured the emotions really well.

Posted: 5 months ago

Lived the little beginning of martial relationship... 

Waiting to see how pre reacts

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