Why does she loose every time?

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Posted: 8 months ago

Nimki has won only one election....her mukhiya election 

After that she has lost each war... whether it’s about stopping richa’s Marriage, sweety and BDO’s marriage, her rape case or defeating tetar Singh...  look like now she is going to loose her baby too... she hasn’t fulfill any promises so far she has made.... 

for god sake shows her Winning at something...  show at least once that good is winning over bad... each time tetar Singh wins

That’s BS... they are showing no law and order there... I agree situation is bad but this is the heights of BS... they are not living in jungle and nimki herself is mukhiya.., has BDO’s support and sweety has exposed tetar and Rituraj In publicly... babbu Singh is opponent in mla election... how can they have dare to even touch the nimki.... in this situation they all would be in jail... but here they are plotting something else

The writers are writing anything.., this is utterly ridiculous and stupid 

Sorry if I have hurt anyone’s sentiments here but at least show something sensible here

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Posted: 8 months ago

She will apparently run the Vidhayak (MLA) elections and win that. They are apparently starting a spin-off sort of thing. 

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Posted: 8 months ago

Originally posted by TheM5393

She will apparently run the Vidhayak (MLA) elections and win that. They are apparently starting a spin-off sort of thing. 

Really... are they starting spin off... is it confirmed? Who will win mla... she or babbu Singh? I hope in new spin off they would make some sense... right now, the show doesn’t make any sense... they need some major changes 

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Posted: 8 months ago

It's not Nimki losing but what is being shown is Tettar Singh's perpetual denial mode. He is the one who's losing everything.

He never had power in the first place. He was Mukhiya for years but the people voted him out at the first chance they got.Nimki won against Tettar's candidate.

After that if his party happened to look in his direction it was because of Nimki who was his daughter in law.The family refused to accept the fact that they amount to nothing in electoral politics without Nimki by their side.

In Richa's case Nimki is not the victim she was only trying to help the victim.But in all such cases unless the victim finds in her to stand up for herself no amount of support can bring justice. It was a good lesson.Nobody can help you unless you make an effort to help yourself.

In Nimki's case she stood up for herself went all the way to court and fought till the end.Nimki may have lost the case in the court but today Babbu realised that he had committed an unforgivable act against Nimki and he is all out to do any thing to make amends for what he has done.He is ready to kill his own father the very same man to help whom he indulged in so many criminal acts.

Sweety has turned against her parents and husband sometime and was trying to breakaway from it all but finally found courage to expose her husband and father in public and cause considerable damage to his political prospects.

Tettar Singh is a desperate man obsessed with power and in a denial mode.Rituaraj is doing everything to prevent Tettar Singh see the real picture because Tettar Singh is the only tool he can use to grab power.

Ultimately it's not about Nimiki winning but it is about the likes of Tettar Singh admitting that they have lost.

Sorry for the lengthy post. It's just my perspective

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