Dramatic Gestures ( Prerish OS)

Posted: 5 months ago

Prerna stared with some trepidation down at the brimming glass of whiskey. Tonight was the night. Her date with destiny. Her appointment with fate.

Tonight, she  was going to get drunk. It was a grand, dramatic gesture, her protest against the injustice of the universe. She gulped. She was not one for grand, dramatic gestures. No ...she was..the way she married him..

And that, she told herself decisively, was one more compelling reason to get started. She picked up the glass and knocked it back with panache, only to promptly choke and hiccup as the liquid burned down her throat. Her eyes watered. She regarded the next glass with some dread. Being dramatic was not very much fun.

Five or six glasses later, she was feeling much more into the spirit of things. She gazed moodily down at her drink, she gazed moodily at the wall, she gazed moodily back at her drink, when the banging of the door disrupted her gloomy reverie. She looked muzzily up to see  her husband striding angrily toward her. At least, she thought it was him; she was having some trouble focusing.

"What," he bit off icily, "could you possibly think you are doing?"

Prerna smiled dreamily up at him. "Getting drunk."

Mr. Bajaj  growled,   picked her up and carried her unceremoniously out of the room full of people including Basus .Wrapping her arms around his neck, she buried her nose in his collarbone. "You smell good," she informed him. He snorted and ignored her..

"What possessed you?" he demanded, still holding her as they made their way out of party Hall..

She managed to clip him in the jaw and throw herself off-balance simultaneously. Mr. Bajaj  grunted and shifted his grip.Our marriage is doomed." She looked speakingly at the base of his throat. "You hate me , The whole thing was condemned from the start." She sniffed.

"Don't be ridiculous,"he  informed her curtly.

"And the worst of it is," Prerna wailed, hiccupping a little, "is that I can't stop thinking about you, and you can't stand the sight of me!"

"What utter rubbish," Mr. Bajaj said roughly. "Don't you know I'm madly in love with you?"

 Prerna turned suddenly shining eyes up to his face. "Really?" she managed.

He nodded....but she was not convinced...

How could she, he didn't tell her in their one year of marrige, not when she truely accept him as her husband and take her role of wife ,mother and home maker seriously, not even when he was there entire night with her in delivery room, not when she fight against Mr. Basu and save him...never he told her never that he loved her...

He looked at her ,she still have uncertainty in her eyes..

He sighed and pressed kiss to her temple. "Foolish woman ,Of course I love you." 

Posted: 5 months ago

Wow.. wonderful.!!

I hope something like this happens in the show .

I love your writing.keep writing!!smiley4

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Posted: 5 months ago

This one was short yet so engaging. smiley4

Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by isha123asya

Wow.. wonderful.!!

I hope something like this happens in the show .

I love your writing.keep writing!!smiley4

Thank you

Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by Wistfulness

This one was short yet so engaging. smiley4


Posted: 5 months ago

Ofc i love you ❤️ awww. 🤗

Posted: 5 months ago

He is madly in love with her. 


Love reading on PreRish don't watch the show though.

Please keep them coming.

Posted: 5 months ago


Cute 😘

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