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Focusing on your real talents &skills -Ridheema Tiwari TC

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Posted: 4 years ago

MUMBAI: Ullu, a popular streaming platform, recently launched its latest offering, #MeToo Wolf of Bollywood, which showcases the tale of unspoken, unrequited love and the truth behind the shiny facade that lures millions worldwide!

#MeToo Wolf of Bollywood is presented by Ullu, helmed by producer–filmmaker–entrepreneur Vibhu Agarwal, in association with Falguni Shah's Dreamzz Images Studio. It is directed by Deepak Pandey.

The project stars many popular actors like Vivan Bhathena, Amit Behl, Ridheema Tiwari, actor–dancer Ana Ilmi, actor–model Aanaya Bhaanndari, Miss Asia Bikini Gehana Vasisth, Sikander Kharbanda, veteran Marathi actor Savita Malpekar, and Splitsvilla participant Isha Anand Sharma.

TellyChakkar got in touch with Ridheema Tiwari, who is known for playing the role of Rasika in Do Dil Ek Jaan and Disha in Sasural Genda Phool. The actress also made an appearance in Bollywood film Begum Jaan. We spoke to her at length about the issue of #MeToo. The actress said, 'This is an industry with all types of people, and there have been obvious advances and suggestions, but it is you who decides your limits and chooses what happens and what its consequences will be.'

She added, 'There are two things in this matter. There are genuine incidences and there are confabulated/created incidences. A woman or a girl who really wants to solve her problems or issues of a #MeToo incident would seek help from the people who can either resolve the issue or give her the justice she feels she deserves. Then there is the publicity and glamour side of things wherein the person wishes to wash their dirty clothes in public and garner the attention, publicity, and fame associated with it.'

'Proving or disproving such things after months and years is always going to be tough and sometimes unrealistic. There will be false accusations/badha chadha ke baatein banana, and there will genuine incidences. It's for the legal system or the authorities to decide what is right and wrong and what should be its final conclusion.' she added.

Ridheema has a tip for newbies in the industry. She said, 'Clearly, any girl or boy coming into this industry has to realize that there is the kala, abhinay, art, and pure acting side of life here, and then there is an unspoken side of this industry, where there are good people and bad people. The auditions, the sets, TV screen, and film screen become window-shopping opportunities for people who fall in the category of people in power. So each and every actor has to be clear what they are getting into and how to handle such situations.'

The gorgeous actress further stated, 'If the involved person wants a resolution, they would selectively go to the people who can help them, like superiors, the legal system, counselors, etc. If their goal is to seek attention, importance, fame, and name, then doing it in a public forum is the way to go. Also, if they have exhausted all the avenues, then speaking about it, if true, is seen by some as the only option. Seek the right help, and seek it early.'

Sharing her opinion, Ridheema added, 'Isn’t there give and take of bribes to get your work done in India faster, sooner, or more easily? Likewise, maybe the casting couch according to a few is a convenient shortcut/barter deal/practical path. Especially for impatient and desperate ones. In this industry, where there are several beauty options, can the beast be far behind? But however tempting the situation and the greed of overnight stardom, one has to choose what they are getting into with full knowledge or even choose to completely avoid it. Even when you say I had no choice, actually, you have made a choice. Focusing on your real talents/skills, having a mentor/guide, and being practical and realistic can help in avoiding the casting couch. I believe only the ones who remain grounded, have a learner's spirit, practice patience, and value time, people, and money are here to stay.

Well said, Ridheema!

#MeToo Wolf of Bollywood focuses on the life of Karan Mathur. Karan feels guilty about the death of an unknown celebrity named Suvarna Pashte, who kills herself while revealing details of her sexual harassment to him. Karan is determined to catch the culprit, and how he goes about doing so forms the crux of the story.

Watch #MeToo Wolf of Bollywood only on Ullu App.