Beauty and The Beast PreRish FF^Part 1 Page 2^13/7/19

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"Love is a feeling that takes birth for a kind and a gentle heart,not figure or personality"


Hello friends,although I had no plans for this story I felt that I should write one. And complete it.... okay I am a very boring and bad writer. I don't know whether you all will like or not but I wanted to write so choosing a fairy tale...

Beauty and The Beast.

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Teaser 1:

A beautiful girl comes downstairs rushing. She trips and was about to fall when she was saved by warm pairs of arms. She sees it was her best friend Anurag. She got happy and hugged him.

^scene 2^

The same girl comes downstairs this time but her face had a mark of disappointment and was upset. Just one last stair was their when somebody gave her his hand. She kept her palms of his. He smiled and asked "Do you feel the same what I feel for you?". She was bit confused about the answer and slowly whispered to herself "". He could here her whispers. He leaves her alone. And goes to his room upset.

The girls starts weeping.

(A beautiful love triangle like never before!)

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Intriguing start! 

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Good start...smiley20

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nice one. 

Cont asap.. 

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Teaser 2: Meet Anuraag And Prerna..

The AnuPre 

Eyes deep as ocean,cheeks soft as butter,skin as white as snow white,lips as red as blood,hair long like Rapunzal,She comes downstairs in a long pink gown. Anuraag Basu the great businessman wouldn't able to his eyes off from her. After all,it was his and her engagement. Both were going to get "HAPPY COUPLE". 

She comes near him and smiles and asks "how do I look Mr.Basu?". He smiles back and says "You look OKAY Ms.Sharma". He pulls her leg. She gets angry and complains " knew...I knew..u would say this. What do u think of yourself? You also don't look so handsome! I look beautiful and I know that."

He calms "u know what Prerna...u know about yourself. This is the most admirable in you. You look beautiful and stunning."

They both hug each other. 

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