Zaroon-Kashaf OS: An Unexpected Date | Random Musings #2

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26th May 2019

Hey Guys!

Nandini here and I'm back with another OS on my favorite Zaroon Kashaf. ❤️❤️

BedazzledBlue aka Shanaya Di knows for how long exactly I've been working on this particular OS! 😂😂

I really hope you guys will love it. Please like and comment. 😊



Banner Credits: MsChanadlerBong

It's so beautiful, thank you! smiley27

Text in BOLD-ITALICS are thoughts. 

PS: Sorry, it got a little too long! 

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An Unexpected Date

Collecting the files that were scattered on her table, Kashaf neatly stacked them in a pile as her mobile rang for the ninth time in the past two hours. Picking the mobile, she looked at the screen of the handset and her week-old fiance's name flashed on the screen.

"Allah! Kaun hai yeh jo subah se itni dafa call kar chuka hai?" She heard her mother speak up from the drawing room.

"Pata nahi Ammi. Unknown number hai." Kashaf replied while scowling at the screen. 

Keeping her mobile upside down on the table, Kashaf went ahead to pick out a plain cream colored kurta salwar while it vibrated a couple of times more before dying away.

Don't know why, but Kashaf felt a great sense of victory when her mobile didn't ring again. Finally. Finally, she had managed to teach Zaroon Junaid a lesson. Now, he won't dare to mess up with her ever again, let alone IGNORE her.

Humming an old song which suddenly came into her mind out of nowhere, Kashaf went to bath. It was after somewhat 20 mins when she came out, which was record-breaking for Kashaf since she didn't believe in wasting her precious minutes of the day in something as useless and unfruitful as bathing. She heard her mother laughing. 

Thinking it to be another bunch long-forgotten relatives whom they haven't even talked to since no one knows many years have come to congratulate Rafia on Kashaf's engagement with sweets and gifts. Of course! That's what happens when you get engaged to a son-of-an-influential businessman. Hypocrites!!! 

She ignored it, not wanting to spoil her happy-me moment which she gets rarely. Unwrapping the towel that was wrapped around her hairs, she let her gorgeous black manes fall over like curtains on the shoulders and began combing them slowly.

There weren't many mornings when Kashaf felt good about herself from within but this morning was definitely one of those precious days. She smiled looking at her own reflection when, "Arre. Zaroon Beta, tum ne toh kuch liya he nahi? Kebab toh lo?" 

Her smile slacked a bit but dismissing it as a mere figment of her imagination, Kashaf brushed it away.

Zaroon, yahan kyu aayega? Aur woh bhi iss waqt? Sawal he paida nahi hota.

"Jee Shukriya." His husky baritone could be heard.

Kashaf didn't think twice before carelessly wrapping dupatta over herself and rushing out of her room to check if it was really him.

And there he was! 

Sitting on the sofa with a cup of steaming tea and saucer in his hand while a plate of half-eaten kebabs was kept in front of him with a fork.

Kashaf hated herself for this but she had to admit he indeed was blessed with handsome looks and right now, looked a million bucks even in his casual tees and blue denim. Only if he wasn't the devil. 

As his chocolate orbs collided with her black ones, Kashaf felt her toes curl and warmth rush to her cheeks that very instant. This wasn't the first time and she was yet to determine why that even happened in the first place.

The cup paused mid-air when Zaroon caught sight of his fiancee rushing out of her room, her silky black hairs flowing freely in the air. This was probably the first time he saw her without a pony or plaits and Zaroon was surprised but she did take away his breath. He could tell that she was fresh out of the bath for that sweet rose fragrance of her soap was still strong and tantalizing and to be honest, he absolutely loved it.

As his eyes sailed over that dupatta laying rather clumsily on her shoulders, he could swear his heart did picked up pace. 

Rafia cleared her throat a bit loudly, snapping them out of the trance and Kashaf immediately tore away her gaze from his to look at her mother who was glaring her, motioning her to cover her head. Kashaf looked at herself, somewhat confused when she realized what a fool she had made of herself.

Flustered, she covered her head, wrapping the dupatta around herself, rather hastily making Rafia shook her head at her daughter.

Zaroon could feel the tips of his ears going pink with embarrassment as he kept the cup back on the table and clasped his hands together. What the hell was that?

Wait! Was he attracted to her? Like seriously? Kashaf Murtaza?

Not that it was a bad thing but it sure surprised him like hell. 

"Assalam Walekum." Kashaf greeted him politely.

"Walekum Salam." He wished her back, looking at her with a smile.

"Main kitchen.. kitchen mein hu." She spoke up rather hurriedly and rushed into the kitchen the very next moment.

Allah! Mere saath he aisa kyu hota hai? Aur khas kar uss Zaroon Junaid ke saamne?

Kya soch raha hoga woh?

Zaroor Ammi se meri shikayat lagane aaya hoga. Ammi bhi aa jayengi daat lagane. Pata nahi jaadu kar rakha hai isne sab par? Pehle Sidra aur abb Ammi bhi.

Kashaf mumbled under her breath while plucking out the coriander leaves in anger.

"Kashaf.." She heard Rafia and turned around to find her standing at the doorway, "Etiyaat kiya karo beta." She spoke up sternly.

"Sorry Ammi, woh.. pata he nahi chala kaise.." Kashaf fumbled, looking down nervously.

"Khair, abb jao. Jakar taiyaar ho jao." Rafia instructed her daughter making Kashaf pull her brows together in confusion.

"Taiyaar? Magar.." Kashaf let out her confusion only to be interrupted by Rafia.

"Kal woh Islamabad wapis jaa raha hai. Abb nikaah ke waqt he aayega. Tumhe lunch par le jana chahta hai. Jakar taiyaar ho." Rafia told her and even though, Kashaf was angry at Zaroon yet she felt a nerve snap somewhere at the mention of him returning back to Islamabad but then,

Yahan farik reh kar mujhe ignore karne lag gaya hai. Islamabad jaakar toh use bahana mil jayega ki kaam mein masroof tha.. Magni se pehle toh kaise har waqt mere aage peechhe ghumta rehta tha? Yeh sab mard ek jaise hote hai..

"Maine nahi jaana Ammi.. Aap please use mana kar dein." Kashaf replied as she tried to turn away.

"Yeh kya ehemkana baat hai? Magni ho gayi hai tum dono ki. Jao beta, fatafat taiyaar ho. Chalo." Rafia ordered, having the final say and Kashaf knew there was no point of arguing with her.

Yeh achhi musibat hai.

Kashaf walked out of the kitchen rather grumpily only to find a smirking Zaroon Junaid in drawing room and sure, her temper touched new peaks. He must've heard their conversation. Talk about the cons of having a small and cozy house. 

Sar phadd dena hai maine iska aaj.

"Jaldi taiyaar ho. Lunch date par jaana hai humne." Zaroon spoke up, teasingly.

"Tum bahout pachhtaoge." Kashaf hissed in a low voice, trying to threaten him while Zaroon tried hard to not laugh.

"I'm scared." He mocked her, holding up his hands.

Giving him a deadly glare, Kashaf had just turned when, "Achha suno?" He started off making Kashaf halt and look at him with her hands on her waist.

"Wear something in red." He requested her cutely.

"Kyu?" She demanded, not a in mood to entertain his flirts.

"The color suits you." He replied huskily.

How Kashaf wanted to snap at him that she has no red salwar kameez but knew Rafia would that very instant remind her that she actually has one.

Scowling in irritation, Kashaf walked away stomping her foot once and Zaroon couldn't help but chuckle at his fiancee's irritation. They might have got engaged, he might be in love with her yet irritating her was one thing Zaroon enjoyed more than anything and everything.

A few minutes later...

Kashaf looked at her reflection in the mirror and adjusted the dupatta over her head before wearing beautiful pearl drops in her either ear. While strapping the watch with a leather band around her wrist, Abb yeh mujhe Hi-Fi se 5 star hotel mein le jakar baitha dega. Wahan ke toh rates dekh kar he aadmi ki aadhi bhook marr jaati hai.

Pata nahi woh din kab aayega jab main sukoon se apni zindagi jee paungi.

Kashaf wondered while combing her hairs which were still slightly damp.

Aur yeh pata nahi kyu maine aaj he baal dhone the?

"Go go go!!" Zaroon mumbled while concentrating on the football on his mobile screen as he navigated through the virtual football field through in build console of his mobile app game.

Seeing the right opportunity, Zaroon aimed for the goal but missed it making him swore most glory words under his breath and his team lost the final match. He looked at his watch. It had just been 10 minutes since Kashaf went in to change.

Isne abhi adha ghanta aur lagana hai.

Pata nahi inn ladkiyon ko itna waqt kyu lagta hai change karne mein? Kapde badalna na hua jung ka maidaan ho gaya.

Resting his head on his palm bored, Zaroon yawned cutely when Kashaf appeared out of her room and for the second time in a day, he was left jaw hung. 

Ya toh iss par kisi ne jaadu kar diya yaa mere he sar par mohabbat ka bhoot sawar hai!

Even in the car, Zaroon kept stealing glances of his fiancee seated right besides him time and again making Kashaf wonder if something was wrong with her appearance.

"Tum pura waqt yun he khamosh rehne wali ho?" Zaroon asked her, after a while of silence.

"Yeh tumne mujhe zabardasti lunch par le jaane se pehle sochna chahiye tha." Kashaf snapped at him making Zaroon raise his thick eyebrows with a soft laugh.

"Tumne nahi jaana nahi tha toh mujhe bata deti. Hum nahi aate." He replied, trying to hold back his laughter for he knew it would have been of no use while Kashaf glowered at him before looking away.

It was after a while he stopped his gleaming silver Mercedes in front of a sea-side restaurant and it only took a glance for Kashaf to realize it was her favorite restaurant. She looked at Zaroon both surprised and confused making him chuckle huskily, "Let's go! I'm hungry."

"Hum yahan kyu aaye hai?" She asked him, stepping out of the car.

"Coz I've heard they have the best rumali roti and kebabs in entire Karachi." Zaroon replied, smiling and before she could even say anything, he held her hand, leading her inside.

As they made their way into the restaurant, Zaroon picked themselves a table overlooking the sea waves which came splashing on the huge rocks with a cool breeze. It wasn't anything like Zaroon Junaid was used to, like those fancy five-star restaurants rather pretty basic with decent seating area. He quietly drank water from the steel jug that was kept on the table. Wasn't he the same Zaroon who used to carry Bisleri bottles to the University even?

"Kuch order karein? I'm damn hungry." He spoke up, looking at her cutely while Kashaf couldn't help but notice the sweat beads which had started to line his forehead already. Of course, there wasn't AC rather a few ceiling fans whose existence didn't really made any difference and suddenly, their class difference stung her sharp, leaving behind an extremely unpleasant feeling which made her uncomfortable.

Toh kya abb kadam kadam par mujhe yeh bhi sehena padega?

He picked up the menu card which was just an old piece of laminated sheet and looked at the contents trying to decide what to order before settling down on two kinds of kebabs, rumaali roti and chicken with gravy.

"Tumhe iss jagah ke baare mein kis ne bataya?" Kashaf asked him, playing with the brilliant solitaire in her finger. 

"Well, I have my sources." He replied rather mischievously with a grin.

"Aur woh kaun hai?" Kashaf looked at him suspiciously, half knowing it wasn't anyone but Sidra yet she wanted a confirmation before she confronted her sister for this stupid act of hers.

"Khair abb yeh toh main tumhe nahi bataunga. Tumhe jaan ne ka ek woh he toh waahid zarriya hai mera. Tum khud toh kuch batane se rahi." Zaroon replied cutely miffed.

"Jaise tumhe badi parwah hai meri." Kashaf snorted, shaking her head dismissively at him.

"Nahi hoti toh yahan nahi baitha hota main tumhare saath." Zaroon retorted back.

"Oh really? Toh kahan hote?" Kashaf demanded, her gaze fixed on him, ablaze with fury.

"Apne doston ke saath hota kahin. Enjoy kar raha hota. Everyone was planning to meet up at Gauhar's place anyways. She was really looking forward to meet me, you know." He replied casually but enjoyed watching how her face reflected that look of shear resentment on Gauhar's mention. Zaroon and she had a little thing years back in his school times and it's been too, too long he got over her but she loved to embrace the idea that Zaroon was still interested in her.

"Well, what are you doing here then?" She looked at him, with a raised eyebrow, her face setting into a grim look.

"As it happens, I have a fiancee whom I love dearly and I wanted to spend some romantic time with her before I leave for Islamabad. But it seems, she isn't interested." Zaroon made a cute disappointed face.

"Khair abb aisa bhi nahi hai." She spoke up defensively before even realizing and regretted that very moment as a wide grin broke on his face.

"Really? Toh kaisa hai?" Zaroon asked her, wriggling his thick eyebrows naughtily as he pulled her a little closer.

"Zaroon.." Kashaf looked at him sternly and he left her hand like an obedient boy, settling back on his chair with cute offended face.

"Abb kya banda apni hone wali biwi ke saath romance bhi nahi kar sakta?" He spoke up grumpily.

"Jee nahi." She replied, adjusting the dupatta on her head.

"Zaalim." He mumbled cutely.

Soon enough, the food was brought in by waiter and again, there wasn't fine cutlery that Zaroon had grown up dining into, rather simple steel plates and bowls. Kashaf so wanted to murder Sidra for putting her into such an embarrassing situation. 

"This looks delicious." Zaroon exclaimed excitedly, rubbing his hands together.

Kashaf managed a small smile as she helped him serve himself a bit of everything he had ordered and they tucked into their food. The food was indeed delicious with all the mouthwatering spices and flavors.

She watched him amused as he broke the chicken into pieces with his hands or licked the gravy off his fingers in pure ecstasy. He looked no less than a five year old kid. Who had imagined Zaroon Junaid like this? She for one never did.

"You know Kashaf? Tum mujhe baad mein nihaar lena tasalli se. Abhi khana khalo because trust me, I can eat all of this. Kuch nahi milega tumhe." He spoke up as a matter of fact yet there was a twinkle of mischief in his chocolate eyes that wasn't to be missed.

Kashaf looked away flushed making him chuckle softly at her hopelessness. 

Half an hour later

Kashaf looked at the waves crashing against the shore and the tiny grains of the sand sparkled like diamonds in the sun shining bright in the sky. A few strands of her hairs came up on her face with the sweet summer breeze that was blowing and Kashaf tucked it behind her ears for the n-th time.

One of the biggest reason why she hates to leave her hairs open. 

Irritated, Kashaf had just gathered her tresses to tie them in a loose bun when, "Yeh tum kya kar rahi ho?" She heard Zaroon speak up from behind.

"Kya?" She turned to look at him startled. 

"Yeh he?" Zaroon replied, motioning towards her hands that were tangled in her hairs.

"Baal bandh rahi hu." She replied, confused.

"Kyu, Kashaf? Itne achhe toh lag rahe hai." He rolled his eyes at her cute hopelessness, "You've such beautiful hairs." He added, huskily.

Kashaf shook her head, "Yeh khubsoorat nahi jhanjhat hai." She replied, irritated before tying up her hairs in a loose bun but still, a few strands hung around her face, framing it.

"Jhanjhat?" He looked at her amused as he gave her the vanilla ice-cream cup he got for her.

"Ek baat batao?" Zaroon spoke up after a few moments of silence as Kashaf looked at him curious and wriggled her eyebrows at him, eating a spoon of her ice cream.

"Tum mein sach mein koi bhi ladkiyon wali aadatein nahi hai yaa mere saath he tum beparvah hone ki koshish karti ho?" He asked her making Kashaf narrow her eyes at him.

"Tum kehna kya chahte ho?" She asked him, amused.

"Matlab sajna-sawarna, jab koi ladka tumhare saath flirt kare toh sharmana, shopping karna and so on?"

"Jee nahi. Mujhe aise koi faltu shauk nahi hai." Kashaf replied, eating another spoonful of her ice cream.

Zaroon raised his eyebrows, impressed, "Amuman ladkiyon ko yeh sab bahout pasand hota hai." 

"Dekho Zaroon, tumhare liye behtar hoga agar tum mujhe unn ladkiyon compare na karu jo har waqt tumhare chaaro aur chakkar lagati hai. Kyunki tumhe disappointment ke ilawa aur kuch nahi milega." She looked at him, eye to eye.

Kashaf had expected him to get cutely offended by the remark but much to her surprise, he wasn't. Rather, he smiled fondly, making the corners of his eyes crinkle and her heart skip a beat. Why? Kashaf needed to figure out.

He then looked at her, those chocolate eyes soft and warm settling down on her black ones, "Yeah, I know and I guess, that was exactly what attracted me to you the most!" He spoke up, holding her hand ever gently.

Had it been someone else in Zaroon's place, Kashaf would have laughed it off but not with him. Those eyes, damn! Those eyes were sincere and convincing. But they still couldn't stop her from giving him that, Are you even listening to yourself? look. Attractive and me?

He sure caught that look of surprise on her face and couldn't help but chuckle. Before Kashaf even knew, he stepped closer making her breathing hitch a little as his rainforest cologne gained strength, "Yes, you." 

"You know Kashaf? I had this whole line of proposals from the girls and families of our social circle Asmara being one of them. I met a few of them, was even engaged to Asmara for a short while but it didn't work. I dated a few after her and they didn't work either. She and for that matter, any other girl I met, wasn't even close to the mark I had set up for my would-be life partner until I met you. Again." Zaroon added, slipping his hands into the folds of his denim and smiled, a wave of nostalgia filling him.

It was already a lot for Kashaf to sink in but he didn't seem to care rather continued, "Every time, after I broke up or any of my relationships ended, I would wonder why it didn't work? And each and every time, the answer was the same. She wasn't what I was looking for. It was as if, I had this ideal in my mind I kept comparing every girl in my life to and that day when I met you in Badin, I felt like all of my imagination had come to life." Zaroon spoke up, gently running a finger down her cheek very lovingly.

That rugged pad of his finger sent shivers down her spine and she took in a sharp breath, "You were everything that I had been looking for in other girls. That strength of your character, kuch kar guzar jaane ka jazba, your simplicity.. and most, you're oblivious to the fact how beautiful you really are. Mujhe pata he nahi chala kab tumhari in he adaayon par mera dil aa gaya aur abb? Abb toh mere liye tumhare bina apni zindagi ka tassavur karna bhi namumkin hai." He added, looking right into her beautiful coal eyes.

Kashaf looked at him unbelievingly. Never before in her life, she had been told that she was beautiful, that she was loved and without her, their life would be incomplete. Never. 

"Zaroon.." She whispered softly, not sure what to say.

He smiled and leaning in towards her, he untied her hairs and let them fall freely on her shoulders, "Shaadi ke baad main kabhi tumhe bandhe baalon mein nahi dekhna chahta." He spoke up huskily.

Kashaf felt a smile tugging at her lips as Zaroon held her face in his palms lovingly before pressing his lips on her forehead.

"God, I will miss you so much Kashaf. Pata nahi kaise he beetenge yeh hafte." Zaroon exclaimed sadly, pulling her into his arms, wrapping them around her lovingly.

Keeping her head on his chest, Kashaf cherished that feeling of being secured in the arms of a man who loved so much. 

The warmth, the comfort that she felt in his embrace was something she had never felt before in her life. 

For the first time in her life, she felt, at last, she has someone who was just hers. Someone she could hold onto. Someone she could depend on without second thoughts. Someone she could trust with her life. And it all meant a great deal to her.

An hour later...

Zaroon pulled up his silver Mercedes in front of her house and let out a deep breath he never knew he was holding onto.

"This is it, I guess." Zaroon looked at his fiancee with a sad smile.

Before Kashaf could even say, he leaned back on his seat, "I wish the day was a little longer." He added, holding her hand before caressing that elaborate solitaire in her finger. 

Kashaf didn't know why but that strange hollowness that had started to engulf her from the last turn towards her house left her feeling very uncomfortable. Why? Was she sad?

Tilting his head a little towards her, he looked at her from the corner of his eyes, "Tum toh miss karne se rahi mujhe. Ya phir karogi miss?" He teased her.

"Main.. woh.." Kashaf cutely fumbled with her words, not sure how to voice out all that she was feeling.

Zaroon shook his head, rubbing the corner of his eyes tired, "It's okay, Kashaf. Let it be." He replied, trying to sound unaffected but the disappointment in his voice was evident.

"Flight kitne baje ki hai?" She asked him, her hand still in his hold and she didn't even want him to let go.

"12:30 am." He replied quietly, his thumb drawing random circles around her knuckles absentmindedly.

Silence prevailed for the next few moments before Kashaf decided to end it, "I think mujhe jaana chahiye." She spoke up, softly.

Zaroon looked at Kashaf with a longing that crushed something inside her and only she knew what it took to stop tears from pooling her eyes. 

It took a great deal to make Kashaf Murtaza cry and when did he become so important was something she needed to figure out.

"Khuda Hafiz." She said, pulling her hand from his hold.

Zaroon nodded, "Khuda Hafiz." He smiled before looking away.

He was trying hard to concentrate on the road ahead of him and not embarrass himself for he was too overwhelmed.

Just when he felt soft lips press upon his stubbly cheek and a whisper in his ear, "Apna dhyan rakhna." 

Before Zaroon could even fathom what happened, Kashaf had already left. A beautiful smile adorned his lips as he touched his cheek. She loved him, alright!


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Res. Res. Res. 💗💗


So finally Im here and honestly, I wanted to unres it just after the initial days but then I kept getting caught up in chores. Now I'm finally here! 😁

TBH, I've been dying to ask you to update it and I really know for HOW LONG you had the idea and kept writing in whatever time you had but I'm so so so happy that you finally updated and posted it. 😘

To begin with I swear I could hear all those monologues in madam Kashaf's voice. 😂😂

Like her irritation to see Zaroon dropping in out of nowhere and then asking her to accompany him to lunch, to all those relatives who had been visiting them with gifts and sweets after her engagement to the son of a rich business tycoon, I understand the feeling and it's very relatable.

Zaroon, my baby is so cute. ❤

Playing football game on his phone. 😂

And that moment where Kashaf comes out without covering her head is so beautiful and sensuous in its own way. 🔥

Like he's seeing her without her dupatta for the first time, noticing her beautiful features, her slightly damp and dishelved hair. Zaroon Miyan, you're definitely in love. 😍❤

How he teases her that they're going on a lunch date and Kashaf's tum bohot pachtaoge and Zaroon's I'm scared in reply cracked me up. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kashaf's sarr phaad dena hai maine iska aaj. If it isn't me  saying that to so many ppl during so many times in a day. 🤣🤣🤣 

Their lunch date was so cute, perfect for the first time. ❤

The seaside, Zaroon taking her to her favorite humble  restaurant with a little help from Sidra, Awiee. ❤❤

The way he holds her hand and Kashaf warns him, trust madam kashaf to be such a dampner in romance. 😂❤

Two types of Kabaabs and Two Chicken Gravy with rumali rotis sound like my kinda meal. Yum. 😋

And like I've always always said that it's so heartwarming to see Zaroon or for that matter any man making efforts to adjust himself to his partner's humble lifestyle. ❤

Zaroon's character may have flaws like any other man in the real world and not just men, women as well. Even Kashaf had flaws. But always like my mother says try to see and love the good side of a human instead of criticizing the bad qualities and give them some time to overcome those. ❤

Both ZK did that and no wonder fell in love.❤

The way Zaroon tries to consistently adjust to Kashaf's humble background and family be it in the show, in this OS here or be the story that I'm writing, adjusting to his wife's humble background is very lovable. He has my whole heart for that. 💕

The bit where she rests her head on his shoulder and he pulls her closer in his arms and kisses her forehead. ❤❤

Haye! ❤❤❤❤

The ice-cream bit was so cute with Kashaf tying up her hair irritated, again it's me. 😂😂

And Zaroon praising them, after which he finally lets his heart out stating that why he fell in love and proposed her in the first place. ❤❤

That was BEAUTIFUL. ❤❤❤❤

and Oh My that last cheek kiss. 😍❤❤

This whole OS was something like a page out of Zaroon's journal, something that is meant to be private just between the two. It's THAT BEAUTIFUL! 😍❤❤❤

I loved it so so so much babe! You deserved all the good words you've been getting. 👏🏻🤗💕

Keep writing MORE. 

PS : eagerly awaiting the other OS. 😎❤

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Posted: 1 years ago

Beautiful OS Nandini 

A simple girl falling in love slowly with a man who loves her simplicity & character 

Very natural & beautiful along with cute dialogue it's really nice to read 

Thanks for the PM 

Continue soon 🙂

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Posted: 1 years ago

Beautifully written os! This is the first ZaShaf os I am reading and I loved it. I didn't even know there were stories on them. smiley22

You have a beautiful way of words and the flow of the os is flawless. I love this show and have watched it so many times that I know it inside out. Abhi HD version is available in YT which I had been watching for last couple of weeks so when I came to read this I felt as thou I was watching a brand new episode of ZGH. The one that never aired.  

The emotions are so raw. You must have watched the show a lot too cause all the dialogues are so relatable. Hell I could literally hear the characters speaking the same dialogues in my head. Especially when Rafia said etiyaad karo and Kashaf said saree mard aise hi hote hai. I laughed out. smiley36 the dialogues and monologues are my favourite here! 

Kashaf's character portrayal is good. Her insecurities, inability to trust easily is clear. Zaroon is cute as always. There are two times when Kashaf confesses her feelings in the show however even thou always frank with his feelings, Zaroon never says why he chose Kashaf and why he was so bent on marrying her but you did it here! And it is so beautiful! This just completes it all! I loved that part. I wished we had something like this in the show. 

This was a treat. Really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for the pm. I got two pms smiley36 and this was worth it! 

If you have any more stories on these two then do share would love to read them. smiley9


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Posted: 1 years ago

Awesome superb fabulous fantastic lovely nice OS dear

Thanks for pm

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Posted: 1 years ago

So beautiful os. The portrayal of both the characters were amazing. I just loved it. Keep on writing such wonderful pieces :) 

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Posted: 12 months ago

Superb os 

Fabulously written dear 

2 Likes this

Fawad Khan Sanam Saeed Zindagi Gulzar Hai  Zindagi Channel 

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