Show is getting boring now

Posted: 9 months ago

  No offense to fans, but this is just my genuine opinion as a viewer. I had issues with the way the show was marketed (with the crux of the plot being revealed) but thought to give it a chance. I felt like they should not have revealed Janhvi's grey shades so easily. There is no intrigue element anymore. Now days, it looks more like a saas-bahu drama but instead of having an evil saas, we have an evil bahu. The makers really need to step up the thrill element if they want to increase viewership for the show. 

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Posted: 9 months ago

I do heavily agree with you. There needs to be an extra thrill/ shock factor to this show. This show seemingly dips it's toes into it, then quite quickly backs away when anything interesting and thrilling is shown. I feel they should not have made kavya the typical want-to-win-everyone's-heart type of bahu. I feel like they should have done something different with her too, maybe show that like jhanvi, kavya too has a past to do with PK and wants revenge, with both of them playing games not only with PK but also with one another not knowing they both are after PK and then both of them getting suspicious that there is someone else other than themselves who is playing a game with PK and the family. Kabir could be the one who gets ultra suspicious of someone going after his family and investigating. Maybe they shouldn't have copied the original show this much and just took the base premise. 

Posted: 9 months ago

There is something....missing here. 

I dunno maybe the typical romance? 

I think they should give the usual kinda scenes they give to every couple in every show. Like having watched so many shows, I can safely say there is really no originality left in romance in ITV. Its only couple chemistry that makes it different. I guess they should try the tropes with YaBir? 

I liked last week episodes. But this week seems boring till now. 

I don't want it to be kavya v/s Jahnvi. Its just too boring. Kavya is an orphan too, right? It will be nice if she hates PK too. 

IMO it would be interesting to show Jahnvi's past and bring up Kabir and Vyom's secret. 

By Jahnvi's past, I mean, how she got this position in Mittal family. There is a lot to reveal here, so I am hoping they reveal it as it progresses. 

Posted: 9 months ago

Also, maybe they can show Jahnvi getting rid of Manohar. That'll be fun to watch. smiley15

Posted: 9 months ago

Originally posted by SRKisLove

Also, maybe they can show Jahnvi getting rid of Manohar. That'll be fun to watch. smiley15

What I would love is manohar to speak out against jhanvi. Obviously nobody will believe him, but at least we'll get a lot of drama out of it. Maybe at least kabir and kavya both can be shown to get suspicious and dig into it, with then jhanvi trying to cover her tracks and remove their suspicion. We need something more. We need kavya and kabir to be smarter about this. One thing is for sure that jhanvi knows having kabir around is a complication for her. She has never voiced it till now, but you can just tell that she finds kabir is more of a handful for her compared to the rest of the family despite him also trusting her, only because he is the only family member who in a way has a mind of their own and especially with the way he gives takkar to PK, jhanvi knows kabir can be problematic in her plans. I want kabir and kavya to be shown more intelligent. 

Posted: 9 months ago

I agree with TM I have stopped watching it as of last week.

Posted: 9 months ago

Can't accept the fact that mummyji suddenly changed and singing bhajan.

Kavya mein itni thakat. 

I dont want Kavya also to take revenge as one is there already. Already Trps are low for this show.

So let Kavya be goody goody types. But slowly they cud show her trying to bring things to normal.

Not overnight.

Posted: 9 months ago

Its really going downhill now. Zero sympathies for production house. Sad for the actors, who have potential but are unlucky. 

Ek Brahm - Sarvagun Sampanna 

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