Whats going on??????????

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Posted: 1 years ago

Keeping aside Viraj-Prarthana story...whats going on with the other 2 stories.

How long are they going to stretch Meghna-Mandar's cat fights and why isnt Mandar's father knocking some sense into both of them?????

I cant even talk about Bindu and her stupidity.Even after knowing about the risk of surgery on Amar's life she remained silent.She's doing the same thing as Kangana,putting Amar's life at risk and hoping for a miracle.Of the 3 stories this story has always been far from reality and now it became unbearable

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Posted: 1 years ago

Exactly, what’s wrong with Bindu😏After hearing out the beimani confession and risk involved, she just went ahead the numb way for Amar to b operated and praying to god to deal with the stupidity😳...

Worse is the way Amar springs back to normalcy with her sob rants...phew😞awfully butchered track😤

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Posted: 1 years ago

To be honest this show is going downhill so strangely that it is becoming ridiculous.

Bindu is pining, crying, doing weird stuff like going to temples and talking to random Baba's looking for some miracle cure for Amar. She claims to want to leave him once he is well, but all her antics make her look so desperate and cringey. Just seems to have no self respect or ability to think logically at all. Its almost like watching a parasite stuck onto the host just sucking all the strength out of it. 

Meghna and Mandaar who seemed to have it all going for them are on some strange trip as well. Mandaar so casually abandoned his father, his kids and his job just to get back at Meghna? Is this for real? For a mature man who fears taking risk but still has the awareness of what is right and wrong, is it a sensible decision to just abandon your family like this? He was worried about Meghna not remembering to bring cake for their son's birthday and he has the audacity to say this when he freaking WALKED OUT on his child? What a load of crap!

And to be fair even the Prarthana Viraaj track has lost all sense. They randomly got married on a train? Like what nonsense was that? A marriage where their own parents, who they claim to love, respect and do everything for, did not attend? And what story do these two have left now, just playing you make khichdi, I make khichdi, father in law makes khichdi and 2 minute length scenes. There was no proper development of their love story either. Heck these two haven't even had a proper hug yet! What a complete waste!

Ever since the holi track all the story lines have been on a steep decline. If they mismanage one track that would still be bearable, but everything about this show is in tatters. Its unfortunate that a show which had so much logic, maturity and sensibility has seemingly gone haywire. I believe the show is ending in August, I say they should already pull the plug because the writing is dead beyond definition...smiley11

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Posted: 1 years ago

Bindu going through all the hardship prayers etc. to hand over amar to kangana on a silver plate.  How much more mahanta she will go through? 

Kangana pregnant??  oh ya..   

All this mahanta and pregnancy which will be fake is indicating typical of ekta's show.

Bindu and Kangana's father at fault in my opinion.  Kangana's father should give his daughter a hard slap and remind her she is not even divorced

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Posted: 1 years ago

One needs to fight for her own rights.  Okay,  she thinks her Amar ji loves Kangaana. Okay! 

But isn't she aware of Kangana's deeds?  How she risked Motaa paapa's life? 

I just can't take sooo much of maaahanta.  Bindu is becoming more stupid day by day. 

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Posted: 1 years ago

bindu is my fev..... bt sometime bindu brainless................ nd the K is heartless........ which typ of love............... jo vo amar se krti h (according to amar)......... and bindu sb jnte huye..... bhi........... she is totally brainless.....

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