Viraaj - lead or sidekick?

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Posted: 5 years ago

ITV shows are female-dominated shows but in this show they have taken this to a whole new level. First, it was all about Sitara and now it is all about Hariyaali.  Viraaj has dialogue or two but otherwise, he is always in the background, just standing and watching. So annoying.

The Cvs also never really developed Sitara-Viraaj's love story. Sitara may have loved Viraaj but in most scenes, she came across as someone superior to him or his protector. She seemed more like a maternal figure in the relationship than a wife.  

BTW- that Hariyaali lady is very annoying. 


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Posted: 5 years ago

You are right, the makers have spoiled his character, he was awesome in those end moments of sitara. We waited for so long to see him on screen only to get disappointed. We want see him like his earlier characters, Krishna Raghu, Ranveer, these three are my favorites.But here the show has become ladies only show, vishkanyas, chudails, funny animals(they were so funny).

The makers are thinking viewers as dumb, that is why they are showing so many foolish things. Everybody has left the forum as well as the show, I think so.They cannot woo the audience back by showing these dumb tracks.

I think it would have been a better show without these vishkanyas. They can  show lovestory of a Prince and senapati's daughter, how they overcome all the hurdles and finally unite.