Aryan-Anupama romance for real?Article

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Posted: 16 years ago

Aryan-Anupama romance for real?

Varsha Pillai
Posted Wednesday, January 03, 2007 at 21:56 Updated Wednesday, January 03, 2007 at 22:06
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PLASTIC LOVE? The two model-turned-actors are currently in the news for their so-called real life romance.

Mumbai: You have seen them share special moments on camera but is the Aryan Vaid-Anupama Verma romance for real, or just another publicity gimmick to keep the reality show Bigg Boss in the news?

The two model-turned-actors are currently in the news for their so-called real-life romance, a spin-off of their time spent within the four walls of Bigg Boss's house.

The models themselves, who've been grabbing tabloid headlines for weeks, insist that what you see is true and nothing but the truth.

"It was an innocent bond. I was aware of what was happening. The only thing that kept my sanity intact there was Anupama," Aryan says.

Unsure of how their relationship was being projected to the masses, Anupama says, "I was being myself and it was for real. I was scared how it was being projected because what I had with Aryan was pure and beautiful and it shouldn't be in projected any other way".

Now even if you suspect they're using words like "pure" and "beautiful" too liberally, one wonders where the relationship is heading – to the altar by any chance?

"I think it's unfair to bombard any of us with questions that are serious to that extent. I know people mean well and the public means well. But I'm human as well. I need time to know the person better," Anupama says.

Irrespective of what direction this relationship may go in future, the man in question, Aryan says he's surprised by the manner in which this experience has touched people.

"People have actually connected to the story. I get letters, fan mail from people saying we want the fairy tale to be completed. It creates a lot of pressure but what I'm trying to say is that it has touched human hearts," Aryan says.

So, even as we struggle to unearth the truth, to separate fact from fiction, the question begging to be asked at this point is clear – are failed movie stars Aryan and Anupama, really far better actors than we ever imagined?

Posted: 16 years ago
i think aryan is madly in love with aunpama but anupama was just using him cause she had no1 else and loves being centre of attention which she didnt get from any of the other guys Dead
Posted: 16 years ago
haha..thats so funny... "FAILED MOVIE ACTORS".. ya i also think that Anupama isn't as serious about the relationship as Aryan is
Posted: 16 years ago
lol yea 'failed movie stars' sounds funny LOL
well i hope they can get something out of this or else they just wasted their time being on bb with one another lol
Posted: 16 years ago
aww...thats sweet...hope Anu also likes Aryan...


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