Akhilendra Mishra's head injury on Pyaar ke Papad

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Posted: 5 years ago

Akhilendra Mishra's head injury on Pyaar ke Papad


With more and more actors choosing to perform their own stunts, the senior artistes are equally keen on going the new Do-It-Yourself way. Playing a khadoos sasur, Akhilendra Mishra who plays Trilokinath in Pyaar Ke Papad, the actor had a last minute outdoor shoot and had to perform an intense scene at a local temple. While shooting the scene, Akhilendra accidently hit his head over a temple bell and had a head injury.


The actor, known for his professionalism, still continued with the shoot as he wanted to finish the sequence. However, after a while, Akhilendra Mishra was in immense pain and his forehead was swollen. The makers immediately stalled the shoot and secured him with ice packs and ointments for quick recovery.  It was a panicky situation for the entire cast and crew.

Sources reveal that, the later sequence was entirely based on Omkar and Trilokinath's scenes. However, since the actor had to leave for the day until good health the shoot was stalled for a day until Akhilendra resumed the next evening.


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