Love is a beautiful comedy: Anupre TS

Posted: 11 months ago
Part :1
Prerna's PoV

The Hustle and bustle is really driving me mad all over again but I have nothing in my hand to have patience and wait till my plan succeeds. I am sitting here  in the attire of bride for my dearest hubby to be  , Mr. Kartik Sen (note the sarcasm) and this is all because of my dearest politician Daddy who wants to get himself a reputation of being a generous man as the elections are at the top shelf of the cupboard but, at the cost of her Daughter's life. 

He knows I never wanted to get married that idiot president of his party but he chose to royally ignore my compliance and that idiot never leaves any chance to flirt with me; which irks me to core and sometimes all I want to do is smash the cow dung on his face and slap him unstoppably. 

But I have set my own plans to escape and this time I am least bothered about the consequences , even if I have to leave my family forever I would gladly accept that cause living as pawns to your parents for their own benefit is not what family means but may be called so. My dear daddy chose to complete this great task with an addition of social work by arranging a social marriage event for 101 couples and the best part was all were in same attire which lend me a helping hand to escape this place just by covering my face with a veil. 

I missed my Mom if she would be here nothing of this sort would be happening with me but because of breeds of my Dad she was compelled to leave me all alone here when I was just 14 years. I missed you mom. And tears brimmed up my eyes but all I know is she must be somewhere on the globe happy and missing me.

As I was busy thinking about the course of action of my plan a group of crazy Aunties made a melodramatic entry :

Aunty1 (A1):" Hayyo Rabba!!!! Inni  Soni lag Rahi h kudi Behen ji main kya das Rahi tussi te aaj uski Nazar utar lo warna shaadi  mein kahin tabiyat na kharab ho jaye.

A2:"Udi Baba... aye Tumi ekdom shochi bola ! "

A3:"Arre to der kis baat ki Shona ki maa nahi hai to hum hi  usko Kala Tika laga dete hain" saying so she applied a lot of black spot behind my ear .

Unable to bear their dramatic talks I just asked them to excuse me as I want to freshen up and have slight  changes too in my attire, it's poking me. They left, I heaved a sigh of relief. I walked over to my balcony and caught hold of my scaredy cat friend,Komolika, she is a darling except for her typical girly attitude.

I was awed seeing her dressed up as a bride how much I wanted to dance in her wedding but now look at the destiny we are all set to run away together from our weddings.

I:"Komolika are you ready?"

Komolika(K):" Prerna ...I am scared...u know...this act of ours will surely damage our families reputation!"

I :" Does it means you are giving seriously Komolika... I hate this attitude of know what I admired most of you was your spirit to chase your dreams but look at you, I doubt over my Bestfriend's vigour for her dreams and ambitions." 

I just sighed and added few heart-wrenching faces to add fuel to her guilt so that she comply with my plan of action. And it worked, she patted on my back and spoke out :" Prerna , you know I just can never hurt my family members for my stupid dreams. " And she broke down crying. I couldn't help myself to control over my growing rage, I :" Seriously, Komolika so for your family's happiness oops, I better term it as satisfaction to their greed you want to marry the Anurag and die in the four walls of his mansion clutched in the golden rods".(sarcastic)

Prerna's PoV ends

Narrator 's PoV


Komolika's family was also a part of Prerna's father's party , almost everyone from her father to her sister-in-law took part in its affair except for Komolika, who wanted to work out for her dreams of being a fashion designer but when Bijoy suggested for the social event of multiple marriage , they excitedly did the honours of catching up a rich groom for her and contacted Anurag Basu, the richest man of the town. When they compelled her to meet him, she was scared and requested Prerna to accompany her for that .

When they all entered the mansion owned by The Anurag Basu, their greed grew with the infinite exponents. All they wanted to get their daughter hitched to this rich young man in every possible ways. As the caretaker of the house informed Mohini about the arrival of guests she greeted them softly and ordered him to call out for Dev.

After the exploring session around the living room that existed for 2-4 minutes. The man with ragged clothing descended down the stairs flaring his stiffed spikes in all directions while Komolika's mother's snack fell down.  She went all awed by his looks and as per her facial expressions one can easily make out that if her daughter disagree then she is all set to marry him (no offence please).

As soon her SIL got glimpse of him, she couldn't help but flater over him but the elbow punch of her husband brought her back to her reality, her husband ( Poor girl). 

And not much to our amazement but disappointment Komolika's eyes matched with her cheek socket and a blush appeared over her cheeks but Prerna was emitting fire from her eyes to her for such stupid act of her and tickeled her making her squirm in her place while all eyes made their way to her along with her fool daddy who was  all busy in gorging on the served delicacies being watched by an irritated  and she sat down expressing herself :" Uhhh... nothing much just a cockroach . "

Anurag walked to her and took his seat beside Komolika , he passed a flying kiss to Komolika's Mom who went in her lala land and her dad shot an angry glare but controlled as he got reminded of his greedy plans.

And then the main saga began. Prerna eyed him from  top to bottom and thought to scare him so passed a wink which actually resulted in a wink as return along with a cheek kiss to Komolika who forgot breathing for a minute. Prerna sat all shocked with her eye balls all set to jump in the bowl placed over the centre of mahogany. She came out her reverie by Anurag's voice :" Hey! People how about we (him+Komolika) talk in private and catch some moments?" 

To which Mohini voiced:" Anurag I guess you better discuss all things here only." While Prerna pulled up her sleeves with a new course of her action in her palm :" Ohh...come on aunty we are grown up now let them have some space for the mushy talks (turning to Anurag) and even if you mind I'll around you both !" Anurag nodded happily took the two girls to the garden where Prerna initiated the conversation:" Look man, we are not at all interested in you so you better back off or else you are going to face the worst."

Anurag(A):" You are not interested in my , why? Am not charming or my charms are more that you can't deserve me?" He stated with  attitude being too obsessed and  over confident over  for his looks and flew open his first two buttons of his shirt. 

Making Komolika close her eyes while Prerna turned her head in order to avoid any embarrassment, Anurag giggled endlessly making the girls pass on 'What-are-u-crazy?' look. 

He giggled even more making both of them irritated. Prerna controlled her desire to beat him but she gave up and punched on his chest but before that could happen he held her hand in mid and pulled her towards himself making her sit on his lap while Komolika stood all shocked and turned around saying:" I guess you people need some privacy, I should be leaving!".

Prerna lost all her patience and spoke:" Komolika , please suggest me a name for a baby " while distancing herself from him and Komolika stood all confused "why Sona?" 

"Because as per your departure it looks like we are going to make out and as a result we may conceive !" Prerna spoke with complete annoyance while Anurag  peeked in :" Ohhh, hold your horse girl even if we would prefer to use a birth control for that. And what about your 'not interested ' thing?" 

Prerna couldn't hold herself and give an upper hand to her sandel and ran after him around the garden while Komolika stood all messed up at the happenings. All of a sudden he stopped and turned to Komolika whose cheeks were all wet and he signalled Sona whose Sandel was in the mid of the air over his head and both of them ran to her.

P:"Komolika, what happened?"

K:" Prerna how can you do this to me?"

A:" Now I am sure!" He stated all amused while the two watched him in confusion and gave him a 'what?' look.

A:" I am sure that you two are lesbian. And that's why you don't want to get married to any other! Right?" 

While raising his cuffs in proud that he was right and the two stood in horror over his statement. And the very next moment the green sandle of Prerna landed on his head and he stood holding his skull in pain when Prerna marched to him:" Look Mr. Basu, first of all we are not lesbians and second we want to get rid of all this marriage saga because Komolika wants to fulfill her ambitions instead of getting hitched. But the family pressure is making her suffer. "

Anurag's eyes soften a bit and he released himself from her grip and spoke up:" First of all why u hate your sandel so much that you use it over me? And second I wish for the same but family pressure on me too... so it's better we agree for..." but before he could say further a death glare interrupted and he continued:" listen my plan...we should agree with the family for the wedding and as (turning to Komolika) your parents informed my Mom about the wedding in an social event , there are lots of people as the groom and bride along with their relatives so we can easily elope but if we disagree now itself then we have to suffer a lot ."

Hearing this plan Prerna jumped in:" Can I elope with you?" 

She spoke up with a plead in her eyes when Anurag said :" I didn't knew that I was so handsome that you want to elope with me !" 

P:" Oh hello ! I didn't! Actually even I planned to elope from my wedding so why not a group elopement...I mean groupfie is in trend then why not a group elopement. May be we could set this new trend!" She spoke up all merry and excited.

A:" Then what about your wedding?"

P:" Are you crazy? I am seriously in no mood to get married to that iddiot Kartik and that's why I planned to elope and since you both will be elopping too so I thought to join you guys !" 

A:" Alright I have planned that I will arrange for a car and all you need is to run out to a particular place where we all will meet and elope together."

****flashback ends*****

Note: This three shot is more of an attempt in comedy than keeping intact the literary aspects of it. If you liked it don't forget to share your reviews and bless it with love and acceptance.

Check out my other story too named as 'In Shade of Eigengrau: Anupre/Parica FF'

Posted: 11 months ago
Can't wait for the next update!  
I am so impressed with the storyline,  can't believe Prerna and Komolika are besties and Anurag so confident LOL
Right from the entry of the aunties till the end I couldn't stop laughing.  It was hilarious and lovely at least a distraction from the current track. 
In awe of your lovely work continue amazing us Heart
Posted: 11 months ago
Originally posted by PrincessRitz29

Can't wait for the next update!  
I am so impressed with the storyline,  can't believe Prerna and Komolika are besties and Anurag so confident  LOL
Right from the entry of the aunties till the end I couldn't stop laughing.  It was hilarious and lovely at least a distraction from the current track. 
In awe of your lovely work continue amazing us Heart

Haha...I am happy that my attempt in comedy worked out to be. Yeah, imagining Komolika and Prerna as friends is bizzare so bffs is a far fetched dream right now.ROFL

Confident and crazy Anurag is going to worth since this serial Wala Anurag is way too Sanskaari. Well,same pinch! Even I am tired of current track now.
Posted: 11 months ago
Part 2
Anurag's PoV

God I am screwed now, I felt being highly appreciated person for adding stupidity in my acts and today is the day that one step can change my entire life just like the day when Spiderman got bitten by a spider, the world was going to end on 21st December , 2012 , the Harry got admitted in Hogwarts school , the psychologist found their precious secret in " The Secret " , Newton had the apple on his head , Charles studied the gas along with Boyle , Robert Hooke discovered the cell but in my case their names were added in the history but mine would be in comedy. 

That was so stupid of me to pen down all my elopement course to add more adventure in my list but man this was the worst step I took as my dear filmy letter has lead the dogs after me...ohhh not the actual dog... but the feeling is no less right now as Konolika's dear daddy has found about my plan but not about the girls and is after me while I am  running after the shelters being cladded in the chunky white sequenced dress.Aahhh! It's sequence really hurt me... anyways but the girls are safe till now but I swear if I am caught then I am no longer a saint to let go off them...but wait if I let them approach to Komolika then I would be tied up with her. 

(A cloud forming over his head leading him to a dreamy land.)


Popopopopo...( Wedding bells)

I being painted with red on my forehead like a red monkey...oh wait atleast I deserve respect in my dreams...I being painted like the god...nope ...this is too much...I ...I ...I...Urgghhh... leave it...I am painted all red in vermillion... wait a minute it must be Komolika ,no ????...why would I be painted with it??? Anyways imagine it to be Komolika with tears streaming down her eyes while her hot and happening friend is standing before me...not to fetch money from my pocket due to some shoe stealing ritual but with her own sandals to gift me with tremendous of can't let it happen... 

(He shouted loudly breaking into the crowd causing Komolika's voracious daddy run after him.)

*Dream broke* have let them a helping hand to capture me and a circle of continuous run and fall continued. I walked to a waiter and snatched the tray from his hand. And covered my visage from the killing eyes of the hungry panthers all set to jump over me .I am happy that I made my step mother sign those papers leading the owner of Malhotra Empire to hold 85% of shares now...ohhh...dear better save yourself instead of lapsing in and out of your lala dreams.But isn't it funny and adventurous?! anyways...I found a man of their army walking towards he suspicious????

Man ( M) :" Bhaisahab Zara thanda to Dena? "

I sneaking with the veil over my head : " Bhaisahab ye garam garam chai hai...aap aage kahin dekhle. "I have modulated my voice in a shrill.

M:" Wo sab to theek hai Magar Bhaisahab aap dulhe hokar bhi waiter ka kaam Kyun kar rage hain? "

You are gone now... are dead...

I:" Woo...woh ...wo... kya haina... Bhaisahab ...hum bahut bade waiter hain...Taj hotel haina... Mumbai wala...wahan kaam karte hain...ab aaj shaadi kya hua...kaam karna thodi chhod sakte hain...ab wahan nahi to yahin sahi... " I stammered but a idea struck in my incephalon creating a victorious music and I wanted to do a victory dance but I have to rein my urges now.

The man broke into the tears...and I stood bewildered over the happenings...he was crying like a lost baby but he was way more ugly than a baby with running nose and unbrushed teeth with the sprinkles of dust all over his face. Before I could skip his shrill cry and turned about he held my shoulder causing to seize my feet and laid his head on my shoulder.

M:" Arre Bhaisahab apni kahani to Suna di ab humaari bhi suno...hum bhi waiter the bilkul aapki tarah...par humara ek khoosath boss tha...usne ek Baar Hume bahut tabiyat se sunaya, puchho Kyun? "

I:" Kyun?" I unknowingly spoke as his story sounds interesting...and about one can ever catch Anurag Basu so I better chose to continue with his story.

M:" kyunki hum ek Baar poori do Daaru ki bottle pee Gaye the...ab achha aap hi batao ki peene ke baad kon itna control kar sakta hai ki doosre Ko haanth na lagaye??? Hum se bhi nahi hua aur usne Hume bahut sunaya...phir humne kuch kiya...puchho kya? "

I can't understand his pain regarding the alcohol addiction as I am never addicted to it but my love, my cigarette is something I can never satisfy with one. 

I:" Kya?"

M:" Maine uska Khel hi khallaas kar diya...phir yahan aakar Kartik Baba ke under mein kaam karne Laga. " he is working under some Kartik...par mere Ko kya farak padta hai ...main to Komolika ke papa se bach ke bhaag raha hoon.

I:" Achha...bhai ab main chalta hoon...meri dulhaniya wait kar Rahi hogi. " 

He again started to cry but this time he added a slimy texture on my shoulder that revealed to be his mucous from nose. I turned towards him already knowing about his another painful story and prepared myself for it.

I:" Ab kyun to rahe ho bhai? "

M:" Arre Bhaisahab, Humari bhi ek dulhaniya thi...par wo Hume chhod kar bhaag gayi...puchho kyun ? "

I:" Kyun? "

M:" Kyunki wo khoosath boss uska baap tha aur humne use maar dala...phir puchho kya hua ? "

I:" Kya hua?" 

M:" Humne use jaise taise mana kar shaadi kar li aur aaj wo humaari biwi bankar humse apne Papa ki maut ka badla leti hai. "

I patted his shoulder and left having tears of pity in my eyes but my stars ditched me in the mid as I collided with her father... whose father? don't know...Arre Komolika's father letting my prestigious pride of veil kiss the ground and revealing my ever so handsome and dashing face to him. 

I ran swiftly around the crowded area while he behind me.I was running before while he was after me in circular path... wait who was before whom?...we are covering the ramparts around the old banyan tree but we are running like a cat after dog or may be a dog after cat. But the point is who is the dog?

Yes! He is the dog and I am the cat... but no cats are scaredy and I am brave like Hercules infact I am incarnation of him on earth as Anurag Basu. Anyway what the point is I have to run away and I made a rapid dash to the parking lot... while the chubby and man with bulgy tummy ran after me... Komolika's dad... but without any notice to him I took a halt and removed out my love, my cigarette out of my pocket but unfortunately I have lost my smoke lighter in the cat-dog game...and turned to my right to find the same man with heaving chest due to an excessive round of burning calories.

I:" Uncle, lighter hai kya? "

He searched in his pocket and gave me one but it wasn't the end of the story but it's actually a start when he lend his hand before me and I turned to him in a slow-mo like in the filmy elopement ... anyway I gave him a " Now-What? " look.

Uncle (U):" Aye ladke...maine tujhe apna lighter diya hai ab tujhe mujhe cigarette to deni hi padegi . " and he made a puppy face melting my heart and I gave him one but now it was my turn to raise my hand before him and he reflected my look to me this time.

I:" Arre Uncle, aap ne mujhe jo lighter diya hai uski keemat sirf 10 rupay hai aur maine jo aapko cigarette di hai uski keemat 100 rupees ki hai after all American imported cigarette hai to isi Khushi mein nikalo mere 90 rupees. "

Before we can have a word ahead we both heard a young male's voice : " Arre uncle aap yahan khade khade kya kar rahe ho? Isne Prerna aur Komolika Ko bhi bhaga diya...ab mera kya Hoga?...Kon mujhse shaadi karega...kahin main kunwara to nahi Marunga...nahi nahi...Aisa nahi hone doonga main. " And he ran after me breaking the trance of uncle ji who now has restored his lost memory about me being the one whom he was catching and both ran upto me but I was quick enough to grab the keys of my " Jhatka" brand new Royal Enfield... the second love of my life and I brought a life to the engine to zoom off in the direction of our meeting point for the group elopement.


Posted: 11 months ago
This is so good man! I laughed like crazy. And especially second partROFL ROFL Update soonROFL
Posted: 11 months ago
OMG I'm rolfing ROFL
Komo Pre best friends Big smile

Pre running behind and with sandal LOL I hope show me bhi aisa kare 

Group banake bhaagenge ClapWahh

Anu LOL Dulha cum waiter 

Continue soon 
Posted: 10 months ago
Originally posted by Octothorpe

This is so good man! I laughed like crazy. And especially second part ROFL ROFL Update soonROFL

I am glad to hear my first attempt came out well. The next part is lined up within minutes. Hope that makes you laugh a little more ;)
Posted: 10 months ago
Originally posted by Tranquility07

I am glad to hear my first attempt came out well. The next part is lined up within minutes. Hope that makes you laugh a little more ;)

Already waitingBig smile

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