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Hey friends,So we have reached the second thread ofPartyParty

This is my first story to reach a 2nd thread I'm so happyDancingDancing..

This was never possible without your love & support thank you so much for itHugHugScroll down for next part dedicating the update to each & every one of you once again thank you so muchHeart


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Part 22 - Scroll down

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Hi friends,

I'm back with the update.. Thank you so much for your love & support it was impossible for me to reach the 2nd thread of this story without your love & support so plz keep supporting me guys in means a lot.. Here is the next part.. Hope you like it..

Love Blooms In Heart


Part- 22


"This is Deepali.."he pauses as he sees Madhu's eyes widen in shock hearing her name.. "Deepali Sharma.."& this was dips' turn to get shocked..

As both the women look at each other shocked Rk opens his mouth to speak "Madhu, you needed to know right what I was hiding from you.."he pauses for a moments before continuing "This was what I was hiding from you.." "care to explain..??she wanted to ask but seeing the look on his face she knew he was here with the answers for her every question so she silently moved aside to let them in.. Dips held on to Rk's hand though he wasn't holding it back it made her slightly angry that he didn't shrug off her hand..

Madhu follows them in .. once they reached in the hall Rk drags his hand away from dips' hold .. Madhu looks at him keenly waiting for an explanation from him while he looked here & there not knowing where to & how to start..  finally losing her patience Madhu speaks "Rish, what's happening here.."Rk looks up to Madhu as he nods his head at her asking her to wait ..

30 mins later Madhu was walking towards their bedroom .. she was so pissed at Rk .. He hasn't given her an explanation yet & on top of that he had asked her to show deepali the guest room, then only she noticed she was here with her bags .. "what the hell ?? is she going to stay here from now on..??"Madhu's mind screamed .. She enters into the bedroom & sees Rk standing near the bed ..

"What's all these, Rish..??"Madhu asks him .. Rk turns & walks towards her .. he goes to the door & bolts it ..

"Madhu, shh.. what if she hears us..??"Rk asks her & her blood boils hearing that.. she won't give a damn if she hears .. "I don't fu***ng care.."before she could think on it she yells at him..

"Madhu, hear me.."Rk tries to calm her down seeing her so angry ..

"what should I hear, Rish..?? you lied me .. you hide such a big thing from me.. you said me deepali was dead while all the time she was alive & you were with her.."she says hurt as tears rolls down her eyes.. Rk looks at her shocked at her assumption ..

"Madhu, it's not like what you think..Rk tries to say but she cuts him off "I don't want to hear anything now you got your love now what you want from me?? Divorce?? Ok, I will give you it.."Madhu says as she roughly wipes away her tears & turns away to go..

"first hear me out damn it.."Rk shouts holding her by shoulders, stopping her from moving.. she flinches at his tone & looks at him with tear strained face.. " do you have split personality disorder ..?? sometime before you were all understanding & was giving me my own time to explain & now screaming all craps.."Rk tells & her eyes droops her down .. "why she is here..?? why sikky & you lied to me..?? she was alive & you ..before she could complete" Rk tells her "I didn't know she was alive, Madhu.."she looks confused at his words ..

"What are you trying to say, Rish..??"Madhu asks him..

"Dips, I meant Deepali had an accident day 2 days back .. That day I was with her in the hospital.."Rk tells her & she knew which day it was .. It was day before yesterday.. He had left the office in the noon itself & lied to her about his whereabouts .. She remembers asking him why he smell of hospital he had said her he had went to visit his friend's mother there..

"from how long you knew about her being alive ..??"Madhu questions him ..

"Sice two days.."Rk replies & Madhu got even more confused..

"Madhu, that day I left office early as I didn't have any important work for that day so I thought to come back home & give you a surprise but on the way back.."


Flash back (2 days back)


Rk was driving the car when he noticed a small crowd blocking the road so he came outside to check on what had happened .. He went to a guy who was standing outside the crowd..

"Excuse me, what had happened ..?? why this road is blocked ..??"Rk asks him..

"It's a small accident .. A car hit a lady luckily it only hit her side & she fell to the side of the road but she is unconscious .."the guy said & Rk felt a twitch in his stomach hearing the word accident .. for a moment he remembered what had happened 5 years ago..

"why don't you take her to hospital..??"Rk asked the man ..

"why should we waste our time in all these?? We don't even who the woman is & what if something happens to her ?? why should we take chances ..??"that guy's words angered Rk..

"Here a human life is suffering & you are talking about taking chances .. don't you feel ashamed to even think like this?? What if this happen to you or anyone dear to you one day?? The goodness that we do in the present is the only invaluable investment for future .. first have some humanity.."& the guy looked away looking down.. Rk barged into the crowd but the next moment his heart skipped a beat as he saw the person who was lying unconscious on the road as the  word left his lips "Deepali..??!!"He shaked his head to come out of his hallucination but still she was there .. she was there for real .. oh God!! What he was seeing?? How come this be possible ?? he came out of his chain of thoughts as he got pushed in further by the crowd .. what if she is not Deepali but just a look-alike of her ?? whatever his priority was to take her to hospital .. with the help of the crowd he scooped up her in his arms & walked to his car..


"Sir, the patient has gained consciousness.. A nurse informed him.. Nodding his head he walked to the room Deepali was admitted.. she was facing the other side hearing footsteps she turned her head towards him.. the moment her gaze fell on him her eyes widen in shock..

"Rk..??"She called shocked with happy tears in her eyes & Rk looked at her even more shocked .. he sat near to her bed & touched her face to know if she was there for real or he was just dreaming.. She held her hand as she said "How long I have been waiting for this..??".. coming out of trance he asked her "Deepali.. you are alive..??".. Dips frowns hearing that then a moment later she asked with a sad smile "you thought I was dead that's why you left me..??".. "How come.. you died lying on my lap .. doctors sais you were already dead by the time we reached there.. " he still remembered the day vividly he had gone mad the moment doctors had declared Deepali was dead he got violent & held the doctor by his collar asking him to get her back to life.. sikky who had reached there on time had managed him somehow & informed police & Deepali's relatives he doesn't remember anything after that all he remembered was him fainting in sikky's arms & later waking up in their place .. He had refused to come out of the room for a month always hiding himself in the dark.. though sikky had tried his maximum  to bring him out of the darkness he had refused to come out of his shell .. On Deepali's 1 month death anniversary he had went to her place only to know the whole family had shifted to Chennai few weeks back..

"I didn't die, Rishabh.. I was alive everyone thought I was dead chachi said by the time they had arrived I was in ventilator .. Doctors said after sometime they declared my death the police had arrived & they were going to shift me but then they had found a small moment in me so they put me in ventilator even though they thought I won't survive but by God's grace I was able to come back to life for my further treatment my chacha & chachi took me to Chennai .. but didn't you ever feel like searching for me..?? you just left me like that thinking I was dead.."dips asked as she cried.. Rk felt ashamed of himself .. He never tried to know about her .. after hearing she was dead he just wanted to shut himself in a shell .. he wanted to wipe away every memory of that dark day .. he never let sikky too talk anything about that day nor he let him talk about her .. The fact is that his life had come into a halt that day .. He wanted to live in the past where she was alive everything was going happy for them he never wanted to know about the harsh reality or present so he never let his life move on from that one day.. what he had done?? She was alive all these while he was grieving on her death.. but what if he didn't know about her being alive she knew that he was alive right ?? then why didn't she come in search of him.. he decided to ask "why didn't you come for me..??.." "I have came now, Rishabh.."She said with a smile "In these 5 years you only felt like coming now..??"Rk asks her.. "I would have come earlier if I was able to, Rk.. after the accident I lost my memory I was undergoing treatment & the moment I got back all the precious memories of us I had come for you.. Now I'm not going away from you, Rk.. My family know I'm married as they saw my magalsutru when I gained my memory back I said everything to them about us.. They were disappointed at first but they accepted our relationship, Rk.. see now everything has become fine for us again .. I was coming in search of you but never thought we would meet like this after years .."she chuckled "I'm glad we met.. I knew you would wait for me.."she said as she caressed his face & suddenly he was filled with guilt .. He was waiting for her for 5 years but not anymore.. "Doctor said you can get discharged today .."Rk told her in order to change the subject.. "where were you staying..??"he asked her .. "I was staying in a hotel from days anyways now my husband is with me I will stay at your place.."she said shocking him .. "My place..??No.."he almost shouted.. "Why..??"What happened..??"she asked  him seeing him getting tensed"It's deepali..he stammered .. "what's with this deepali..??you used to call me dips right..??"she asked him.. Rk nodded absentmindedly .. seeing him lost she asked him.. "what happened to you..??everything is fine right..??".. "No.."he replied .. "what..??.. "No, I meant yes.."Rk told her & she gave him a what's-wrong-with-you look.. "excuse me, dips.."he said as he went out of the room.. He took his phone from phone saw several missed calls from Madhu .. He dialled sikky's number ..

"Hello sikky..??"

"Yeah, Rk.. What's it..??"& he told him everything..



"& she was in sikky's place for 2 days.. I told her some excuses which of course she didn't believe that's why she kept calling frequently.. From one side your questions & from other side hers.. I just didn't know what to do but I know you would understand that's I decided to tell you all this.. she will be staying with us for a while.."Rk tells to Madhu & she looked at shocked.. she still couldn't digest what he was saying .. suddenly something clicked in her .."What she is going to stay in our house..?? are you out of your mind, Rish.."Madhu asks him angrily.. "Madhu.."he tries to hold her shoulders but she moves back.. "what Madhu..?? Do you think that I will let her stay here, Rish..?? sorry I'm not that mahaan to let my husband's ex-girlfriend to stay in our home.."she tells.. "But, Madhu.. I promised her.."Rk tries to make her understand "I don't care, Rish.. if I'm not wrong you had promised her to give her your surname if you can ditch that promise then why not this silly one..??"she asks him which angered Rk"I never broke that promise damn it I married her.."he yells at her & regretted the next moment seeing her pain filled eyes "& she is your wife.."Madhu whispers in pained voice "Madhu, I didn't mean to say it.."Rk tells her in a low tone.. "But you said it, Rish.. she is your first wife & I'm your second .. she was your first choice & I was not even your choice.."Madhu tells him .. Rk shakes his head & tells her "No, Madhu .. It's nothing like that you think.."he holds her hands as he tells her "I love you..""From how long, Rish..?? from how long you love me?? It's not even 2 months since we are married & you loved & longed for her for 5 years.. you heard it 5 years ..!!"she tells him as fresh tears slide down her eyes "love is not about how many months or years passed, Madhu.. It's about how we felt in our heart.."Rk tells her.. "Such lines are good to hear, Rish but when it come to reality it's different or say why did you bring her to here ?? you could have told her the truth & send her back.."Madhu tells him.. He remains silent for a moment before he speaks "I hurt her, Madhu that too without any fault of hers & I couldn't leave her like that after breaking her heart.. I'm sorry but I just couldn't & I was scared what if she does some foolishness.. it's important for her to understand the situation & move on & to move on from her pain she has to face it like I did, you did.. if we keep our pain to ourselves we can never move past that, Madhu .." Rk tells her.. "I don't want her to stay here, Rk.."Madhu tells stubbornly paying no heed to his words .. "Stop being stubborn, Madhu.. she is staying here & that's final.."Rk tells her sternly .. "& what if I say no..??"She asks challenging him .. "I don't have time for all these I had taken your decision & that's she is staying here.." .."Yeah.. you can decide after all this is your house & you have all the right to decide who should stay here & who should go out .. who am I to interfere..??"She asks him "but yesterday too was a lie ?? you knew about deepali being alive but still you hid it from me & slept with me .. you might have thought I might leave you after she coming back to your life so why not have some quality time with your short term wife.."She tells in anger & Rk looks at her shocked .. It pained him & disgusted him to think that Madhu would think & say something like this.. he stops thinking as he angrily grabs her arms & roughly pulled her to himself not caring about the consequences "If you utter a more word like this for a moment I will forget that I love you.."Madhu flinches seeing his anger but hiding that she tells him.. "For that when did you love me..??"though he knew she said it purely out of anger it hurt him like anything .. he too wanted to hurt her like she did to him "Yes.. I don't love you & not only that I still love deepali .. & now since you know everything I think it's ok for you if I leave you & marry deepali after all I love deepali not you.."saying this Rk angrily leaves his grip on Madhu & goes from there leaving her in tears..


After sometime

Madhu washes her tear stained face & angry stared at her reflection on mirror..

"What the hell has happened to you, Madhu..?? why the hell you had to behaved like that with Rish..??agree he shouldn't have brought that deepali here but he had his own reasons for it.. He thought you would understand him but what did you do..?? you acted like complete bi**h & made him upset.. why are you like this ..?? why you always keeps hurting the people who love you..??"She angrily asks to herself..

On the other hand Rk was angry at himself .. how could he say such thing to Madhu..?? agree she did hurt him with her words but still which wife would like to let her husband's ex-girlfriend stay in their home..?? but he was helpless he had no other way.. He was getting mad with all the happenings.. He didn't know how to convince Madhu now..


Deepali was sitting on the bed in the guestroom & was staring at Rk's & hers wedding photo.. how happy she had been & even he was.. They were going to start their new life but suddenly everything has come into a halt.. How can  it be possible..?? She can't kill her dreams like that.. She can't live without the love of her life "Rishabh was mine & will remain mine.. you will come back to me, Rk no one can take you away from me.."She tells to herself as she clutches the photo closer to her chest..



The whole day had went so silently without any of them talking to each other.. Even the dinner was silent.. The silence of both the women worried Rk a lil as he felt it as the silence before the storm..

He waits in their bedroom for Madhu to come so he can apologize to her for the morning incident.. He hears the door open & sees Madhu coming inside.. She has her eyes fixed on the ground.. She locks the door then coming to him she sits near him..

"I need to talk to you.."they both tell at same time.. They look at each other ..

"what's it..??"Rk asks her..

"what you want to say..??"Madhu asks him in return ..

"no, ladies first .. "say what's it..??he asks her..

"Rish, I'm really sorry for what happened on today morning I don't why I behaved like that .. I'm really so sorry.."Madhu tells him..

"No, Madhu it's me who should apologize..  I shouldn't have talked the way I have talked with you in the morning .. plz forgive me I didn't mean it.. I said all those out of anger.."Rk tells Madhu..

"I don't have any problem with deepali staying here.. She can stay here.."Madhu tells him .. Rk looks at her surprised ..

"Thank you, Madhu.."Rk tells her smiling at Madhu who was expecting her husband to act like the soap opera hero & say "No, it's ok if you don't like her staying her here I will tell her to go.. you are more important to me" but yaar life was so different from those serials .. Now she feels she shouldn't have said it but pushing her thoughts back she smiles at him..

"Shall we sleep..??"Rk asks Madhu & she nods her head .. He turns of the light & they lie down on the bed.. Madhu thoughts goes back to the dinner time that deepali hadn't talked a word & she too didn't go to talk to her but she noticed the way she was looking at her husband in between that said DANGER..

She is not going to let her get into their life & she worried is she here to take her husband away from her..?? then she is not gonna spare her.. she is komolika in their life she has to do something before she start to create rift between them.. "I won't spare that komolika .."she tells & a moment later hears her husband asking "Komolika .. which komolika..??"

"Ugh what..??"Madhu asks confused..

"You said now you are not going to spare some komolika.."Rk tells her..

"Oh.. she is a vamp who's trying to snatch hero from the heroine & I don't like these vamps a bit.."Madhu tells him remembering the vamp in their life.. "I will puncture her nose, I will break her bones.."Madhu tells angrily..

"Hey relax it's just a serial & in the end vamps will always fail.."Rk tells her seeing her going hyper thinking about a soap opera vamp not knowing she was talking about deepali.. "Hmm.."she says as she kept her head on his chest & closes her eyes to sleep ..

"Madhu can I ask you something ..??"Rk asks her but didn't any reply from her.. He looks at her sees her sleeping peacefully on his chest..

"You already slept..??"he smiles as he pulls more closer if it was even possible & goes to sleep..


-----      -----


In some other place a guy was sitting on the chair angrily staring at Rishbala's pic from the rain.. He tears the pic from middle & smirks.. "Just like I torn you two apart in this pic I will tear you two apart from each other..I have come, Madhu .. your marriage bliss with Rishabh kundra won't last for long now.."he smirks evilly as he lit fire to their pic..



-----     -----


Precap : Rk worriedly scoops Madhu up in his arms as she fell unconscious in his arms.. As he goes out deepali takes the food plate from which Madhu had taken her food a while ago .. She goes to kitchen & puts the balance food in dust bin.. "No more evidence .."she tells & smiles cunningly ..


-----     -----     -----     -----     -----


So how is the update, friends.. ?? I know you might be pissed at Rk/Madhu or both of them but as I said in previous parts their life is going to  go through tough phases now so of course they will make mistakes & at times hurt each other..

If you liked the part then plz hit like & drop your reviews, friends..

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Nice update...
I don't like dips is now going to live with them...
Looking forward for next part...
Continue soon...
Posted: 2019-02-24T12:46:24Z
Hi Aishu ..Hug
so happy for you ..Big smile
will read and comment dear but for now firstly Embarrassed
congratz to you ..Clap
its great ..Star
keep writing..Clap

Posted: 2019-02-24T19:10:30Z
Lovely update god this is so cunning make dips out of there life soon can't see madhu like this 
Posted: 2019-02-24T19:51:06Z
Congrats for new thread
Pls let Rk n Madhu face all obstacles in their life together
Scary precap hope Madhu is ok
Posted: 2019-02-24T22:14:30Z
Nice update,
loved it,
both Rishbala are correct if we see in their point of view,
no wife likes when her husband brings his ex to their home,already Madhu has some trust issues and insecure becoz of her past can understand her situations,
coming to Rk he don't feel anything for his ex,
now Madhu is his world and life,he just don't want Dipali not to take any wrong step becoz of him,
Dipali might be good in the past but now an insecure girl who is ready to do anything to get back to Rk,if she truly loved him then she won't do plannings like this,
some one is again after Madhu,
Madhu sensed dipali as danger,
precap Dipali did sth just hope Rk knows what his ex is upto
Posted: 2019-02-24T22:15:01Z
Congrats for the new thread

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