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Posted: 2019-02-23T19:58:54Z
A few questions:
1) How can Jaya be so dumb and why doesn't Samar expose Satya when she acts like an idiot.

Why is Samar not telling Jaya what Satya is doing? She sent fake tax department to his house, she grabbed his hands and started choking herself, she treated Samar's mom like a slave and so many other things as well. And Jaya won't listen to Samar either or even ask why he is doing all this.

2) Why is Dhruv's dadi so damn young. This is just annoying, has nothing to do with the storyline haha. Dhruv's grandma looks like his mom's age.

3) Why won't Samar go to court and tell them what is happening. From what I see, Jaya is getting married illegally. She hasn't gotten a divorce yet, so she can't get married. And why is Dhruv even thinking about getting married when she is still technically married. Doesn't make any sense. And if Jaya doesn't want to give her marriage with Samar a chance, why doesn't Samar just leave. 

4) If Jaya's nani knows what her daughter is doing is wrong, why won't she speak up? Why is everyone so afraid of Satya.

5) The music they play for Satya, makes it sound like she is doing something completely legal. Can it to be changed to something more vilian like. Makes more sense. 
Posted: 2019-02-26T12:34:46Z
1. Samar understands importance of mom in jaya ki life+nt wanna stoop so low n happy
3.seriAls r illogicAl tbh
5.her perspective so not villian(guessing their pov)
Posted: 2019-02-27T09:45:03Z
I think Samar has gone above and beyond to fight for Jaya but she is not worth fighting for. Samar needs to move forward in his life as Jaya and Satya will never give him any respect. I am not liking the character of Jaya at all. She keeps making those annoying faces which is a turnoff. It's like that's all she knows how to do and along with that point her fingers.
Posted: 2019-03-30T04:31:00Z
If they answer all your questions then how will they drag the seriel lol. 
I think they introduced druv to increase trp

Also satya devi gave out 7 conditions to samars mum but why not dhruv' dadi. Why double standards?
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