Rajguru v. Vishkanyas

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Posted: 2019-01-30T15:31:06Z
So far they have shown that he beats all four almost everytime. Then why is he afraid that Vrinda has awaken and their powers getting stronger, when he can beat them so easily. 

I can get that he will have trouble fighting Sitara as she seems stronger than him, but I don't get why is he so powerful? And if he is so powerful, then why did he need Kuldeep to help him out - Kuldeep has not been shown to have any kind of powers like Rajguru.

Why can't the Vishkanyas be killed?How did their eldest sister has all these "tatvas" which she then gave to Vrinda and co.? How do the Vishkanyas get so much supernatural power by just becoming poisonous? 

So many questions and no clarification yet! ConfusedCry
Posted: 2019-01-30T16:48:09Z
Rajguru is Amrit Gyani so Mantras have super power over anything in the universe but when he does Yagna the Vishkanya's can use the 4 powers they have Agni Vayu Jal & Darthi & over power him.

The Last door is where they are all captured & he has the only way to get to them warn them capture them & defeat them.

Vishkanya's have been guven poison & somewhere they have gained power that is the oldest one with prayers to Maha Mata whom they did show time to time.

Here they will bot go deep into knowing how Vishkanya's got their first power they showed Vrinda & her sisters absorbing Kalindi's powers before she gave up her life so now its these sisters & Sitaara wgo take the Vishkanya legacy.

They are opening up to the viewers all this slowly, you have to see as Sitaara or Viraaj the story and they will be narrated by RajGuru or Vrinda or someone how it all started.

As for Kuldeep he is a warrior of the Mahal & his daughter has all powers the world needs but ahe is also full of amrit so Kuldeep's piwerful values are in her. So he is needed

A show like this has to see various angles Human Mystical & connection & Amrit Purity & Vish Poison.

Are Vishkanya's actually poison or what

A question unanswered yet and they Sitaara & Viraaj will fibd answers and show us.
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