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This is my entry of IF Novelette Contest. All characters are purely fictional.The story is based on Prompt 8.

He is a super star and so am I. Our first movie together was a blockbuster. Since we slept with each other things started to turn ugly. And then we never signed any film together. But then I have been offered a movie that I couldn't refuse because I knew that it would be a major break through of my career. And Guess what he is the Male Lead of the Movie.

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He pushed me on the bed and came on top of me. He knew we both couldn't wait anymore and curled his finger on the thin strap of my dress, pushing it aside as he trailed kisses on my exposed skin.

"CUT!" The director's voice brought us out of our private bubble. A not so private bubble. We were disoriented at first and blinked and looked around. We were on the sets and were shooting. 

"Perfect shot guys. Let's take a short break and we'll do the next scene." The director declared. "Sahir, test your look once; I don't want any mistakes from your hairdresser this time. And Sarah, make the mood, you take a lot time in that."

I was almost in another world. And I almost forgot that we were not Sahir and Sarah, we were Kabir and Antara the characters we were playing. Sahir got off of me and straightened himself, tucking his shirt back in his pants, I didn't realize when I had removed it. I too tried to look a little presentable and went straight to my vanity van.

I sat inside and put my palm on my face. I should have been prepared. It has been 4 years and he still has that effect on me.

What the hell are you doing, Sarah? Remember you hate him. His presence doesn't make a difference to you. Be professional.

It was the most beautiful time of our lives, at least my life when we worked together for the first time. None of us could deny the growing attraction between us, the attraction that had spiked up ever since we started shooting.

Our film was a blockbuster. And our chemistry was appreciated a lot. It was the success party that spoil everything. And I could change nothing now. No one can.

One of the greatest directors from the industry approached me and I couldn't deny. It was a huge break for my career. But destiny played this cruel game. He is the male lead with who I never wanted to work with again.

"Ma'am, shot is ready." My manager Radhika informed.

I nodded and went out.


I walked up to him slowly. With a turn of his head in my direction, I crossed his face with a slap.

"CUT!" The director said. "Sarah, it was good but put emotions in it. Try to put all the anger and disgust you have inside you."

"How did you felt when I insulted you that day?" I heard him whisper to me. "You wanted to slap me right? Just do it then."

I closed my eyes.

"Never show me your face again, you s**t!"

That were the exact word he threw upon me that day. I still couldn't understand why he called me that.
"I can do better." I declared.

"Alright...Light, Camera, Action!"

 And slap!

This time it was real. I slapped him. Just as I had years ago.

I stared at him, standing with his hand on his face. He slowly turned to face me as the director ran towards him.

"Are you alright, Sahir?"

 Sahir raised a hand to shut everyone up. I stared directly into his furious eyes.

"I told you I could do better."

I shot him one of his own smirks and turned to walk away with my shock-stricken manager. I continued to walk forward.

"Revenge time, Mr. Ex."

Get ready to face a new Sarah Malhotra, Mr. Sahir Verma!


Chapter 1 and 2 on Page 5

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Waiting to read the story diEmbarrassed
Plz keep pming meLOL
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Quite well written and gripping! Well done, girl! Hug
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Loved the teaser. The last line grips you to the story. Embarrassed
Continue soon. 
And thank you for the pm.
Posted: 2019-01-06T23:07:26Z
Loved the Teaser n I would love to read more Embarrassed
Thank you for the PM Smile
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Aaha! thats a very interesting start... a very gripping teaser indeed... its show time Mr Ex :v
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Very well written and gripped from the start Smile
Please continue soon
Love to read more 

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