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"Whoosh", went the bottle yet again, rolling and I found the leisure needed to look around at the people seated at the table. Some of them were grinning widely, enjoying the game to the fullest and coming up with dares to give to the other participants. Others acted indifferent but deep down prayed for the bottle to not stop at them while some others were too absorbed by their phones to know what was going on. And then there were some like me who just maintained a confused smile all along.

I broadened my vision to find the hall abuzz with young people who were either chatting away with both their long lost and new found acquaintances or acting as silent spectators to their little game and occasionally dropping off to the dance floor. I wondered at how exceptionally easy it was to categorize people you find at a New Year's Day house party.

"Truth or dare? Vaani, truth or dare?", Sunidhi's voice resounded through the gathering, startling me out of my period of observation.

"Uh, yes, truth", I managed to say, quickly gathering myself and looking back at my friend from work.

"Okay... ", went Rishita, the host and yet another friend from work, "Have you ever been madly in love?"

"Vaani Sehgal, the snotty no-nonsense HR? Madly in love? How on Earth!", chuckled Aryan.

But I hardly heard it. 

"Love, yeah", my mind laughed and heart groaned.

My eyes closed and I went back, landing in the time when it wasn't me and him, it was us, regardless of how far I had come since then. Those flashes arrived.

Walking down the college corridors, files in hand, me bumping into him for the first time. The papers flying in like rose petals, an instance rather filmy yet dreamy.

Now we are sitting at the beach, holding hands, watching the sun withdraw into the sea.  He plants a kiss onto my cheek and bestows upon me the gorgeous idea of forever.

It's Valentine's day and we are having dinner, looking into each other's eyes in the candlelight. That's when I spot a ravishing ring in the wine glass, making my heart go wild.

And then comes the final flash, crashing in.

A pleasant evening. An altar. Me sitting there. The fire in the altar is still burning, just like my faith in you. I keep brushing aside their truthful words only to realize that I was wrong. I feel our fragile togetherness break forever.


I opened my eyes and with a straight face, declare out loud, "No, never been madly in love".

"Now, if you'd please excuse me", I continued and rushed out.

I ran into the restroom and looked into the mirror and at once my tears sided with my heart's agony instead of my mind's staunch conviction, flowing out.

"Vaani, are you okay?", a familiar voice knocked on the door. 

I immediately felt soothed.

Wiping my tears, I got up and cajoled myself to face the world yet again.


This entry is a part of IF Novelette Contest. All characters are purely fictional and our creation only.

<The story is based on Prompt 1>
I was left in the altar 2 years back by a millionaire and never got to know the real reason behind it. Today I have a decent job; a small place, which I can call, my home and a boyfriend whom I want to marry in future. Just when I thought that my life is about to get settled my ex-fiance returns in my life with a bang!
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It's precise. Perfect and what a first chapter should exactly be. I wonder why the guy broke her heart though. It was a good read.
And I wish you all the luck in the world for this one! I know you are gonna ace it.  Heart

P. S. The categorisation of people in New Year party was described well! 
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My girls Cool
Posted: 2019-01-06T21:02:27Z
Ooh this seems interesting. 
Continue soon Mahi and Ramya. Looking forward to an interesting ride ahead. Embarrassed
Posted: 2019-01-06T21:20:52Z
wow! nice job! keep it up 
Posted: 2019-01-06T21:40:22Z
Res Res   Embarrassed
Gotta love that banner it's beautiful Embarrassed

Really beautiful, just love the way you wrote this one.I love how simple, short and sweet it is and some scenes are so well described I could totally imagine the scenes

Like this one scene
Walking down the college corridors, files in hand, me bumping into him for the first time. The papers flying in like rose petals, an instance rather filmy yet dreamy.

I remembered a filmy scene from the movie probably Mai Hun naa , okay srk was in it. What my point is the scenes are really very moving and so well described that you can imagine.
The teaser has an wonderful flow in it, that keeps you wanna read more. It has scenes that captures the emotions and feels really well.

I opened my eyes and with a straight face, declare out loud, "No, never been madly in love".
^^ I love how this one simple line describes the change of belief in characters. I really love stories involving round characters in it.

Continue soon. I am  totally hooked. 
PS : really very sorry for late unres. 
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Lovely start
Waiting for moreEmbarrassed
Thnx for the pmEmbarrassed

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