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Hey everyone! 
If you know me or don't know me LOL..I am Sahira.
I used to write stories on RiKara ek zamane me..but now I am back with another story on them.. it is a long story but as you can see it is also an entry for a contest so it will be finished within 15 March! 
so till then you all have to bear with me as I will send PMsLOL.

Now let's start the story! 

This is Prompt 3 


Character Sketch

Omkara Singh Oberoi: The eldest son of Mumbai's largest and India's most feared Mafia family. He is the ideal son of his father; ruthless, cruel, shrewd and manipulative. Never once in his life it had happened that he had hesitated to kill someone! Every beautiful thing in this world belonged to him and him alone. And the beauty that he cannot acquire has just been destroyed. But is he really like this or this is just a facade to protect himself and others?

Gauri Sharma: Daughter of a drunkard man who lives on alcohol and gambling; living in a small town Barely. She was an innocent and kind girl; unearthly beautiful but severe malnutrition and dirt has just covered it all up. She was always scared and uncertain as her father's habits gave them a very unhealthy life. Is she strong enough to handle the changes in her life that are about to come and endure the pain? Or will she become the part of an important mission in a matter of months!

Ishita Chowdhry: She is Omkara's best friend and partner in everything! She understands Omkara and stands by him in every situation. She is also a part of the Mafia family.

Mahendra Shekhawat: A terrorist who is hiding behind the facade of a businessman. He is cruel and ruthless in his ways just like Omkara then why Omkara cannot stand him? Mahendra has a lot of illegal business and he is involved in quite a few attacks as well. But he has an eye for beauty and appreciates it; thoroughly.

Members of the Mafia family:

Tej Singh Oberoi: Head of the Mafia family, Omkara's father.

Janvi Singh Oberoi: Tej's wife and Omkara's mother.

Pinky Singh Oberoi: Tej's sister; lost her husband ten years ago. She is a bitter and cruel woman.

Mohini Singh Oberoi: Mistress of Omkara's younger brother who is dead. (She is also their distant relative) She is a low-quality human being.

Shanti Shekhawat: Mahendra's mother, she does not agree with his line of work.

Sunny & Ansh: Mahendra's sidekick.

A little snip from the story:

J: Tej! Tej! What's happening to you? Omkara! Come quickly! Look something is wrong with Tej. (Janvi was heaving at this point, tears marking on her face).

O: Maa come down. Nothing will happen! I have called the doctor Dad just hold for a few more moments! The doctor is just coming!

5 days later

O: Dad is gone but left his burden on me! Now what do I do with it! How the hell do you sell something?

I: Oh, come on Om! Now you are not THAT thick...anyone will buy. Just look at her for once and you will know why! And stop referring her as "it she is a human being!

O: I don't care! (Thundered Om)

Okay! Okay I know this is a cheesy name! But hey! I am cheesyLOL
If you want PMs like it! Or agr na chahiye per pasand aye toh bhi like karoWink

Chalo tata 

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Hi sahira Interesting plot will love to read it plz do pm me and plz give ur old ff links too i want to read Edited by himani_rosid - 2019-01-06T12:23:31Z
Posted: 2019-01-06T21:22:57Z
I have no clue about this show but I m going to read it like a new story.
Plot is interesting. Would definitely like to give it a try.
Good job SahiHug
You love to write? Want to submit articles/ guest posts for snehaexpression.com ?
Posted: 2019-01-06T21:32:40Z
looks interesting...i like intense stories :D
Posted: 2019-01-06T22:11:45Z
This look interesting! And I can see KSG in the banner which makes it more interesting! 
Waiting :)
Posted: 2019-01-06T22:40:51Z
Seems interesting Sahira! Embarrassed
I really liked the character sketch. Continue soon. Embarrassed thanks for the pm and pm me every time you update. 
Posted: 2019-01-07T00:41:21Z
Interesting teaser. Looking forward to it! 

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