RajGuru's Condition Favorable for Sitaara & Viraaj

Posted: 2019-01-03T17:43:16Z
RajGuru put such a strong condition on Kuldeep to sacrifice Sitaara for RajMahal protection. All the RajParivaar Viraj & his offsprings all wud be under Sitaara's protection.
Well RajGuru you are in for creating closeness between Sitaara & Viraaj as she will shadow him more than anything.
Netra will not like it.

So Vrinda still has her powers intact it has not been sacrificed as the Maha Matehy Vishkanya cud'nt break the wall where Sitaara was trapped.
RajGuru is so powerful he maybe infavor of the Rajmahal but will he strick by that.

Is he a protector always as he is using Sitaara who is unknown of her roots and will she always stay ameit ir a time will come when vish will get a an upper hand.

There are so many interesting twists & turns and
Also with Chanda around who escaped Sameat & Aryan it will be seen what will be next move

Veinda is fuming what RajGuru told her and she is all set for Viraaj disttuction.

So good this show is each character is evolving very well..

Its gainjng momwntum and very unpredictable   Clap
Posted: 2019-01-03T21:14:55Z
Good post
But why is it necessary to do the daan?  N here even sitara seems to be ok with it , trying to help her father's undying loyalty to the rajmahal ...in a way it's good for siraj but it also means that she will have to protect the villians chote raja n chote raani n the evil samrat too... In future they will surely try to harm viraaj or rajahukum ... How could she protect viraaj then when she has to protect samrat too...Ouch
Posted: 2019-01-03T21:47:27Z
Yes the Daan was not necessasry but Daan may also mean that Sitaara is a daasi types angrakshak ans no way she can think of equating being a part of Raj Pariwaar. This may also mean she cannot have any kinda feelings towards Viraaj or feel close to him as attraction since RajGuru differentiates that Viraaj will be marrying Netra and their children will be protected by Sitaara But he has not idea or will in later stage see that the actual ardhangini of Viraaj will have to be Sitaara.

Now with Sitaara shadowing Viraaj always Netra will not like it. She will want to cause some disturbance and use Samrat and Aryan for that.

So the actual enemies again of the Raj Parivaar are others and not even Vishkanyas

But now again Vishkanaya's feel that since RajGuru has declared Sitaara dead they will want to take the enemity on Viraaj andSitaara will peotect him.
Somehow even with the pendent being with Sitaara The Vishkanya will get a intimation that Sitaara maybe alive as their power only RajGuru can overdo but with Viraaj being protected somehow by Sitaara who has equal power to defy Vishkanya it will bring a doubt in tbwie mind.

It will have some tuebung points.
Also RajGuru said that Sitaara has not got much Vish but her Amrit is very very powerful in the houses of the horoscope so how and will she get the Vish will be interesting.

The Vishkanya's are so trapped and what will they do to

So whats in store is going to keep at the edge of seat.
Posted: 2019-01-04T06:43:09Z
I think she is there to protect Viraaj only because he is the heir of Royal family. May be the only son of Raja ratan singh. 
Posted: 2019-01-05T06:22:04Z
sitara promise from friday epsd is confusing... she tuk th oath f protecting only viraj...

does tat means... once she gets the power f vish she may try to harm others...

the story is getting so intresting...

yesterdays viraj talk on sitara was cute...

he already feel so connected to sitara... which s missing with his so called fiancee Nethra...

th fun is goin to start
Posted: 2019-01-05T22:38:13Z
So, Viraj and Sitara will definitely end up being together or not? It seems like the makers are building their romance. 
Posted: 2019-01-05T23:33:26Z
Yes they r building but since she is more a guardian for viraaj and bound by her vows to protect him will have to see if love is going to be harmful or fruitful.
The reason am saying this is the elementa which sitaara is made up of she is a vishkanya also unknown about her roots does her horrscope allow her to fall in love with the raj parivaar.
Eventually it may go against the reality and prove this is reality.
Long way to go but yes they r meant for each other.

Now she will be with him all the time much to use up his personal space & it will be interesting to see how Viraaj & Sitaara get closer which will anger Netra
Posted: 2019-01-06T00:34:22Z
How do you know whether the kundalini is powerful or not?

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