ROSID FF : Bad Boy !! Good Girl !! upd (pg 9-10)

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This is with the touch of my 4th ff big boy small girl ...the big boy small girl story was one of my longest ff  in that itself I might have covered everything ..i don't what Im going write in this ...still i tried ...if you all felt boring I will wrap it even if it just 10 updates because the promise was made to just to start a ff with big boy small girl but  not like it should be nice or of how many updates... so that one Im giving to you all ...please stop if its boring ...and yaa its my 14 th ff ...thanks for your supports and love

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Part 1


Yukshiv nagar

A guy started bike from a big bungalow towards a college

He entered and parked and said

" oii"

Three turned who were parking their bike

" hey president "

One shouted 

" I know im president of college you don't remind me"

That guy replied with some head weight

All took breathe and smiled

" ok ok Sidhant ..principle will be waiting for you ..president ...he will ask about first year fresher part preparation bla bla"

" I know arun"

Sidhant replied and moved saying

" hii vaibav sham ."

" hii Sidhant  "

Both replied back

" hey all were waiting for your permission ..Is raging is allowed "

Sham was egar

Sidhant kept thinking fake

" should there off course if not where maja will come "

He said seriously

Sham shouted

" president permitted as usual "

There students shouted aeee

Sidhant moved front to get blocked by a girl

" at least accept this year Sidhant "

Sidhant took a breathe

" im handsome right "

" yes"

" college president"

" yes"

" mass"

" yes

" stylish"

" hmm yes"

" worth to get world beauty right "

" yes"

The girl made a confused face

" then why I should love you"

Saying he went making her grit her teeth

His friends controlled their laugh

She glared

They went rolling their eyes and laughed loud making her more irritate

She took breathe and left

He meet the principle and said about the arrangements he made

" ok Sidhant take ahead with committee"

Principle said

He giving nod came out

Going out joins his friends and ragged some

Sidhant is president of clg from 2nd year

Even from 1st year he is a show off person in everything showing his mass

Soon become popular among all with his naughtiness and toughness

Everyone was unknowingly pulled by themselves towards him to talk with him and to make friendship

But he just show off when such scene comes... he shows attitude more ...even that they feel he is worth for to show off..and his attitude omg all give a sec to come out

Everyone in clg knows him

All likes him for his charm and style like kya ladka yaar...and for his fearless attitude towards everything

When he stood for president election with 4th year students even for that attitude itself all voted and made him president

But for making him president none found bad ...he helps and does whatever students want even going against college rules as because he thinks if its enjoyable there is nothing wrong in doing that ...even he is fun to talk with ..a lovable person with attitude is making him unique ...



In auditorium

All were gathered

Sidhant addressed

In his talk ,mannerism ,charm  and with his look itself he covered most of the first years like what a president yaaar ...some where grazing at even without hearing what he is speaking...a speech of intense without reaction on his face other than his attitude to be mass

Few looked at their friends face and raised their eyebrows he is topping right 

" so any problem can contact student committee they will inform me ..thank u guys "

He went down and smiled at his friends to which they smiled back

" ufff over first day ..for this how many works "

Sidhant gave breathe

" your last year Sidhant president "

Vaibav said

Sidhant glared

" ok ok know you are president don't want to say "

Arun said

"  hmm"

Sidhant let out seriously




Yukshiv nagar

5th street

A tempo was standing infront a house where a lady and a girl was taking things from it and placing it inside the empty house

The small girl was about to leave the bag

" roli carefull "

The lady shouted

" fine maa"

The small said politely

Her mom smiled ...she looks simple without sindoor and mangalsutra ..may be single mom

Placing the things in

She came and gave money to tempo amd asked

" bhaiya we are new here...where will  be shops??"

" there will be department store and few shops together in the main street for 2nd to 6th street ..if those are closed... if you go left on the main street towards 8th 9th street you can find some other  shops too"

" ok bhaiya thank you"

Yukshiv nagar has 12 streets

A single main street in which the cuts on left or right will leads to 1st 2nd 3rd streets and goes on

But shops are only found in main street almost covering all shop to purchase whatever we want ..we can get in the main street

Inside the house

" so how is the new house roli"

" good maa"

" hmm when you complained"

Her mom smiled

She too smiled

"still wondered how you went to 9th std.."

Her mom asked looking at her hand rolling her hair falling on shoulder and seeing her lower lip inside her mouth which she was noticing it from her birth.

" you are saying me short"

She asked still rolling her hairs

Her mom smiled saying

" no you look more cute in this height anyway you are not that short ..because your head completes on my chest right..but wondering when you will start to talk fluently with other ..see your age children where talking that much that if we say them to stop even they wont ..but you only talks with me nicely "

Her mom took a breathe ...roli smiled

" you are enough maa"

She said giving little laugh and pushes her lower lip into again

" at least get new friends in your new school tmrw "

" hmm...where is your work place "

" that's out of nagar ..i will go after you go to school and comes at the time you don't worry "

" my school??"

" its walk-able just at out of edge in the area  ..tmrw I will leave you... then after you can go on you own ..there wont be difficulties"

Roli nodded 

" maa maths tuition"

" hmm for that only came to this nagar my known girl is there in 3rd street she like my daughter ..she said she will teach you ..that also once I will leave you...topper in all except maths"

she gave smile with a  breathe 

" okay"

roli said and smiled

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Part 2


Sidhant and his friends entered into yukshiv nagar and settled between 4th and 5th street before a temple as a meet before everyone parting

His friends too that area only but not same street

Looking them ...two three more from other clg joined with them as like area friends

They parking their bikes sat on it and chats gossips laughs

They are the area boys and they usually meets there and time pass

All knew as because that's the time all school s ,clg and office gets over.

After sometime they parted to their house

Sidhant went into 3rd street to his bungalow saying haii to a girl there sitting on couch watching tv

" hii bhabi"

He said and fall on the sofa near by

" Sidhant "

She gave a fake rude sound

"ok bhabi ..will wash my face ,hands and legs and come "

His bhabi smiled and gave him playfull hit saying

" go"

" ok"

He got up but thought something and asked

" bhabi bhaiya called?"

" today he said he will be in meeting I don't know"

Her husband prem bharathwaj sidhant's elder  brother was in London taking the branch there ...Sidhant don't have mother from his childhood prem was 5 years elder than him ..he married soon

From then bhabi is the one who takes care of him so much

When prem asked to about her taking to London she denied saying no one will be there take care of Sidhant so let here be with him in india

It made prem as well as Sidhant to have more love on her

Sidhant loves her more ...and he just calls her bhabi but in real they were like friends  sharing and talking everything

His father is there but after his wife death most of the days he will be in darshan in temple feeling relaxing

All left thinking if he feels good moving around temples then its fine...

And all were waiting for Sidhant to complete his studies and take over the branch in India

He freshen up  came and lied on his bhabi's lap simply pulling the remote from her

" Sidhant "

Saying she pulled back and also remembered something

" Sidhant guess what ??"

" what bhabhi?? Is you are going to give me remote"

She hit him

" no,,im going to take tuition from tmrw for maths "

" oh the poor students"

She glaring said

" not students student"

" ha ha only one"

Sidhant laughed

" Sidhant "

She faked glare for teasing her

" actually my known one's daughter I said ok..also im simply sitting only right "

" oh ok ok bhabi anything"

He just left the matter in other ear and continued watching tv

After sometime she went to prepare dinner

They ate and slept



Next day Sidhant went to clg as usual

Roli with her mom went to her school which is in the starting of yukshiv nagar crossing 5th to 1st street

Her school was quite adoptable by her but still she was shy in making friends and to talk with them..little afraid too




Sidhant and his friends were at the main street chatting simply

" oii Sidhant try this"

Sham gave a type of chocolate

When Sidhant ate it was yuck for him

He spilled out

All laughed

He bet sham playfully while he defends

" chiii need water ..anyone has"

Sidhant asked

All raised their shoulders as no

" taking book itself a big deal"

His area mate countered 

While roli came from her school was coming crossing 3rd street...

Sidhant saw her who was about to cross them

" oiii "

He shouted ...with a jerk she saw him

" come"

He called

She wondered in fear standing still

" come"

He again with glare burring his eyebrows

She went near

He pulled her water bottle from her bag side and drank

While he noticed her  hand rolling her hair on shoulder with her lower lip inside her mouth ..eyes with fear

" this area ?? new ah ??

Sidhant asked

She did not answered

" oh svc school ."

He asked looking her uniform

Still she did not answer in fear just rolled her eyes 

Boys giggled

Sidhant glared at them

" go"

He said irritatingly

She saw the water bottle

He noticing that said

" cant give ..what u will do ..ja ja "

He said rudely

She went with the same lower lip in

Sidhant nodded as ohh 

" Sidhant you made her afraid "

Arun said

All laughed

" poor small girl"

His area friend said in laugh

" ah leave "

Sidhant said  showing his tongue as simply

They chat with a topic change and moved to their houses

Sidhant  entered into his house throwing the water bottle on air and catching it

" Sidhant whose bottle is that "

His bhabi asked

" for you only bhabi"

He threw it on her

She catches perfectly

" seems used"

Sidhant smiled

" wo nothing ( he said what happened)"

" oh god Sidhant ..poor small girl. ."

" even my friend said the same"

Saying he laughed

She hit him with the bottle playfully for his fun and smiled



Roli going home said that to her mom

He mom laughed saying

" roli roli ...don't know when you will might said him yes new , that school only..matter over"

Roli curved her lips down saying

" the big boy na frightened me no no bad boy "

Her mom laughed again saying

"  oh ok ok my  good girl"

" maa"

" ok ok Im not teasing ..Leave will get you another bottle"

Roli nodded and pushed her lower lip in

Her mom smiled

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i dont know whose character fit for sidhant 's bhabi i just mentioned commonly ..i also dont know whether the character suit with simar so please just give a name for her which will be comfortable for you all for this character ..i can simply give a name but already using many and even for main role i use i think it will become difficult  for you all,  so thought will get it from you all itself ..
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Hurrraaayyy my favourite ff's season 2. Semmmaaa po. Update was as usual fabbb . Simar vena di. Vera name yosikalam wait pannu okay
Posted: 1 years ago
Anika will be perfect for sid's bhabhi character anju if you like then use ok
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Super update... Eagerly waiting for next update...  I suggest  ankita name for sid bhabhi Edited by SOUJANYAROSID - 1 years ago
Posted: 1 years ago
wow super start loved it so season 2 of big boy small girl that was cute ff Rosid first meet was nice roli tagged him as bad boy ha ha nice why won't she he scared the poor girl he he waiting for next eagerly update soon I am not much a fan of anika but if everyone is saying she suits the character you can use anika name what matters to me is Rosid

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