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It was an ideal setting.

The cool breeze blew her curls slightly around her.

The river flowed with a gurgling sound, the musical waves slapping against the large rock on which she sat.

The lush green of the fields contrasted with the azure blue of the skies.

It looked like a painting on an artist's canvas but somehow it was incomplete.


Yes, that was what was missing.

The color red which accompanied him whenever he looked at her.

Wave after wave of anger slashed her with his gaze.

It was confusing her making her afraid and uneasy.

Why was she here? Why did he bring her here?

As she looked at the remains of a haveli in the background, she caught sight of him.

He was different here, stormy and dark like a tempest about to strike.

She looked at him dispassionately. Some would think him handsome.

His thick dark hair was gelled back away from his forehead giving prominence to the eyes which nailed her to the spot where she stood.

His physique was tall, lanky but muscular.

Since the time she had seen him first, she could not help but think he resembled a cheetah about to strike.

What did he want from her? Why the anger?

His searching eyes made her nervous and so she avoided them.

The question remained.

Did she know him from somewhere? Why was he angry with her?


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Chapter 1: First shot

Circumstances in life lead to unusual situations she realized. Everything about him had been unusual from the start.

She thought back to the day she had graduated at the top of her class in college. A studious but naughty girl since childhood, she had mastered the art of fun and achievement. The full scholarship which had paid for her education and living expenses went a long way in giving her peace of mind and helped her to achieve her goals.

As she received congratulations from her class members her gaze had fallen on Dev. She beamed brightly at the man who had been her mother's doctor. So caught up was she in the moment that when she looked beyond him her gaze instantly recoiled from the man behind Dev.

The stranger's angry and shocked expression burnt her with its fury. So much anger from a stranger felt unusual and uncomfortable all at once and she felt her hands turn clammy.

Maan Singh Khurana.

She had found out his name when he had addressed the crowd of graduates. The hoots and whispers of the collegians around her made her realize that he was quite popular among the girls and admired among the males.

While the girls drooled over his looks, some of the words from the boys gave a snapshot of how he had managed to change the fate of his company, Khurana Constructions bringing it back from catastrophe and making it the number one construction company in India.

She was perhaps the only female in the crowd who was not going gaga over him. Normally a happy go lucky tomboy with her roots in Mumbai, she had the street smarts and sharp tongue that went with being a Mumbaiker. It was not like her to be bothered by outsiders but his unusual behavior irked her.

What was that about she thought? Was Mr. Khurana just an angry young man she wondered or was he just being an ass for her benefit? I mean, how normal was it for people to go around glaring at strangers. Sadu!

Many a time in his speech his eyes found hers pinning her down with his laser gaze. She was not a Mumbaiker for nothing.

She simply rolled her eyes at him after the first time and pushed her long hair back over her shoulder as if dismissing him. Since she was the class topper her seat was in the first row so she smiled secretly when she saw his eyes narrow and his jaw tighten with her rudeness.

She was a proud Mumbaiker and took attitude from no one. The years in Delhi had only been for her to get her degree; the blood swirling in her viens still sang with pav bhaji and bhelpuri from Juhu beach.

With their hostile responses equalling their reactions to each other, she paid attention to what he was saying. She thought that his speech would be all about him but he surprised her with a very intelligently thought about speech which motivated the graduates. Of course she refused to give him credit for it. Perhaps a PA had written it, she thought with a twist of her mouth. The man in the impressive designer suit could possibly pay someone to do such tasks for him. The applause to his speech was thunderous.

She did not bother pampering his ego, instead focusing on straightening her outfit. She was supposed to get the best student award. A slight glance at her facepack mirror revealed that she looked fine. She had just finished pursing her lips together spreading her lip gloss evenly when she saw him watching her breathlessly. A slight tinge of red formed on his ears when he was caught and he looked away angrily.

Though she had hoped against hope that it was golu Principal Matthew who would hand her the diploma, Sadu had been the one who conferred her the prized degree. She had expected a shake of their hands or even a picture with him as he had with the others but he was pointed in his refusal to bring his hand to hers.

There was no words of Congratulations even as he handed her the diploma so she purposely drawled out a "Thank you SIR" in a sing song voice with an exaggerated smile and showing of all of her pearly thirty two teeth.

His jaw had tightened again bringing his features into prominence.

Savage handsomeness; that seemed to describe him best. The tall muscular frame oozed power, the perfect stubble framed a super sensual mouth with a plump lower lip. She shook the thought from her head wondering where it had popped up from.

She tried not to notice him beyond that although his eyes under thick eyebrows were holding her captive. In the few seconds that she had looked at him, he seemed to have read her mind causing his eyes to glitter ominously.

She was about to walk away and forget she ever met him. Which is why his next move pulled the earth from below her feet. She could have died of shock when he announced that the best student of this year's class would be signing a contract with his company. The principal had been ecstatic and fawning though he seemed as surprised as she was.

She did not know what to make of this. He was perhaps a rich boy with more attitude than needed. In her usual style she mentally decided against accepting the offer. There had been many jobs for which she would qualify. She was in no hurry to take his offer. She gave him a royal ignore after that almost walking off the stage when his hand had clenched tightly around her wrist.

He stared at her incredulously. Just looking at her defiant fiery expression all his hackles had arisen. After everything that had happened, she had the audacity to feign ignorance of who he was.

He tightened his hold on her thin hand a bit, saying, " .. you need to sign the papers before leaving MISS HANDA".

What was wrong with him? She angrily snatched her wrist away from him rubbing the spot where his fingers had left an imprint and glaring at him. The nerve of the man! She did not approve of his caveman behavior.

CEO ho toh apne ghar ka! He can keep his job and contract. She would not work for someone who did not respect a woman. She glared at him angrily.

A tinge of guilt ran through him seeing the red streaks on her wrist. He was by nature a courteous and chivalrous man but she did not deserve any such kindness from him. There would be no escaping this time.

In a move that surprised him, she dug her nails in his hand harshly causing him to let go of her hand. In an angry whisper she declared "I don't want to work with you. Job ka chodo, I never want to ever see your face again".

Even as he registered her words, his eyes narrowed angrily. From the corner of his eyes he saw the horde of photographers being kept at bay by his staff and security.

Since his stupendous success at KC and the turnaround story, he had been the reclusive mulitmillionaire and the media craved to capture images of him. Normally he never gave them even a nod, nor did he acknowledge those who threw themselves at him. There was no one who was given access to him beyond a certain point.

He looked at the girl in front of him. Her arrogance, rejection and refusal to acknowledge who he was punctured a huge hole in his ego. After today, she would know not to mess with him.

He nodded at the photographers who formed a circle around him, still far but close enough to take several photos instantly. With a smirk he nodded towards his staff.

Perhaps it was doomed to be a bad day she thought when the mini skirted over exposing employee of his came to her with the contract. Sasha Sharma, the head architect of his company seemed to have a similar disinclination towards her as her boss. The look down she gave her taking in the bright pink cotton kurti and the long multicolored skirt had turned to positively repulsed when she saw her cloth shoulder bag.

"Are you sure MK? She does not look like she will fit .. ", she mumbled loud enough for Geet to hear. Not that she wanted to work for them but how dare they speak of her and treat her like this!

Was this a company or the national zoo? Sasha looked like a loony duck while the man with black glasses accompaning Sasha looked like an old wise owl. An annoyed glare from KIng Kong Khurana stopped Sasha's mumbling. For a second Geet was happy that Khurana did one thing right in the day. It was only for a second though because in the next second he snapped at her.

"Miss Handa, I don't have all day. Sign quickly", he said thrusting the pen in her direction.

"Yes yes Geet, hurry up", the fawning of Princi was equally annoying.

She purposely dawdled "Matthew Sir, I have not read the contract and aren't you the one who told us not to sign anything without understanding the contents of any document we sign. After all Mr. Khurana is a stranger to me".

Khurana's head snapped back towards her with her words. It was obvious that the veiled insult had found it's target. They glared at each other.

"Matthew Sir, Miss Handa has 2 minutes. After that I am withdrawing my offer", the cold words delivered to the principal were meant for her.

Geet found herself surrounded by media waiting to take pictures of the great event about to occur. To make matters worse Principal Matthew handed her his pen too telling her that her scholarship was funded by KC. There was a stipulation that they could hire any of the graduates at their will. Angering Maan Khurana could mean a loss of opportunity for students like her. Way to go with the emotional blackmail, she thought.

While all the students clapped and hooted, she found herself trapped by MSK, Mister Sadu Khurana. Her eyes looked around seeking some help from somewhere. Even Dev was occupied with his phone; perhaps an emergency call she thought. At last finding no one she turned to face the situation as one would face the gallows.

Maan Singh Khurana, a name she had not heard before was someone she was going to loath forever. He stood there with his feet slightly apart with his hands folded over his chest tasering her with his eyes.

His devilish smirk was the last straw. Did he think Geet Handa was such an easy pushover?

She did the only thing a girl could do in such a situation.

Putting her fingers to her temple she closed her eyes daintily and aiming herself towards the cushiony chubbiness of Principal Matthew she swooned delicately.

At that very moment the light from the flashbulbs made Princi step to one side and unconsciously just as the photos were taken she found herself in the arms of the angry young man who had stormed into her life.

It was a shot that would be printed on the cover page of the papers the next day.


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I had been waiting eagerly for this 

Geet lost her memory in this one I can recall. 

Maan is angry with her 

Waiting for next. 
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thanks for the pm! 


Awesome intriguing prologue! 

why did he bring her there?

can understand her tension and confusion! 

why is he so angry?>

seems like she does not know him!
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Well one another awesome story...Ufff it's lkng passionate love affair cum hate filled romance...Lovely...In first chapter. Only presence of third wheel MR DEV...He has to be everywhere...I think maan knows geet before hand only...Lkng interesying
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Chapter 1

Lovely update! superbly written! 

great that Geet graduated at the top of her class! Maan gaze unnerves her! Maan has achieved much success! 

wow at least Geet not taken in with him! can understand her questions! 

Love Geet's mumbaiker attitude! she ignores Maan! 

glad that Geet liked Maan's speech! she has some preconceived notions about him! 

hmm Maan is indeed a sadu!! why did he refuse to shake hands with her?

at least Geet is admiring sadu Maan! 

Gosh Geet will signing a year's contract with KC! 

so she refuses to work there! 

Hate Sasha!! how dare she insult Geet?

nice that he managed to trap Geet to sign the contract but she will never give in! 

Geet pretends to faint and in Maan's arms! 

what a pic for the cover page of the newspaper! 

update soon! 

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superb update
interesting story 
why maan is angry on geet 
why maan forcing geet to work with him 
waiting for next

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