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Mine Only Mine
Part. 39.

G. Please Rahul I am not felling well I need to go home please (Rahul nodded his head but he as surprised to see her behaviour. As Geet enter in the house she got busy with her work also Rahul tried to talk to her but Geet kept ignoring him keeping herself busy in her work. 

It was evening time Kumkum took coffee for Sumit who was sitting in garden she went towards him give him coffee and he had it without saying anything but when saw his busy in his thoughts so she ask him.

K. What happen Sumit what are you thinking (he come out his thought look at her then give her file which make her confused then she again asked him) Sumit what is this (when he didn't answer her Kumkum open the file and seeing this Kumkum was surprised and happy then said) Sumit we are going to become grand parents and (seeing her like this Sumit held her hand and said her.

S. Kumkum I am happy like you but think how Geet will be and now where she will be pampering there she is holding her happiness in her (Kumkum closed her eyes then he hug her but she said.

K. Hope everything goes fine and we bring our daughter back to home (Summit nodded his head and they both kept thinking about Maan and Geet.

2 more days passed Geet kept busy in herself but in this she didn't care much about herself all can see this and it was night time when Prena saw her also she few time call her and when she didn't answer she kept hand on her shoulder that make Geet scare so Prena said her.

P. What happen Geet does anything happen (Geet give her forced smile and said her.

G. Nothing maa I am fine (saying this she left but leaving Prena in her thought who was worried about her.

Ridhima who just come out of her room to get water but she stop seeing Geet as she can see Geet who is not take caring of herself but before she call her she saw her talking with Prena and now she can't see her sister like this also without having water she went to her room where she call Maan as she was not really getting tense for Geet. Maan who was reading siting file but his eyes were on Geet pregnancy report also his thoughts were about Geet and he just throw his file in anger then he saw his mobile was ringing he was going to cut the call but when he saw Ridhimaa was calling him he pick up the call and Ridhimaa said him.

R. Hello Maan jeju how are you (Maan then said her.

M. I am fine Ridhima, how are you (Ridhimaa then without wasting any minute she ask.

R. I am fine jeju but I want to ask you something hope you don't mind (Maan was confused but she said him) Maan jeju is everything is fine between you and Geet as from the time Geet had come here she has been so much stress also from last 2 days she didn't smile more than she is lost in herself (Maan was shock listening to this he closed his eyes but then he said her.

M. Ridhima don't worry everything will be also now I will know what I had to do (Ridhhima was relax  after talking with him. Maan was left surprised also he know it will be not good for her. 2 more days passed and today Maan was relaxed now he was standing in airport. Geet was lost in her thought but she come out thought when Heer call her.

H. Geet you are going out of station so just enjoy over there (Perm shake his head but then he said her.

P. Heer she is going for work not going to enjoy over there (Heer make a face but Chachat said.

C. Geet chachi bring loads of chocolates for me also more toys and chachi if there is any others things that all bring (Geet smile at her but Heer said ask.

H. Enough Chachat how much things you want (listening to this chachat make baby face Geet didn't like this and then said.

G. Please bhabhi she is child (chachat hug her and said.

C. Love you chachi (Geet kiss her on her cheeks also she show her tongue to Heer who give her glare but then she said to Geet.

H. Geet I am happy for you but I don't know that why they are sending you alone for medical conference (Geet said.

G. I didn't know that bhabhi but today morning dr. Keerti said me that I have to attend conference (so just Prem ask.

P. Heer who is that girl who was taking with Rahul (as today morning one girl come and hug Rahul also Rahul hug her and seeing this Geet didn't react but all were shock so Heer come out thought when Prem call her) Heer (she look at him and said.

Image result for kis desh mein hai meraa dil

H. Prem she is Saumya who is Rahul friend also doctor and she is the one who save Rahul (Prem nodded his head then she said to Geet) Geet we know they you are worried about Rahul as seeing him we understand that also you don't worry about him just enjoy your time (Geet give her small smile, they drop Geet to airport and she said them.

G. Thank you bhaiyya bhabhi and now you both leave I will call you when I will reach my destination (they give her hug and left from there. Geet enter inside the airport but she got shock when someone hug her.

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Nice update... Guess geet is going with Maan ... Sowmya is in Rahul's life...
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Fantastic update Clap
I think maan is taking Geet with him to spend some quality time and release her stressSmile
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fabolous..Big smileBig smile
so geet taking tension n seeing this ridhima call maan
and he assure her..
kumkum sumit happy know abt news
and geet going for medical camp
is this maan planning??
waiting for nxtSmile
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Nice update
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Nice update
Maan plans for geet to relief her stress, sowmya new entry
Waiting for next part
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Nice update.waiting for next.

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