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Oh! Ho! What happened why is maan so angry with geet. He himself has send her and now is taking out his anger and frustration on geet only. Eagerly waiting for the update.

Let see what happen 
That he is. Angry on her Confused
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Originally posted by -Gemini-

Poor geet facing maan's anger...he sent her there
Waiting for the next update

Let see why he is angry 
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Mine Only Mine
Part. 37.

Maan had meeting so for that he pick up the file and start reading it then he look for another file saw it was fallen down, he pick up those files when he thrown down then but his saw in this there was hospital file which make him confused then he pick up that file and open it but he was shock after reading as his eyes were on few words and he whisper.

M. Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana pregnancy positive report, 3 weeks pregnant (he closed the file and then remembered few days back when Geet come to his office while running when she came to know that Rahul is alive Maan kept sitting over there looking at then file, Sumit enter in his cabin saw Maan was looking file with blank expression and he call him.

S. Maan (when he didn't him then Sumit kept hand on Maan shoulder who look at him and seeing Maan shock expression he was worried then he ask him) Maan tell me what happen (Maan give him file and he read it and he was happy but when he saw Maan face that make him scare then ask ask him) Maan you should be happy but why are tense (Maan look at him and said.

M. Dad I am not there where she need me also I didn't know that I should be happy that we are going to parents or feel sad that now when Geet and my baby need me I not there to help her (Sumit understand his trauma and said him.

S. Maan I know what you are felling but you did to this to save someone life but here you should also stay with Geet so what if you are not with her physically but tell her that you will always there with her (Maan give him small smile and said him.

M. Thanks dad for understanding me now I shall take leave I have lunch meeting with Mr. Mittal (saying this Maan left but Sumit kept looking at him until he was out of side then he also left from there.

Geet was busy in her work also looking at her phone so that what if Maan again call be but when he didn't call her it hurt her also she know he will be angry with her when she didn't pick up his call. Then to distract herself she got busy in her work but her thought were broken where someone call her.

R. Geet (listening to her name she look above and stand from her chair saw as she saw Rahul was standing over there and seeing him there Geet was shock but Rahul come towards her and said) so Geet did you like my surprise coming here (Geet was nervous listening him also trying to give him small smile she said him.

G. Haan Rahul (Rahul smile at her and said.

R. Ok now come and let's go we have will lunch outside and then later watching movie we will go back to house (Geet didn't like this and tried to say him.

G. Rahul woh I (but Rahul cut her and said.

R. Don't give me lame excuse of being busy as before coming here I know about your schedule that you don't have any surgery or any appointments so come and let go also not with your husband but with your friend (Geet look at him but he smile at her and said) am right before we got married I was your friend so will you not come with your friend (Geet give him small smile and then left with him.

Maan was busy in his meeting with client and Adi but he left Geet near just then he ignore it and after meeting was finished he left outside as he got the call. Geet and Rahul enter  in restaurant where they both order for themselves also all the time Rahul was talking and Geet was answering him when it was necessary and then they had their lunch then she went to get fresh but she didn't know someone saw her and that was not another than Maan who was on call then he cut then call and after few minutes Geet come out of washroom he pull her towards corner and kept hand on her mouth and said her.

M. Congrats to be mom (Maan kept his another hand on her stomach. Geet who come out of wr but with sudden push she got scare also close her in fear but when she hear the voice she open her eyes and seeing Maan also listening to him she had tears in her eyes but Maan kiss in her eyes and said her) congratulations Jaan we are going to be parents (a small smile come on her face, Maan smile at her but her smile vanished also she lower her eyes and said him.

G. I need to go Rahul will be waiting for me (Maan pull her towards him and kiss her on lips and said her.

Image result for maneet gif

M. You are mine only mine and no one I meant it no one had right on you except me and if you think while making these lame excuses you will run away from me then you are wrong Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana, I will never let you soon you will know what MSK can do (Geet kept looking at him then he said him) so you will know what I can do also just for few days you are with Rahul but always remember you are mine and if he or anyone tried to touch you then that person will see worst of me that MSK promise you (Geet was scare listening to him also she said him.

G. Maan Jii I (but Maan cut her and said.

M. No just leave it Mrs. Khurana (saying this Maan left whil pushing  her little back but Geet also went behind him as he was near his car Geet held his hand and said him.

G. Jii I am sorry to hurt you but I am scared (Maan look at her hard look which scared her and giving her look he left which broke her.

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Thank you EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Nice update.countinue soon.geet got scared with maan possisevness.maan angry geet hurt.let see what happened next.
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Nice part
Maan knows geet is pregnant
Sumeet advise maan
Maan see Rahul and geet in hotel
Hope maan don't misunderstand geet and rude to her...
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superb update lovely waiting for next wat will maan do now and how will he make geet happy feeling bad for geet hope she tells Rahul everything
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Omg Geet is pregnant
Maan was happy But was also sad as he wasn't with her
Rahul and Geet went to had lunch
Maan saw them
He was angry Geet was broken Ho ho
Nice part
Thanks for pm

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