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Originally posted by honeybunch1988

Nice teaser
Maan is taking good care of Geet
Update soon

Hope Maan always remain like this with her Smile
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Originally posted by jaya6696

Nice teaser
Geet is very cute and innocent
Waiting for update

Yes she is innocent baby Smile
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I Own You
Part. 16.

M. Geet tell the servants to bring out our all bags also you come fast (Geet then said him.

G. Jii (she left to tell them what to take also check everything as she want to check by mistake she didn't want to leave his anything here so that later he got angry on her after few minutes she was satisfied that everything is fine, then she left outside and said him) jii everything is down (Maan said her.

M. Come let's go (holding her from her shoulder Geet went with him and Adi was behind them reading the file, where Maan and Geet sit in Jeep and Adi was behind with his bodyguards also seeing them Geet was scare and seeing her like this Maan said her) you don't need to worry they are our bodyguards they will be with us (Geet look at him and said him.

G. Jii what if they harm us (Maan look at her as he know she is lost child as felt proud that her innocence, heart and beauty belong to him then he kept his hand in her hand and said her.

M. Don't worry they work for us and nothing can touch you until I am there (her cheeks turn red also she lower her eyes felling shy also happy that now there is someone take care of her. Maan smile seeing her shy face then he said her) but soon you have to also get use to it as when you will have to go to college there they will go with you for your security (she look at him with baby face, Maan smile and pinch her nose and said her) no sweet heart nothing will work (she bite her lips and Maan said her) don't do that sweet heart other wise I may stop the car kiss you here (Geet eyes become wide listening to his talk  also her cheeks heat up. 

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After few minutes Maan stop the car and went out where he start to check the things and with him Adi was also there but Geet was sitting there busy in her thoughts also small smile was playing on her lips felling happy to have to him in her life as he may be he is hard but he is soft for her and now she understand her miss Neha words but she come out of her thought when someone call her.

N. Geet (listening to her name Geet turn back saw her miss Neha was standing over there, a big smile on her face also she come out of car, her miss Neha move towards her and hug her tightly then ask her) Geet where are you as today I went to school they told me you didn't come from few days why what happened (Geet look at her then said her.

G. Woh miss Jii I am married now so (listening to married word her miss was shock she ask her.

N. Geet what are you saying please tell me everything (her miss was shock to know about her marriage as she know how innocent she is and she didn't want anyone to hurt her as she know how men are in their village then Geet said her.

G. Nahin miss scahii I am married and today I am leaving from here (her miss ask her.

N. Leaving from here what do you mean (Geet look at her and said.

G. Madam jii he live in Delhi so now I am going with him and he is good he take care of me (her miss smile at her then said her.

N. Hope you get all happiness which you deserve (she kiss on her forehead then said her) ok I should take a leave (her miss left from there with heavy heart as she had seen her husband so she didn't want him to see Geet as he may try to touch Geet which she didn't want also she know how men are also she may be want to spent time Geet but didn't want her husband lust on her sweet child Geet also she didn't want this for Geet {early marriage she mean} but what can she do when her family are doing this with her also she pray to god that what Geet said her husband should be like this.

Geet was happy after talking with her teacher but she didn't know why she left suddenly listening about her marriage but then she kept her thought aside and sit in the jeep where Maan had make her sit and lost in her thoughts but her thoughts were broken due to Maan voice who call her.

M. Geet (she look at him then he said her) come with me (she nodded her head but then she remember about her teacher and said him.

geet hui sabse parayi geet maan drashti dhami gurmeet choudhary edits gifs ghsp|tumblr

G. Jii woh (listening to her voice Maan turn back and seeing him looking at her she lower her eyes and said him) woh actually my teacher saw me and now I have met also talk with her (Maan then ask her.

M. Ok but why are are you telling me this (she look at him and said.

G. Jii you are my husband so you should know what I do and whom I meet (listening to her he again felt pride that he had own her also she didn't know that guards have told him that someone was talking with her but when she told him by herself that make him more happy so he ask her.

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M. Ok so where is your teacher (then she said.

G. Jii actually she left as she want to ask me why I didn't went to college and when I told her about my marriage she left from there (Maan nodded his head and Geet give him small smile also he was happy that she tell him everything then he said her.

M. Ok so come with me (holding her hand he left.

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geet is happy that taking care of her though he is very hard
neha geet's teacher shock knowing about geet's marriage n bless n wish for her happy life when geet told that maan takes good care of her
maan happy as geet told all about geet's talk with her teacher
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Lovely update
Waiting for next update
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Lovely update

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