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Nice update dear maan brought geet at home made her honor of his hone every one fellow her command
Expect him
But geet love do work
She did for him
Why he gave medicine to her
This is not good
Maan give her love she will be your
Let see why is Maan giving her medicine Confused
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Sweet teaserSmile
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nice update dear...
will be waiting for the next part dear please update soon and thank you for the pm...
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Nice teaser
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Waiting for update
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I Own You
Part. 20.

Maan enter in the office and all were worried about their jobs and they MSK will not forgive them of they did any mistake then they will be out of their job also it will be hard for them to get any job, staff also congrats him for his wedding in which he nodded his head. All the day Maan was busy in his work and when clients msg him they ask congrats him for his wedding on which he didn't know what to do but when they ask about Geet his answer was same that they will meet his wife when the time will come. 

All the day Geet didn't have anything do as back in village she have anything to all the work but here she have nothing so now she was sitting in lawn there she saw other out side there was cute puppy who was crying also that puppy couldn't be more than 3 to 4 days she went there and said to watch men.

G. Bhaiya Jii can you bring that small puppy baby here (watchmen look at her and nodded his head then went bring puppy and  give her where Geet took that puppy and said) can you bring one small bottle (another servant went away. 

As they went Geet cuddle that puppy also sweetly start to talk with that puppy, after few minutes servant come and give her milk bottle where puppy start to drink that make Geet happy. From that time she got puppy she was playing with it, Maan who enter in the house he directly move towards his room where he get fresh till then servant come and give him coffee in which he took but then he remember about Geet and then stopping the servant he ask him.

M. Rohit where is Geet (Rohit turn back and said him while lowering his eyes.

R. Sir mam is in back side garden (saying this Rohit left. 

Maan was confused after listening to Rohit that why she is still over there as it is night time, he went to back side where Geet was but he stop on his track when he saw Geet was giving feed to small puppy and smile seeing that he come near her and sit with on swing as Geet was sitting down on grass so she didn't notice him. When after few minutes she didn't notice him he did fake cough and as he did, Geet come out of puppy thoughts but when she saw Maan was sitting over there she immediately standing while making puppy lay on the grass then he ask her.

M. What are you doing here and how this puppy come here(she slowly look at him and said him.

geet hui sabse parayi geet maan drashti dhami gurmeet choudhary edits gifs ghsp|tumblr

G. Woh in evening I was roaming then I sit here but then I saw this cute puppy who was weeping outside and I can't see this small puppy like this so I ask guard bhaiya to bring him here (then looking at him she said) scahii I didn't went out (Maan nodded his head but then she saw puppy can't have his drink so she sit down and give him, Maan saw this but he didn't said her anything. Then after few minutes she asked him) woh jii can this puppy stay here (Maan look at her and when he didn't answer it make her sad that he understand but then he said her.

M. Ok he can but keep him away from me and my things (listening to this Geet was happy and she happily ask him.

G. Scahii Jii thank you (Maan give her small smile till then servant come and said them.

S. Sir dinner is ready (Maan nodded his head then he said.

M. Ok you take puppy with you and make him comfortable (servant nodded his head and left with puppy then Maan turn towards Geet and said her) Geet you go and get fresh then come to dining table ok (Geet nodded her head and said him.

G. Jii (saying this they both left, where Geet went to their room and immediately get fresh after that she went down and where they had dinner and night was same as after kissing him she was going to sleep but Maan give her water which she happily had it then went to sleep and later he slept hugging her.

It has been 2 week Maan and Geet come back to Delhi, here Maan was busy office and all the time Geet took rest, watch tv or play with puppy who call sweeto also she doesn't have any work yo do but in this she didn't forget to take care of Maan needs also she want to ask him about her college but she forget everything when he come in front of her also from last days Geet didn't know she start to fell something in her body when she see Maan shirtless also she want him that thoughts make her confused as it never happen like this. It was night time Maan enter the in room Geet run and hug him, he make her look at him and ask her.

M. Geet what happen (she look at him then lowering her eyes she ask said him.

G. Jii I am sorry I don't know what I doing but I want to hug you and being be with you (Maan clear her tears then kissing on her forehead he said her.

Image result

M. Ok I am locking the door go and sleep also don't take tension (she give him small smile but she didn't know why she want him also to be with him also seeing her condition Maan closed the door with his leg then pulling her more closer then start kissing on lips and she also respond him with equal passion also she kept holding him more closer after few minutes they broke the kiss when both of them were out of breath, Maan smile at her then kiss on her forehead and said her) go and sleep now (she nodded her head but she didn't want to go and just for him she agree. 

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great update wat maan wanted is happening waiting to see wat happens next

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