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Continuation of the precap:
it was early in the morning . For seconds I heard the melody of the birds chirping outside. Then thoughts came crashing down, just like a river breaks a dam. I sat up back straight thinking that was it all real the very last night? Did prerna really do all this on her own will! Why?

the gloominess had never decended prerna's bedroom. She felt as if her whole body was burning , it felt heavy. The pillow was already wet of her tears, she could not count on the moments when those tears had retained her eyes. Naveen had called out for a meeting today , but this fever had given her a big relief.

It has been already 7:30,and anurag basu was already ready . He had been searching for an important file when he saw Naveen's phone ringing."jaan" it told. A liitle bit surprised , anurag tried to pick up the phone. Rarely he had crossed such ethical limits. He anticipated prerna on the other side. Afterall now a days nothing looked normal and ethical to him.

"hello!Naveen babu! prerna said, in a heavy voice.

anurag hummed a little.

"I have fever , I wont be able to come for the meeting!prerna explained.

Anurag tried to imitate Naveen "Why! just to know if prerna tells something about this mysterious decision.

Now this Man was getting on prena's nerves"I have already agreed to all your demands , I have already ruined my life ! now what do you want!!... prerna shouted and put down the receiver.
Tears rolled down her eyes .

The mobile had already been cut from the other side , but anurag still held on.If their was something still left . "prerna!!what have you done!!

9:30 , Prerna was getting ready for her college. Some days she may get to live those blissful classes . She would like to attend the economics class today!yes you heard it right!! Such things look like a luxury at the moment.

10:00 am.
prerna walked through the corridors slowly. If she could still feel the fragrance of the place hit on!!
a sudden force and there she went with it . Her mouth covered , and eyes shut , she tried to scream but could not. "shhh!!! a familiar voice tried to make things calm. "Its me Anurag!!
"yeh kya kar rahe ho tum! Anurag hato!! she could feel him forcing her to stay.
"aur yahi main tumse poochon to? What are you doing prerna ? I can believe that this earth is flat , but I can't believe that prerna could marry Naveen Mamu! Never !he said stabbing her with his eyes.

Prerna was staring down at their feet, afterall it was better to look there instead of those intense eyes.
"I need to go!! prerna said, as she knew one more jerk and she would break.

"No!! anurag shouted.

"Let me go!!

"no you need to tell me!!'

"Anurag !!'prerna shouted

"prerna!!anurag shouted equally loud.

"haaan !! kar rahi hoon main yeh sab zabardasti!! My and Naveen Babu's marriage is a compromise ! did you listen it !! its just a compromise! My body turns ash when he touches me !! I hate him !! I hate him!!Prerna shouted out her lungs, tears spilling her eyes . She sat down hugging her knees.

"prerna ...anurag almost whispered. "I am there...we will find out some solution, there is no need to worry ! I am with you ...anurag came closer.

Anurag never realized , that he had done something too different today.He had forced a girl to speak! Shouted on her and now was embracing her , consoling her. He could still feel her heart burning ...after all who was she, so far yet so close?

will continue if you all want!! SmileSmileSmile

PS:did'nt get time to edit pls excuse grammatical error.

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Awesome os dear 
Pls do continue 
Would love to read more 
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Please do continue, it is going amazingly well
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Plz plz plz continue this 
Beautifully written dear 
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Loved it ,
Pls continue
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Please Do Continue, It Is Amazing.
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Plz do continue it!
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