Where is Sweety headed to?

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Posted: 1 years ago
It's been a long time since I posted something about this show.The show has finally become interesting.
Now the show has finally come to the main point - women empowerment or it's own version of women empowerment.

Sweety from what ever they have shown in the show and told through the little back story it can be concluded that she is an intelligent capable and a talented girl. But she never ventured out of the family's protective and some time oppressive shadow.
She married Rituraj probably because her parents found him to be a good match and also because she was fooled into believing that he loved her. Her dreams and illusions about her husband and marriage shattered very soon. Yet she continued to stay in that marriage because she did not know where else to go.May be it is the fear of the unknown that kept her in the bad marriage and also because from where she came divorce is not an option.Family and society will not stand by her if she divorced her husband. So she was  just doing what her family expected her to do. Living a life of leisure in the shadow of her family and having no say in anything at all.
Then came the facilitator Nimki.From where she stood she could see that Nimki made her own decisions and lived by those decisions.As time went by she also saw how Nimki faced the disappointment in her marriage and her husband. May be all this gave Sweety a confidence that she can do it too.
Is she falling for Abhimanyu? May be yes or may be not.At this point it looks like she wants what Abhimanyu represents and stands for, a modern man with a progressive outlook and who respects women in general and more precisely the women in his life.If she met a man like Abhimanyu before Rituraj came into her life she would have never fallen for Rituraj.

Now that the truth about Rituraj is in front of the family what will happen next?Will she be allowed to divorce Rituraj?Which is a bigger obstacle in her path to freedom? Rituraj or her family? From the way things are unfolding post Rituraj's eviction Tettar Singh is willing to accept Rituarja back into his fold while Babbo is not. Anaro probably will be convinced into accepting her damad.
If her parents are against the divorce what will Sweety do?It is a small place wher her father is the most powerful man.It will be difficult for her if she went against the wishes of her family. Does she have it in her to take on her family for the sake of her freedom?

Makers have a given an insight into some of the reasons why even well educated women stay on in a bad marriage and continue stay on in the oppressive shadow of the family. Fear of the unknown is 
a very big reason for opting to live under oppressive conditions.

What about Nimki? She did say that while fighting for Chachi she is fighting for herself too.It was quite clear in that panchayat that she was fighting for herself too but she was firing from Chachi's shoulders and now she is firing from Sweety's shoulders. When will she come out in the open and fight against them?

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Posted: 1 years ago
If Babbu continues with his support for Sweetie then it's possible to divorce Rituraj, hopefully he doesn't change sides, even Dablo is all for it. Anaro was easily persuaded with family reputation. Sweetie's life with Rituraj has not progressed and is unlikely to. Why is it better to be in a relationship that is causing you so much pain than being alone? Also who says she will be alone all her life, she might gain confidence to do something for herself or marry again. Anaro herself said she only stayed for the kids. Sweetie needs to be strong and firm on her decision as this may be her only chance to get out of this marriage. Tettar is selfish his political dreams matter more than family he's just using the family reputation factor to scare them all. 
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