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Thanks for reposting too Smile
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Originally posted by khwaishfan

Chapter 1

Fascinating update! wonderfully written! 

Loved Maan teasing Geet! terrific moments! 

Parallel universe - why is Geet running for her life? sad seeing her condition! what happened to Geet?

at least Maan helped her!! 

Thanks a lot for your comments...Really Appreciate it!! 
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Originally posted by khwaishfan

Chapter 2

intriguing update! brilliantly written! 

who is after Geet? glad Maan intervened and helped Geet! wow Maan handled all of them with ease! 

great of Maan to attend to her injuries! Geet woke up and Maan was relieved! 

why did Geet refuse to go to the hospital? 

Gosh Maan was so rude! but he dropped Geet home! who is Dev? why did he leave Geet alone? 

wow Darji impressed with Maan!!

Maan annoyed but agreed to stay

Glad that you liked it..

She refused to go to the hospital cause she belongs to a famous family!! Thanks for your awesome comment!! Embarrassed
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pter 4 : Confused heart


Titto came where Maan's Zeep is parked. He punctured the zeep's  tire with a sharp nail, not one but two of them. He didn't finish there, he opened the bonnet and poured cream and water into the oil filler hole followed by some sand as well. Basically, he flooded Maan's zeep and now it won't start. 


"Aab dekhta hoon ye didi se maafi mange bina kaise jata hain yaha hain" titto sought revenge and had a smile tagged into his face. Rajji who witnessed everything patted tittos cheek and grabbed her forehead in anticipation "ye tune kiya kiya, pata nahi aab kaun sa bawal hoga" saying so both went inside. 

"Nashta taiyar hain, khana khane aaiye please" Maan heard a voice and expected Geet but saw some girl at her teens standing at the door. The resemblance of their appearance made it obvious that she might be Geets sister/cousin. 
"hmm" Maan spoke and followed her, he was getting late according to him but he can't disappear without bidding goodbye to the handa family. Deep inside he was touched by their hospitality. 
Geet was nowhere to be seen. Again they showered him with their kind mannerism and finally the meal time was over and he sought his farewell from them. 
Geet was still nowhere, for some unknown reason (or known to us Wink) his eyes were searching for her automatically, just to see her one last time. However, she still remains invisible so he walked towards his jeep and the obvious happened. His jeep was not starting. He checked what's wrong and found out the punctured tire he still doesn't know about the engines beautiful condition yet. 
He banged the jeep's bonnet in sheer frustration!  

Daarji was standing by the yard talking to some men about the marriage arrangement. And the porch was easily visible from there so he saw Maan trying to do tinkering with the vehicle so he went closer. 
"kiya huwa beta ji?" he asked with curiosity. 
"umm... kisi ne meri jeep ki tires puncture ki hain" He was getting angry and now he just burst " wo bhi jaan bujhke, ek nahi do do tyres "
"koi baat nahi beta, main abhi mechanic bula deta hoon" Daarji spoke softly. 
"jarurat nahi hain, mere paas extra ek spare tire hain, aap ho sake toh dusra tire mangwa dijiye tabtak main ye change karta hoon"Maan gestured towards his flat tired zeep. Daarji immediately called brij and told him the incident and called for the solution, however, it's going to take at least 30 mins or more to be reached into handa haveli. 
Maan changed one tire and was waiting for another one in frustration and he saw geet coming out talking over her cell. She was looking nervous and pale. 
She crossed Maan and didn't even notice him standing there neither did she notice the tools on the ground and she tripped. Her eyes closed waiting to be smashed with the ground but few seconds have gone nothing happened so she opened her eyes to meet Maans and felt the protection he gave by holding her in his arms. Her hold on her phone came loose and that phone touched the soil instead!
Maan saw her beautiful eyes opening slowly and her innocent facial expression made it difficult for him to look away.
Rajji who was a little far behind geet saw her falling and then getting saved. She came running to Maaneet. Thunder rumbled in distance!

Maan broke the eye-lock trance hearing the footsteps of Rajji and made Geet standing straight. Geet who was lost in Mr. Attitudes Passionate gaze finally came back to her senses. She couldn't explain why she can't avoid him. 
"Didi tum theek ho naa?" Rajji asked with a worrying face. 
"main theek hoon" She ensured rajji and then Rajji thanked Maan to which he simply nodded. 
Geet got irritated on herself and the whole situation so she said "Rajji inko thanks ka vasha samjh nahi aati, so apna kimti thanks inpe barbad maat kar"

Maan's eyes just fired up. Before he could say anything else Geet continued "Aap! Yaha kiya kar rahe ho?Abhitak gaye nahi aap?"sounded like a mock to him. 
"Main yaha apni marzi se nahi hoon samjhe, tumse jayda mujhe fikar hain iss circus se chutkara paane ka" He answered her with equally attitude. 
"kyun aap joker ho iss circus ki? Jo aapko chutkara chahiye?"Geet returned the sarcasm back at him. 
"Tumne shayed theek se suna nahi, chutkara toh tumse chahiye mujhe, bar bar mere samne aake girti rehti ho, joker toh tum ho but difference ye hain mujhe haasi bhi nahi aati" Maan ridiculed her arguement. 

Geet was fuming profusely by this point and she decided to ignore him now thinking there is no point in talking. Rajji was trying to stop both of them from a long time saw this opportunity said sorry to Maan in a swift pace and dragged geet outside with a blink of an eye. 

"ye tu kiya kaar rahi hain, lagta hain barish hone wali hain, isse pehle ki koi aur dekhe jaldi se jaake dev ji se milke aa" She warned Geet and Geet hurriedly stepped towards the place where dev told he would be. 
"pata nahi uss Maan ko dekhte hi mera dimag kaam karna kyun band kar deta hain, dekha uljha liya na usne mujhe baato mein, aur devji mera intezaar kar rahe honge...babaji, i hope wo chale na gaye ho "
She cribbed to her babaji and stopped near a tree. The place where she is standing seems to be rusty and isolated. Her eyes couldn't find Dev. She thought to call him. 
Shoots! She dropped the phone when that Maan was holding her. She slapped her forehead. 
"Hey Sunshine!" She heard his voice. She turned around and saw Dev standing. He had bandage on his forehead. She quickly dragged her feet and went to him. 
He hugged her "You look hot" 
This is not what Geet was expecting "I was so worried for you, aap thik toh hain na?"she did note that he was not that much worried about her injuries that much, but decided to ignore that!
"Haan baba I am fine, baas choti si chot hain, khayal toh bilkul biwi jaisi rakhti ho , pata nahi paas aane se itna kyun daar ti ho, khair, Tum kaisi ho?" he winked at her.
"Main thik hoon, aap kyun mujhe chod ke chale gaye thhey, nahi aap jatey, nahi mujhe woh gunde pakadtey, nahi aap mujhe bachane aate aur nahi ye sab hota? Itni narazgi kyun Dev ji? Mujhse aisi kaun si galti ho gai thi? Aapko pata bhi hain mujhpar kiya beeti jab daarji ne mummy ko bataya ki aap hospital mein ho? Aur aapne kyun rest lene ki wajay mujhe yaha bulaya?" She came out of his hug and said with a lot of mixed emotion , anger, anguish, sorrow, confusion! 
"I am sorry sunshine, Pata nahi mujhe kiya ho gaya tha...Tumhari inkaar se main thak chuka hoon, I understand that kuch hi din mein hamari shadi ho jayegi, but main kiya karu? Why are you so damn cute?" He said lovingly staring at Geet's neck. Rain was started drizzling by this point!
Geet was feeling shy although she doesn't know what to say so she tried to change the subject. 
"Pata hain aab Roop ki shadi ko baas 2 din reh gaye hain, I am so excited. Hayye! Waise i hope jijaji meri pyaari behen ko jayda tang na kare!" She said with her gorgeous smile. 
"Hmm... " he was going to say something else then his phone rang "hello?... Kiyaaa???" His expression changed into a dreadful fearful face. Geet got worried. 
After he finished talking she asked him what happened to which he replied " mera dost jo shadi attend karne aa raha tha uski accident ho gai hain... urgent paise lagenge, he is admitted into amritsar city care hospital. Mujhe jana padega paiso ki intezaam ke liye, You know yaha se delhi jane mein kaam se kaam 1 ghanta lagega agar flight se gaya tab... Kiya karu samajh nahi aa raha. "

"Aap fikar maat karo, kuch na kuch intezam ho jayega"Geet tried to console him.
"Ok sunshine I have to leave right away, upar se ye barish,...ok bye now warna bohot der ho jayegi" Saying so he left very quickly leaving a worried geet behind. Her kind heart was tensed. Rain was pacing up! She moved fast to return to handa haveli. Can't afford to get soaked and fall ill just before the marriage! 

Meanwhile, Maan finally got to know that his vehicle is severely damaged and it needs to be taken to the workshop, his anger level is matching with the volcano at this moment! He was walking to and fro in a pace with his hands on hips. He stared outside where soothing rain was taking place.
"Beta ji, aap itna taklif kyun lete ho, dekho baas kaal ke baad hi shadi hain, lagta hain Rab chahta hain aap iss shadi mein shamil ho... Shant ho jao beta,koi gal nahi" rano the mother of Geet spoke in a mild voice. Maan felt he needs to calm down a bit, actually by wasting his energy into this is not going to work so he needs to call dadi maa. Damn His phone is out of charge because he was camping for last 3 days. Hmm! So he needs to call from here only. 

"Ji suniye aunty, kiya main ek call kar sakta hoon?" Maan asked rano who was still standing there looking at him and feeling bad for him basically. Her face lightened up hearing Maan's voice asking for the phone and she right away called titto to bring her own cellphone and gave that to Maan. Although Maan collected geet's phone from the ground when she dropped it and left without taking it,but to avoid further questions he didn't give the phone to anyone else yet as he thought he will return it to rajji.And he doesn't wanna use anyone's stuff without their knowledge that's why he asked rano.

Precap : Geet stepped back "Main aisa kyun karungi?
"Takey tum mujhe yaha rok sako aur tana de sako rukne k liya, obviously!"



Pardon me for any spelling , grammatical or other errors. 
Like and comment please if you do like this story , leave me some feedback, guys that helps to gather courage! Big smile
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Wow you have decided to repost this story that Superbly Amazing 
I will read in the morning and comment 
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i love ur this story a lot
glad u reposted

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i like this  story  of yours
thanx for reposting

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