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Posted: 2018-09-15T11:18:42Z
Hello everyone.
I have been a silent member in this forum till now. The last two episodes were extra ordinary. I am a DD fan. But Aditi has earned my respect through her portrayal of Mauli. This is OS is a a small expression of my respect and love for that character. 
Please ignore mistakes if any.


I am Mauli

The threshold of the court welcomed her towards the worst nightmare of every person who craves to have a happy marriage. A year before she wouldn't have thought that she would be standing here, this day. Yet here she was. And why was she here ?

The answers to these questions unfolded when the very two persons, who were once her world, got out of the car.

When she came to know of their betrayal, she was broken from within. When she heard another woman's name from the very lips of her husband in his unconscious state, the broken pieces of her soul shattered to mere dust.

She had been thinking that life can't be more painful anymore. She was wrong. Watching the swollen belly of the woman, who was once her soul sister, pulled her to the deepest troughs of devastation. She wished she was not a doctor at that moment. By the virtue of her profession she was able to judge the size of her bulging stomach, that the life within the woman who claimed to be her best friend, was born earlier than the death of her soul.

That was the life she had wanted. That was the dream she had built. That was the feeling she wanted to embrace just 7 months ago. But the dream was now lived by that woman who was walking towards her holding her ex-husband's hands.

She was shaking from within. Her legs were giving away. This pain was more torturous than hell. As she looked them into their eyes, their interlinked hands drew away. Their eyes lowered not able to withstand the fire emanating from her eyes.

"How are you Mauli ? he asked unable to look into her eyes.

She didn't answer. Her sight was focused only upon her snatched dream.

Realizing her unasked question, he said " We came to know  only a few days after we moved to another town. We didn't know how you would feel. That's why we didn't inform anyone.

Something snapped within her that moment. Maybe that was the sound of the last thread that she was holding on to the remnants of feelings she had for the dead relationships. May be it was the sound of the calling towards a proper closure.

"No Kunal, you don't care about my feelings. You both never did. I was a fool to keep thinking that you had given a place for her in your heart. I didn't realize until this moment that you had given her a place in my bed too. So stop pretending that you both care.

Tears started erupting from Nandini's eyes. She trembled under the accusing gaze of the woman she wronged but still words started flowing from her mouth "Mauli, please forgive us. We ...

"Enough ! I have heard countless apologies Nandini ! But I haven't heard the reason for your betrayal till today and I don't want to hear it anymore too. Looking at you both , now I finally got my reason.

As Nandini's feet started giving away unable to bear the weight of guilt, Kunal held her by her shoulders to bring her upon her feet. This sight would have pierced a thousand needles through her heart a few moments ago. But now she didn't even feel a thing.

Without sparing another glance, she marched towards the courtroom for breaking the legal bond that held her together with the man named Kunal Malhotra. Her own words that she spoke a few months ago resonated in her head.

"I am not Nandhini. This is not me. I am Mauli !

Yes. She is not Nandhini. She doesn't need the support of another man's arms to get back upon her feet. That is because she is Mauli.



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Posted: 2018-09-15T11:28:10Z
Brilliant!!! I loved it...
You are an amazing writer...and i i could see the scenes playing out right infront of my eyes...
Clap Mauli is so insprational and such a wonderful character she deserves the best in life...

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Posted: 2018-09-15T11:30:18Z
Originally posted by amortentia15

Brilliant!!! I loved it...
You are an amazing writer...and i i could see the scenes playing out right infront of my eyes...
Clap Mauli is so insprational and such a wonderful character she deserves the best in life...

thank you very much dear.

yes she really does. The Cvs have really shown the confrontation scene beautifully. I am eagerly awaiting to see Mauli moving on with a bang. 
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