Can anyone answer? What is Kunal?

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Posted: 2018-09-14T12:29:46Z
Mauli - A character which instantly brings smile on any face. A well groomed fun loving educated charming childish yet responsible. The best thing about her is she loves openly she expresses any emotion openly be it happiness or anger. There is a saying which goes PEOPLE WITH GOLDEN HEART LOVES TOO MUCH TRUST TOO MUCH HELP TOO MUCH GIVE TOO MUCH AND IN RETURN GET HURT TOO MUCH. That's what she is. 
Nandini - even though a complex character she is very simple too. She carves for companionship. Be it Mauli when they were young,  or Rajveer when is was going to marry him, or Kunal when he showed interest in her. The flaw in her is that she does not think about the consequences of her actions. When she chose Rajveer over Mauli she did not think that she would lose her best friend. She just did what she thought was right. Then with Rajveer even after knowing every disgusting things he did, she chose to stay with that creep not even thinking about herself because she thought compromise in marriage was right. When she fell for Kunal she resisted but then let it all go because she thought what she feels for Kunal is love and is pure. You know she is like those teenagers who steal money from their parents locker knowing its wrong,  but they only cry and feel guilty when they are caught. Before that they don't even think about it. 

Rajveer - Well we all know he is a creep. Class A creep. Sadist and an evil opportunist. Can cross any limit for his gain. Happily points out everyone's flaws but never tries to see his own. Well all in all a classic villain. 

And then comes Kunal - what is he? Who? Like really?  He loved his wife but still fell for another. Had dignity not to take bribe but did nothing further than lecturing people. Wanted his own clinic but did not work for it. Is a doctor who has no empathy for his own wife who he claimed to love before. I mean what? Seriously... What were the people thinking before writing such a character.
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Posted: 2018-09-14T12:43:35Z
Not anyone, there would be many (one) who would answer this!!LOL

Kunal well - A spineless who lacked empathy and proper education on jazbaat...A sorry of the name on Mankind!! A synonym of "It doesn't freaking make any sense"

That's Kunal for you!! Won't waste more character of my Kb for this!!! Wink LOL

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Posted: 2018-09-14T12:57:18Z
I think even Shakti must be puzzled by the character he's portraying. Kunal seems nothing like the guy from the first 25-30 odd episodes. That guy was another character...very very different from this one...his nature seems completely altered. the guy who was moaning on the phone yesterday abt Mauli finding out the wrong was is not the same guy who was saving lives when he and Mauli had to stop their car due to a road accident...something went very wrong.
I think Kunal became obsessed with his infatuation. IDK if that makes sense. See, we feel and think many things throughout a day...not all are the sexual kind...for example, you have depression patients who think of suicide perhaps every day but end up conquering that urge and sometimes even healing. Kunal just never gave himself time. He couldn't think straight as soon as he felt sexually attracted to Nandini.

IDK how many guys would admit this, but I have read many times that men often fantasize abt their partner's best friends...I am sure married men aren't excluded from this...not all will do this, but many will. Maybe your hormones will point you to a certain direction, but your heart should never follow, nor your mind. Here, it seems he completely fell out of love with Mauli. I'm sorry but I don't buy that. Either he never loved her or he still does somewhere. I hope this is clarified one day. Emotions aren't black and white...there is a gray area in my opinion...right now it looks like Mauli is just a stranger for him...he fell out of love with in blazes is that possible? He was in love with her like a month ago...cuddling her in could years of bonding and companionship go to hell? 

If it was truly love which Kunal had for Nandini then I honestly  believe that he wouldv'e held back and not confessed or had sex with her. There are ppl who end up having feelings which they know are the forbidden kind so they deal with it and resist...and one day they move on. If Kunal had succeeded in that and moved on, and ended up living happily with Mauli, he would have been so proud of himself for conquering that destructive force which could have ruined his life.

Here he didn't. I woud've respected Kunal if he had fallen for Nandini and never acted upon his feelings. Nandini could have fallen too. Both couldve been aware and never confessed...and ended up separating...they could have shown a leap where 2 years later we see a Kunal who's over and DONE with any kind of feelings for N...and lets the audience know how happy he is that he controlled himself and stayed with his wife because she was truly the ONE, and Nandini was just a temptation which he successfully fought and overcame...the same couldve been shown from N that she found a great guy and is grateful that she didnt ruin Mauli's life...
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Posted: 2018-09-14T13:08:47Z
in my opinion kunal is the man who does not have any respect for women. for kunal women are a toy for play these kind of men have only  physical  attraction  for women not love or respect. same thing happen here in this story either nandini's dancing or either her naz nekhrey it's only physical attraction 
 he has . in the end i just can say aurat hi aurat ki dushman hoti hai it is a sad truth.  if nandini think about her friend as a women and says no to kunal for his love proposa the how can he cheat? Cry
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Posted: 2018-09-14T16:00:48Z
Originally posted by WaveTeal

Not anyone, there would be many (one) who would answer this!!LOL

Kunal well - A spineless retard who lacked empathy and proper education on jazbaat...A sorry of the name on Mankind!! A synonym of "It doesn't freaking make any sense"

That's Kunal for you!! Won't waste more character of my Kb for this!!! Wink LOL

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Whoa I agree that Kunal is a pretty low person. But using the term "retard" is unacceptable. People who are retarded are medically diagnosed with mental disabilities. Using that term as an insult is not done.  
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