Was it always meant to be like this?

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Posted: 2018-09-14T11:16:52Z
I am a silent reader of IF and usually don't actively post but SBRK has left me confused. Up until yesterday's episode I thought the CVs were horrible: disgusting dialogues,bad editing,bad emoting of actors who have shown their acting prowess before all combined made me think that the CVs of this serial were a complete nuisance.Tbh I did not even watch the past few episodes and only went back to watching them after watching yesterday's episode. I am a huge DD fan, have watched all her drama thus far and she, along with the promo actually made me start watching the show.

From the promo I had gathered that this would be a serious drama,not a chick flick or a light-hearted one but I also gathered the story was about Kunal and Nandini. I had thought to see a story where the husband falls in love with his wife's best friend and the best friend also falls in love with her best friend's husband after surviving a bad marriage herself. I had thought of a vulnerable woman falling madly in love with the husband of her husband seeing what an amazing man and husband he was. I had hoped that the husband would develop feelings for his wife's best friend seeing what a nice person she was and her vulnerability would attract him to her. I had hoped to see these two people falling in love with each other but their love for the woman who brought them together keeping them apart. I signed up to respect Kunal: a man who either fell out of love with his wife or fell in love with her best friend or both but tried his level best to not act on it because he is a man of principle and he chooses to be a good husband. I signed up to love Nandini who lived a scarred past and yet refused happiness when she had a chance to obtain it in the form of her friend's husband because she loved her friend as much as her friend loved her and would never do anything to hurt her.I had signed up to watch two lovers who loved each other but the one woman they both loved kept them apart and maybe, maybe sometime in future destiny would bring these two people together or maybe they could never be together. Now that love, for me, would be pure, would be beautiful.

What I did not sign up for was a EMA. What I did not sign up for was the husband and the friend falling in love with each other at the drop of the hat. What I did not sign up for was the husband and the friend trying to control their emotions for like a day and then acting on it. Falling in love and acting on it are not the same thing. I had signed up to watch two people falling in love but really did not sign up to watch two people going behind the person they both claimed to love to bang each other and feel absolutely no guilt about it.

What made it even more worse is that after the first few episodes I did not like Kunal's character at all. I can't understand why a single woman would want to be with him let alone two woman being in love with him. As a husband and a son he is completely irresponsible, leaving his job and giving no second thought to how his family's needs are to be met with. He is a nagging and a moaning man who lives in his own bubble and is always seeking attention. And I found myself liking Mouli more and more everyday and him more and more annoying everyday. Just because he does not physically abuse Mouli in no way means that he was a great husband before he cheated on her. To me, he was a selfish, inconsiderate and irresponsible man who was happy to put both home's and outsides responsibility on his wife while he continued with his day dreaming. Hence, it is no surprise he took no time falling in love with the next woman he came in contact with other than the women in his life, he had nothing else to do! His actions since he realized his attraction towards Nandini have only strengthened my impression of him being irresponsible, selfish, inconsiderate and absolutely undeserving of love of an amazing woman like Mouli.

Coming to Nandini, I felt sorry for her from the beginning but could in no way relate to her. And since from that baba's lecture on it being God's wish that she be with her best friend's husband, I have been unable to tolerate her at all. My favourite actress playing the role made it so much more upsetting for me that a character such as this could even be written. Someone so severely assaulted and manhandled literally just jumping on another man, showing her affection in public places is just so unreal that it left a sour taste in my mouth.

But then I put the blame of Kunal and Nandini's horrible characterization on CVs door and Mauli's beautiful character into an accident on their part. But last nights episode blew me away. Each and every dialogue of both Mauli and Rajdeep proved the prowess of the CVs. Mauli's dialogues: the self-blame, aggressiveness one minute and submissiveness one minute, anger one minute and sadness another minute were so real, so raw that it is impossible that the writers or director was hopeless. This made me think. Had they actually planned this all along? Had they always wanted to show this the way it was shown yesterday? Is this why Kunal was sketched out as an irresponsible,albeit caring and loving husband and son? Is this why Nandini was shown as having a history of chosing men over Mauli?

I am not sure where this serial is headed towards but Kunal and Nandini in real life would never be compatible in my opinion. They would never be able to make a serious relationship work. Both are laidback, irresponsible people who tag along with what others decide or choose for them. They dream but have no aims or aspirations to make that dream true. While Mauli could deal with Kunal because she herself is independent, Kunal is dependent and seems to enjoy being so and the same is the case with Nandini. If they survive the test of time as a couple, it will only be possible because this is a serial. But I personally hate them with a passion I had no idea I could feel for a reel couple. They acted on their love or lust or whatever it can be called, feel no or just passing guilt over their actions and neither of them have any redeeming qualities about them. They truly deserve each other as no better person deaerves to be with these type of people. Mauli is so much better off without these two people living on her money and having no qualms about ruining her life.
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