Mauli and the power of righteousness

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Posted: 2018-09-13T13:01:31Z
If there are grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes, ignore for a day, my head is aching from crying too much, Aditi is something else, I don't have words to describe how wonderfully she told us Mauli's side of story, she is living Mauli and through her I lived Mauli's pain, her heartache, everything happens for a reason and I am so glad I continued watching this show, every sickening moment between Kunal that we had to endure was worth it, the time we spent was worth it and we have Aditi to thank for that...

So coming to the topic, the power of righteousness

Kunal - this thing I noticed in yesterday's episode, the change in Kunal in front of his friend, the Kunal who tried to show his friend the right path, his friend was wrong and he couldn't look Kunal in the eye and Kunal was preaching things about marriage and love, now that the tables have turned, he can say that his love is pure , he can say that it's not wrong but he or Nandini can't face people or look them in the eye, because they know the word pure or right is exactly opposite of their relationship.

Nandini - She couldn't face Mauli so she went home and Rajdeep came there, she had the guts to face him thinking that he doesn't know about her true face, thinking that at least in front of Rajdeep she is the right one, but she lost everything she had built the moment Rajdeep revealed that he knows about her deeds, she couldn't even look him in the eye, she didn't wrong Rajdeep, but she has lost the right to say that she was wronged.

Again I would say that neither Kunal nor Nandini care about Mauli, Nandini did not go after Mauli, because she can't face her, if she cared she would have gone after her, Mauli is not only Kunal's wife but her friend, oh, I hated her when she said she wants to keep both her friend and love, I knew she was Shameless but I didn't realize that she was heartless and Kunal, first thing he does after seeing Mauli hurt is call Nandini, both are fake AF
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