awesome performances by DD & Aditi

Posted: 2018-09-13T11:21:55Z
Brilliant performance my both girls Clap
Drashti and Aditi Hug

You too Shakti Big smile... ok Abhinav you too 

Despite being so tired because of non stop shooting , you guys managed to perform so brilliantly Clap
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Posted: 2018-09-13T11:44:45Z
Aditi did good job i liked that confrontation was not too melodramtic and aditi emoted so well.Finally nandini is shown little bit guilty and drashti nailed it.Shakti too was good in emotional scene i hv never seen any work of shakti so he impressed me as there are only few actors on itv who can do emotional scenes well.Abhinav as usual good with his sarcatic dialogues as Rajdeep.Amazing and one of best episode of silsila .Kundos to the team.
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Posted: 2018-09-13T12:38:52Z
Both girls were awesome today. Clap Loved how both brought out the nuances of their characters today Clap We have such powerful performers in this show.
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Posted: 2018-09-13T13:08:42Z
First time i loved aditi performance  she stole the show today,  obviously  it was her performances  day today,  i like molly char but was not very found of her acting before,  sorry  if hurt anyone but my opinion,scene was little  stretched find some dailouges  repeated ,but then executed  nicely by aditi,  always  scared about this time since kunun  fall for each other,   it will be heart broken  for us too, it was like dil per kitna boj tha,dar  rahe the,  a as can't  see her hurt i even wished use kabhi pata hi na chale. anyway happy truth is out, she will Move on n able to take decision. all the scene i have seen by rubbing  my forehead  like why it happened, very sad

Shakti he didn't  say much word was too good in emotional scene perfect, whenever he cry,i find him more impressive kunal was so helpless , he know, no fault  of molly ,he was on fault , n never wanted to give her pain , but given her so much pain, i was why god why they are such situation. its always like no one wanted to hurt anyone, but they are cause of pain,  but no body happy  ,just guilt,  just hope in tomorrow  he will say something.

Dd as always Best , for  short time but impressive, her cry always make me cry, She cry like baby, n rajdeep manhandle  scene real acting. 

Rajdeep abhinav acting skill improved alot, will say so much perfection in scene , i have seen him in geet.though i skipped his abusive scene most of the time.
Performance  wise best episode,but very sad episode,  all 4 were gt

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Posted: 2018-09-13T13:51:34Z
Loved loved loved Dds performance tonight  Heart The way she broke down and cried- it was soo freaking realistic Clap Literally had goosebumps in that scene. Aditi was also really good today Thumbs Up Edited by Alohomora_ - 2018-09-13T13:52:14Z
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Posted: 2018-09-13T15:33:32Z
Aditi was brilliant today. Her heartbreak. Her frozen face. The breakdown. Lovely. She really emoted well the anguish a person who is cheated on feels. I've seen her in a few movies before and she always does the role well, but sometimes I don't feel the emotions she's feeling. Today I did. Yet at places I also felt she went over, like when she was getting angry at Kunal, at some places I just felt she went too far.

Abhinav is awesome. I can't believe this man is such a sweetheart in real life and so vile onscreen. And he plays the role with such panache that you get glued to the screen.

Sometimes I feel Shakti doesn't emote well. Today he seemed more lost in scenes than actually disturbed or guilty. At times I also find him almost stonefaced. Like when he was staring at Nandini during the rain dance, he seemed just so statue-like.

This is the first time I'm watching Drashti full-fledged. I mean I've seen her previous roles, but mostly in brief spoilers or VMs, not actually in a show (I don't watch much Indian TV). Anyways, I just feel that there are times when she overdoes it. Like the constant shivering to show fear or the big-eyed crying. There needs to be some variety. I work in a shelter where we get battered women all the time and most of them appear to be fine on the outside, even when they come face-to-face with someone who looks like their abusive partner (we usually say partner because the abusive person could be boyfriend, live-in bf, or husband). It's when there is a trigger, they react. A trigger is usually a certain situation or action that makes them feel they are going to be hurt, for example with Nandini maybe if someone raises their hand suddenly. And the reactions vary. I've seen the same woman cower in fear at one time and react violently the next time and then run and hide the third time. So I just feel Drashti needs to bring more variety into her role. The reason I wrote so much for Drashti is because she has the most complex character to play. She is playing the role of a battered woman who becomes a mistress and deceives her best friend.

Of course at the end I want to say Abhinav is my favourite because by far he is the one who is playing his role to a T and really making me feel the hatred and anger towards Rajdeep that one should feel. The others all have places they can improve (but then again who am I to say anything given the only acting I've ever done is in my school plays).
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Posted: 2018-09-13T18:06:04Z
DD WAS AWESOME. So natural aditi was good
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Posted: 2018-09-13T18:09:38Z
I am yet to see the episode But regardless I love Abhinav... LOL He is on fire!!! 
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