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Part 1

Mauli watches shocked as Kunal-Nandini stare at each other after the hug. Kunal and Nandini hold hands and turn to leave and notice Mauli standing in front of them. Mauli walks backwards as she watches Kunal-Nandini hold hands. They leave each others hand but the aarti thal drops from Maulis hand. Kunal-Nandini stare at each other and then at Mauli. Mauli recollects Rajdeeps words that the woman who could not belong to her husband, cant belong to anyone, not even her friend. He said they will regret one day. Its raining and Mauli keeps recollecting everything Rajdeep said. Kunal-Nandini look away from Mauli. She recollects Zoyas words saying the bond of marriage is not just strong but in few things its weak too. She recollects Rajdeep sounding her about a possibility of Kunal-Nandinis romance. The rain washes away Maulis sindoor. She recollects watching the duo dance at the ganesh pujan. Rajdeep calling Nandini her saut. Mauli collapses on the ground. Kunal-Nandini step forward to give her a hand but she stops them from stepping forward. Mauli picks up the keys of Kunals clinic in a daze. She walks towards Kunal-Nandini. She puts the keys in Kunals hand. Kunal watches confused. Mauli says Congrats Kunal, these are the keys of your clinic. Kunal recollects his dreams of having his clinic. She walks away from them and runs away. Kunal calls out to Mauli. He asks Nandini to go home and runs after Mauli. 

Mauli is running in a daze. She leans on a side table and pants breathlessly. She breaks down recollecting watching Kunal-Nandini hugging. She recollects her and Kunals wedding, their happy times. Mauli keeps crying. Kunal reaches her and calls out to her. Kunal keeps saying, listen to me. Kunal says i will tell you everything. He tries to touch her but she flinches away. Kunal asks Mauli to come home but Mauli asks him to go home and says i need some time. She keeps crying. Kunal keeps saying i cant leave you alone like this. Mauli screams at him saying, please go. Kunal tries again but Mauli shouts on him and says GO! Just Go! Kunal gets up and steps away. Mauli screams out and cries. 

Nandini reaches home and recollects Maulis reaction. She collapses on the floor of her flat and recollects Rajdeeps words accusing her of not being loyal to anyone. She cries remembering watching Maulis sindoor being washed away by the rains. Nandini looks at Maulis pic in her mobile and says am so sorry Mauli. Kunal calls her. She tells him, you shouldnt have left Mauli alone, what if she did something wrong. Kunal says my mind is not working. She asked me to leave, so i left. Nandini asks what if she did something wrong to herself? Kunal says Mauli is not that weak, she wont do anything wrong like me. Nandini says its not about right or wrong, she is broken. How will we face her? What are we doing? Kunal says same question i have, dunno what to do. Kunal and Nandini end the call. Kunal recollects Maulis screams asking him to GO. Nandini looks at Maulis pic and says please forgive me. I never wanted to cheat you or hurt you but i ruined your world. You are my best friend, you gave me new life but i destroyed your life. I dunno where this life has brought me to, one side-love, one side-friendship. I cant live without either. I tried to stop myself a lot but i just fell in love. But my love has destroyed your house. Am so sorry. Please forgive me. 

Mauli recollects bringing Nandini home. She remembers Kunals romantic words. She remembers gifting Nandini, the nameplate of her house. She recollects her mom warning her of consequences of supporting Nandini. 

Nandini too recollects Maulis love and affection for her, her trust on Nandini. Their childhood together. Maulis words saying she trusts Nandini despite the drunken dance of Kunal-Nandini. She notices someone holding a handkerchief in front of her, its Rajdeep. He says, Dear Mrs. 

Part 2

Rajdeep forces her to wipe her tears. Nandini shakes in fear. Rajdeep says i am impressed. Nandini asks him to leave. Rajdeep pulls Nandini close and says i need to learn from you how to get inside someones marriage, house, and stealing her husband. Nandini watches shocked at him. Rajdeep says i know everything. He says by getting restraining order you made my work easier. I snooped on you, watched the whole love story unfold in front of my eyes - the jogging, the cafe, the hugs. Rajdeep says you are a danger, such a simple face and look at your deeds. I look like a devil and you as a saint. But women like you, you destroyed someones house, stole her husband. Poor Mauli, couldnt stop praising you and you broke her own house. That Dr. Kunal is an aashiq more than doctor. He destroyed my business and you went and laid in front of him. What does he have that i dont have? Rajdeep says what people hated me for, people will praise me for. I will destroy you and Kunal. Lets end the program for today. Sympathy for Mauli and Thank You for you. He leaves. Nandini stands traumatised and shaking in fear. She collapses on the floor. Nandini keeps thinking of Maulis condition. She wonders how she will face Mauli. 

Kunal reaches home. Its quiet. He recollects Maulis reacting seeing him and Nandini hug. He remembers Mauli flinching from his touch. He collapses on the floor. He keeps looking at the clock. He remembers Maulis screaming at him. He remembers their happier moments, laughing, romancing. He is asleep when he hears the door turn. Mauli steps inside still walking in a daze. Kunal keeps calling out to her but she walks inside her bedroom. Kunal calls out to her but she locks the door to the bedroom. He hears some noise and wonders what Mauli is doing? She opens the door and is dressed up like Nandini in a red saree jhumkas. Kunal is confused. Mauli asks if she looks like Nandini? Mauli asks what? Mauli says see, everything is like Nandini, like he likes. Mauli is crying and hysterical. She calls Kunal, Kunal ji and says what do you wanna eat? I will make it for you. Tell me, what you want, will do anything you want. This is what you like dont you Kunal? Kunal is crying too and looks away. Mauli asks what did you like in her that you din like in me? What did you get from her, that i couldnt give you? Kunal says nothing like that. Mauli says no, tell me. What am i lacking? What i din do? Am i not a good wife, not a good bahu? What wish of yours i din fulfil? Mauli says we were a perfect couple right? Then how come she came in between us? Kunal looks away. Mauli says i seriously thought our marriage was the best. Different from everything but then what did i lack? Mauli says there has to be a reason. Tell me. Kunal says nothing is lacking. Mauli asks then why? WHY? She falls on the floor. 

Kunal sits besides her. Mauli says no, tell me you have to tell me the reason, what is lacking? Was it wrong to help my friend, give her a chance to new life, or giving her shelter in my house, what, what was wrong? Mauli says we gave space to Nandini in our house, together. Then how you gave space to her in your heart? Kunal looks away. Mauli say we were helping him as our own but you made her yours. Mauli says i felt you were Nandinis well wisher coz i was sure you only loved me. Mauli asks Kunal if he did ever love her? Coz i and Nandini are totally different. Mauli says this attire is not me, this is Nandini. I dun wanna be like this. Then who do you love?  or loved? Kunal watches speechless. Mauli says this dressing up, playing coy, is not me, not Mauli. Kunal says i know. Please calm down. Mauli starts removing her bangles, wiping off her bindi. She pulls her jhumkas and her ear starts bleeding. Kunal says what are you doing, you are hurting yourself. Mauli says you care about my pain? This is visible but what about the wound you have given me? How will it heal? Mauli says dunno how many years it will take. 

Part 3

Mauli says what all i did, for you, for us, our marriage. I became more busy, right? Well that was to fulfill your dream, for your clinic. I was blind too. People kept asking me to wake up and realise what is happening but i din believe them, i believed you and Nandini. Kunal keeps looking away. Mauli says.. TRUST, trust. Why wouldnt i trust you or my best friend. If not you then whom? Mauli asks if she made a mistake trusting Kunal or Nandini. She says i took time from my life, to fulfill your dream, where did i go wrong? You cheated on me in my own house, with my best friend. This is not a simple cheating, you broke the norms of humanity. Mauli says i am hating myself right now. Tell me what mistake i made? I cant live in this guilt. Tell me what i am lacking? Kunal tries to touch her but she pushes his hands away. Kunal breaks down as well. 

Precap --- Nandini thinks, the mistake is ours. Why should Kunal suffer alone? Even if Mauli doesnt forgive me, i need to meet her. 
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Thank U Ammu:)
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Thanks a lot girl, you are a saviour I watched only half part and I was like someone make her cry. Cry Mauli don't keep it to heart just vent it out. I was literally scared to watch her being zombie
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Posted: 2018-09-13T11:01:44Z
Thank you so much. Hug
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Was just waiting for your updates... thanks a lot
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Aditi is brilliant today.. 
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Originally posted by Armu4eva

Aditi is brilliant today.. 

She is Phenomenal/Natural  actress
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Posted: 2018-09-13T11:35:31Z
Aaj aditi kaa din hai. Bahut emotional kar diya
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