I'm confused whether she likes me or not.

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Posted: 5 years ago
I have been friends with this someone for a long time now. I met her in Colombia when I visited a friend there. When I came back to the U.S., we continued our communication through exchanging of messages. Months passed by and I started to feel a foreign feeling for her. It's as if a day would not be complete without a message from her. I did not know by then that it was love. I started to realize it by the time we had a bit of conflict. I knew by that time that it was love because no matter how hard the situation was for me, I still tried to fix everything. When everything was fixed, I planned to go back to Colombia to confess to her in person. However, I am unsure whether she feels the same way for me or not. She is sometimes sweet and sometimes it's as if she does not care about me at all. I'm quite confused.


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Posted: 5 years ago
If you love her, then you need to be confident. forget everything just concentrate on your air and go for it. Dont think what others will think or what society will think. Ignore all of them.. just go get her.. good luck