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Unlike other times it doesn't skip her eye and Mauli does notice his unmindfulness and questions Kunal about what's wrong but Kunal is silent. He is lost far in his own world where Nandini resides in his every thought. 
We see then that he had bought a special present which he hides and it doesn't need any clarification for us to know who is it for. Of course it is for Nandini.

Everyone comes to Nandini's new home and congratulates her on her new beginning. And it's heart rendering to watch Nandini so content and peaceful. Happiness almost shines in her eyes.

Mauli gives Nandini a very unique gift; a nameplate that symbolize her about to begin journey in the world. Nandini's eyes search for kunal and just when the nameplate is about to fall Kunal appears. He saves it from falling and in the process he saves Nandini's identity. 

Kunal holding the plate signifies the symbolism of him being the saviour and beholder of Nandini's existence. It gives the hint that in future as well as present, Kunal will be the one to protect her from all harm.

Nandini realises the meaning. She tries her face not to show the emotion she feels inside. And Kunal's at times difficult to know what he is thinking as his thoughts are not so expressive as Nandini's. But they do mirror the awareness of the responsibility that he had undertaken. The willing responsibility to protect Nandini.

As Deeda and the others tell how empty the house is without Nandini, Kunal unable to pronounce his own state, just stares. In his one look there's deep amount of agony and irrevocable emotion.

When Mauli mentions Kunal missing Nandini the most, a shadow closes over Nandini and an astonished Kunal lashes at Mauli. The moment turns awkward and the air heavy suddenly. Mauli is aad, with a morose face she tries to justify Kunal's anger like a good wife. When chastised by his mom and Deeda, Kunal tries to make things normal by faking it as a joke. But it doesn't go well with anyone, nor does anybody quite believe him. As a penance Kunal is asked to sing a song which evokes sadness. At that point every moment begins to become meaningful for both Kunal n Nandini. And as he sings a melodious song the lyrics convey both their state and their unfulfilled feelings. Kunal recites the song as his heart follows every beat of Nandini and they stare at one another.

Kunal's eyes literally drinks Nandini as he wants to absorb her face and engrave it in his mind forever. Because Kunal knows like previous days Nandini won't be there at his house infront his eyes . So the little moment he gets, Kunal delves into her deep umber eyes and captures her face in his heart. The scene is beautiful and deeply meaningful.

Mauli is unaware though of all this things, and enjoys the music.
At times I feel really sad for Mauli. Poor her. She doesn't know anything yet time and again she has to bear the brunt of Kunal's uncontrolled and unintentional anger.Ouch

However as the song reaches the end, Unable to bear Kunal's piercing gaze Nandini leaves the place. Seconds later Kunal finds her and standing next to her explains his reason of not being present on her departure. But before he could produce the gift to Nandini they are called. Kunal fails to complete his words.

The evening starts with truth & dare game which is Deeda's wish. Everyone performs their dare. As Mauli kiss Kunal, Nandini feels restless and down. Part of her heart is happy for witnessing Mauli & Kunal's happy home and part of her yearns for that LOVE they have. 

Nandini surprising everyone selects dare as she tells it's time for choosing her own wishes and through the dare she wants to make a move of making a choice of her own. She gulps the goblet of champagne with aplomb and smartly fulfils the dare. Mauli is happy seeing Nandini so carefree and so is everyone. Especially Kunal who smiles watching her so light and confident. For a short while we see KuNan enjoying the moment with ease. 

Later Nandini n Mauli have a little moment of their own where Nandini shows how the champagne has not effected her at all. Happy for her Mauli wishes her the best. 

Everyone bids goodbye and leaves as Nandini stands alone and little sad.

Tonight's epi was refreshing. It was a new start for Nandini and so for the story. The scenes were light and fun. There were some deep meanings with less words too.

Precap is immensely interesting! I cannot wait to see Nandini freely expressing her feelings to Kunal. But Kunal surely won't reciprocate back. Anyway let's see what's in store for us. And oh Rajdeep is here!! My god! What a twist in the tale! Cannot wait to see his action and Nandini's reaction. Gonna be an exciting week for us. :)

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I enjoy reading your views. Even if you hold different opinion you are most WELCOME! Smile

Take care. Love you. Heart

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Beautifully written dear
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beautiful, i don't  know biti m loving  show,  felt bad for Molly,  but liking kunun Story. sometime i feel makers are using molly n R a Rajdeep as cupid  for Kunun  love story, Molly  in good  Way  n rajdeep  Bad Way.
 The joke part , for kunal to take in such situation was too difficult, i feel molly making kunal situation worst, i am not saying she is wrong ,she is in herself like before carefree in talking, but for kunal its too difficult to handle because of the strom going inside him.
Its like majdhar main fase insaan ko pull karne ki jagah push karna ,unknowningly that is what happening.
 I loved the song part, for that 2 min. nadu n kunal lost n enjoying songs n may be feeling they have , then suddenly nadu saw all arround n she couldn't take kunal gaze ,she left so that can hide her emotions with others, kunal came try to explain i did come on your farewell  n u know why? He knows nadu knows reason, about to give gift, but interrupted  , i think he gave, doll with wings n symbol like now you can fly wherever you want like free bird, the famous dialogue "tum udogi, Thats what many time kunal said i want you be free  and happy. Correct gift at the moment. N in drink effect nadu expressed he feeling like she said the  doll want to fly n kash koi hota jo uske saath fly karta.
I have seen the segments they are cutting so many dialogues in seg i felt more beautiful , in seg she told rajdeep  mujhe jabdarti pilate the but abhi min dida ki apni marji se pee rahi hu.
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Lovely analysis as usual Smile
Btw can you pls tell me what was Nandini saying in the precap to Kunal. As i was unable to catch it & her dialogue came out in my TV as very garbled. Thanks ! 
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Posted: 2018-08-28T02:14:01Z
look like CVs want to show gesture between Kunal and Nandini . it is not love ,it is not lust it is not attraction is just gesture between Kunal and Nandini
though I don't like Kunal personally giving gift to Nandini but it is his gesture to bid farewell to Nandini

Kunal gesture is wrong his intention is not wrong
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Posted: 2018-08-28T03:16:50Z
Nandini was saying to Kunal in precap that she does not need whole sky to fly but want only porton of sky which is connected to her house where love residing in
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Posted: 2018-08-28T03:34:42Z
Originally posted by surabhi01

Nandini was saying to Kunal in precap that she does not need whole sky to fly but want only porton of sky which is connected to her house where love residing in

Thanks Smile
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Posted: 2018-08-28T04:53:36Z
Originally posted by -Lehar-

Beautifully written dear
thank you Lehar. Smile
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