Ishra ss-tu ki jaane pyaar mera#2,last part on pg 109 updt on 24/1(Page 98)

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Waiting for Raman action n next consequences of their love.

Will Raman family accept Ishita.

Will sbhi again create any bad infusion..

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Great update

Raman clears ishu confusion

Both teams up to give abhi a good lesson

He is so cheap 

Update soon

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Abhi reach his house and was shocked to see his in laws there with his would be wife while his parent were also sitting there angrily.

Abhi-what happened,why they r so angry.he thought and went to them.

He walked to his father and said-what is this,dad.aapne mujhe aise urgently kyun bulaya.main kitni important meeting chod kar aaya hoon.toh it's better be urgent,he was saying when his father slapped him making abhi shocked.

He made a face and said-why u r slapping me.aap mujhe Meri hone wali biwi ke saamne kyun maar rahe hai.kya izzat reh jayegi meri.he was saying when he received another slap from the girl.

Girl-koi Shaadi nahi kar rahi hoon main tumse,aur kyun karun.u have fallen in love with someone else.uske bachche ko apna naam dena chahte ho.itni mohabbat ho gayi hai ,then why on Earth I will marry u.she said crying making abhi shocked.

Abhi-yeh Kya keh rahi ho??he asked to which girl's father slapped him again and said-wahin joh sach hai,u dare u cheat on my daughter.sagai isse ki aur Shaadi kisi aur ke saath plan Kar rahe ho.aur tumhe lagta hai hum kuch nahi kahenge.jaan le lunga main teri.

Abhi-aap log keh Kya rahen hai,I am not getting anything.

Abhi's father-nahi samajh aa raha,then have a look.he said and showed him the video Raman sent him.

Abhi saw the whole video and understood that ishra have trapped him.

Abhi-so it was their plan,mujhe phansa diya.sabke saamne culprit bana diya.main bhi chodunga nahi tujhe Raman,but for now I have to tackle this .He thought and composed himself saying-yeh,yeh toh mazaak hai.its a prank ,papa.number bhi toh dekhiye,yeh Raman ka best friend.woh mujhe tang karna chahta hai .yeh dare tha,we were playing .he said trying to convince his family and everyone.

Everyone look at each other and abhi said-u don't trust me jaan.i love u can u even think of this.maine sirf tumse pyaar Kiya hai ,iss ladki ko toh main jaanta bhi nahi .he said convincing everyone when they heard,he is lying.

Everyone look at the person and saw Raman standing there.

Abhi walked to him and said-raman don't,u will ruin everything.agar tune kuch gadbad ki toh main bhi nahi chup rehne wala.will reveal ur secret too.

Raman clutched his face and said-kya karega tu,tell me what u will do.tu kuch bhi kar,but I am not going to spare u today .tune bahut ghatiya khel khela hai mere saath.

They were talking when abhi's father said-koi hume bhi batayega ki sach Kya hai .Raman,we r waiting.

Raman-sach yeh hai uncle,that abhi went to lure that girl ,not because he loves her,but because he wanted to bed her.aur sirf itna nahi,iski soch hi yahin hai ki ladkiyan sirf ek kaam ke liye hi hoti hai.just to pleasure him.isse biwi nahi chahiye,he just want a piece of flesh to enjoy.he said making that girl slap abhi again.

Girl-i always felt awkward with ur lusty eyes but ignored thinking u r going to be my husband.but tumhari yeh gandi nazar sirf mujh par nahi har ladki par hai.kitne ghatiya ho tum,I  am breaking this engagement.mujhe nahi karni tumse shaadi.chalo papa.she said and went throwing the ring on abhi's face.

Abhi's parent too went inside not knowing what to say when abhi said-i am not going to spare u for this,will ruin u.

Raman-maaf toh main bhi nahi karne wala tujhe,for lusting over my ishita.teri himmat kaise hui uss par nazar daalne ki,woh Meri hai ,Ishita sirf Meri hai.suna tune,woh sirf Meri hai.he said in sheer anger punching abhi hard,once ,twice,again and again till he felt at peace.

At last,he left abhi and went out in anger.

Ishita was waiting for Raman in the car .she saw him coming out all angry and went to him.

Ishita -kya hua Raman,why u r so angry.kuch Kiya Kya usne,tell me raman.kya hua.she was asking when he hugged her tight and said-tum sirf Meri ho ,sirf meri.i am sorry,I did so bad with u.cant tell u how bad I am feeling ki Maine itna galat Kiya tumhare saath,I am sorry really sorry jaan.mujhe chod kar kabhi mat jaana,I really love u alot.he was hugging her tight and was saying while Ishita just hugged him tight and said-will never go leaving u alone,bahut pyaar karti hoon aapse.

Raman look at her and said-its really late,chalo ghar chalte hai .u must be tired.


Raman-haan,toh aur Kahan le jaaunga itni raat ko.

Ishita-but nobody knows about me.aapke maa -papa ko mere baare mein pata bhi they will react.aap mujhe kisi hotel mein chod dijiye.

Raman-i am not going to leave,naa abhi naa kabhi.u come with me,joh bhi hoga I will handle.u don't worry.he said and took Ishita with him.

On other hand,abhi was sitting with a wounded face and said-tumne achcha nahi Kiya,raman.bahut galat Kiya,ab main bhi tumhe barbaad kar dunga.bahut shauk hai naa dusre ke raaz baahar laane ka ,tumhara raaz bhi tumhare parent ke saamne aayega ab,phir dekhte hai Kya hota hai.he said all determined to ruin ishra relationship.

Soon ishra reach bhalla mansion and saw it was in pitch darkness.

Raman-i think maa-papa so gaye hai.tum chalo guest room mein rest karo,Kal subah main maa-papa se baat karunga.

Ishita-woh log maan jaayenge naa??

Raman-yes baby,don't worry.woh log jarur maan jaayenge.bhale hi thoda gussa ho jaaye but I know at last they will agree.he said taking her to guest room.

Raman-u stay here,aaram se so jao.kisi bhi cheez ki zarurat hogi then just call me once.

Ishita-aur agar aapki zarurat hui toh??

Raman-then also u can call me,banda haazir ho jaayega.he said kissing her temple and was going when she held his hand.

He look at her and she said-bhookh lagi hai.

Raman -uff ,main bhi kitna buddhu hoon.tumne subah se thik se kuch khaaya nahi .itna lamba safar kiya, pregnant bhi ho.still I am telling u to sleep.tum ruko main kuch le kar aata hoon.

Ishita-main bhi chalun??

Raman-nahi,u will enter my house's kitchen only when maa will take u.tum rest karo,main kuch laata hoon.he said and went while Ishita was looking around feeling good that finally she reached where she belongs to.

She was resting when he came and said-sorry jyada arrange nahi kar paaya,iss se hi kaam chalana hoga.

Ishita saw he came with fruits,milk,bread with chocolate spread.

Ishita-its more then ok,come let's have it.aapko bhi toh bhookh lagi hogi naa.

Raman-haan,I too realised that Maine kuch nahi khaaya hai .let's have it,mujhe bahut bhookh lagi hai.he said and both started eating their food happily together.

That's all for now,enjoy.

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Updated next part.

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Superb update

Abhi reached his home he saw his in laws and his parents are sitting angrily with his would wife he asked his father why he called him urgently his father slapped him and showed him video where he was saying ishita he loves her his fiancee also slapped him he realized ishra trapped him he started making stories but raman came there and told his truth to everyone abhis fiancee broke the engagement and left with her parents abhis parents too went to their room angrily abhi was threatening raman but raman beat him raman came out of abhis house angrily he hugged ishita and said sorry he took her to his house abhi decided to take ravange from raman at ramans house his parents were sleeping he took ishita to guest room their talk was nice hope ramans parents will accept ishita

Pls update soon

Thanks for the pm

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Very nice part

Loved it.

Loved the way raman disclosed abhis ghatiya harkat infront of his would b in laws.

Raman took ishu to his house

Let's c what happen 😊

Posted: 6 months ago

Awesome fab fantastic chap

Too good

Hope his parents accept her

Please continue soon

Posted: 6 months ago

Lovely update 

Pls update soon its a request 

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