Ishra ss-tu ki jaane pyaar mera#2,last part on pg 109 updt on 24/1(Page 90)

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Interesting Teaser 

I just hope soon Raman will find out that 

Abhi was all along after Ishita 

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Hey update soonest

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Ishita was sitting next to Raman while Raman was caressing her hair softly.both were sitting silently enjoying their togetherness.

Ishita-aap aaj jaldi kyun aa gaye??kuch kaam tha Kya??

Raman -nahi,just wanted to see u.kyun nahi aa sakta Kya jaldi,he said wrapping her in his arms.

Ishita-nahi,ofcourse aa sakte hai.main toh hamesha hi aapka intezaar karti hoon.its just ,let it be.boliye Kya khayenge,I will make it for us.

Raman-nahi,aaj main banaunga and we all will tell me what u wanna eat.that reminds me ,tumne kuch khaya hai subah se yaa sirf ultiyan hi kar rahi hoon.

Ishita-nahi, couldn't eat anything .throwing up again and again.

Raman-chalo tab doctor ke paas chalte hai .infact we should go and consult the doctor before I go to maa and papa .

Ishita-ab abhi hi toh aaye hai,kuch der rest karke chalte hai.

Raman-no ways,we r going now only.get ready,he said to which Ishita just nodded and went to get ready.

On other hand,abhi was sitting in his office and thinking his next move .

Abhi-raman ne toh Ishita ko dump kar diya,ab mujhe Kya karna chahiye.abhi chala jaun uske paas yaa ruk kar jaun.but now she is mentally weak ,abhi jaaunga toh usse support karne ki acting bhi kar paaunga.phir woh mujhse impress ho jayegi and then we will come closer.uff how much I am craving to take her in my arms .jitne desire usse dekh kar uthte hai mere mann mein utna toh apni fiance ko dekh kar bhi nahi uthte.after all she is much hot and sexy then surbhi.kya curvy body hai,uff I am turned on just thinking about her.dont know what will happen when I will touch her.but Kya kahunga uske paas jaa kar,how I am going to make her mine.actually I should go there and act accordingly.dekhta hoon woh kitni sad hai Raman ke jaane ke baad .he thought and called his mother to inform that he is going out of station for somedays.

In the clinic,Raman was waiting while Ishita was being checked .though he was trying to be normal but the mere thought that how abhi manipulated him was making him angry and he want to punch abhi tight.

Raman-bas ek baar aa jao and play something dirty,trust me teri Shaadi bhi tudwa dunga and teri haddiyan bhi todunga .he thought and called abhi.

Abhi picked the phone and said-hi Raman.

Raman-kahan hai tu yaar,I am coming back .mil kar drink Kiya jaaye.

Abhi-actually I am going out of station,kuch bahut urgent kaam hai.he said making Raman smile.

Raman-yaar missing Ishita too much,samajh nahi aa raha Kya karun.just can't get over her sexy body .kuch bhi kaho ,maal thi yaar .he said provoking abhi .

Abhi-yeh Kya keh raha hai,u shouldn't say like this for a lady.mana ki tune chod diya hai usse but still don't talk like this.he said trying to be a good man.

Raman-nahi yaar,sach mein.she is something ,was really great in bed.what curves man,I just love to worship her petite body .

Abhi couldn't control his urge and said finally-haan yaar,bahut mast maal hai .u r such a lucky champ.maze bhi liye aur ekdum correct time par chod diya .waise it must be too good to have her on bed naa.he asked making Raman red in anger ,he wanted to punch him hard but controlled himself and said-chod yaar,she is a closed chapter now .

Abhi realised what he was telling,he composed himself and said-haan Raman,u should now move on.

Raman-i have already moved on.bye,tu jaa apne trip par.and yes enjoy alot.

Abhi-sure .he said and both hung the call .

Raman-just come to her once,I will kill u.u r gone abhi,u r gone.he said and turned only to see Ishita standing there.

Raman got startled seeing her but said composing himself-jaan ,tum yahan??

Ishita-doctor is calling u.she said and both went inside.

In the cabin,

Doc-ur wife is little weak,u have to take great care of her.

Raman-that I will, koi major problem toh nahi hai .

Doc-no ,all seems toh be fine.just take care of her and love her alot.every woman needs her husband love most in this condition.

Raman-i will doctor.he said and both came out of the clinic .

Ishra shopped for veggies and necessary groceries and finally went to their house.

Raman-now tell me what u wanna eat.see doctor said that u r weak and I have to take care of u .so now u r not going to work anymore.i will make food for us today.

Ishita-jaisi aapki marzi.kuch bhi bana lijiye,I will have it happily.

Raman thought for a while and said-matar paneer banata hoon,u like it.

Ishita nodded and he was going when she held his hand and make him sit next to her.

She kept her head on his chest and said very softly-aap jaante ho naa,Raman.aap mujhse kuch bhi share kar sakte hai .main samjhungi aapki har baat.

Raman-i know u understand me well and my situation.mujhe pata hai tu best hai .

Ishita-haan Raman,kabhi bhi kuch bhi.even if u want to go leaving me alone,agar aapko yeh rishta ab bojh lagne lagaa ho ,hamara baby burden lagne lagaa ho.u can tell me on my me main aapko kabhi nahi rokungi aage badhne se,aapko aapki Khushi chunne ka pura haq hai, bhale hi main uss Khushi ka hissa naa ho.if u ever wanted to leave me u can tell me.itna pyaar toh karti hi hoon aapse ki aapki Khushi ke liye aapko chod doon.haan thodi takleef hogi but I will be happy thinking my love ,my Raman is happy somewhere .mujhe bas aapki Khushi chahiye ,Raman.toh Kya ab aap mujhe batayenge ki aap Kya chahte hai??she said caressing raman's cheek slowly making him realise that she has heard his talk with abhi and telling all this with a heavy heart just for his happiness.

He took her hand in his and said kissing the back of her palm-main tumhe chahta hoon,bahut jyada,hadh se jyada.he said making her eyes moist.she tried to look away but he cupped her face and said-sach Ishita,I love u very much.

Ishita-u were talking gross about me,Kya main sirf ek body hoon aapke liye,which u use for ur satisfaction .she said making Raman shocked.

Raman-u heard that also.he asked to which she nodded.

Raman-phir bhi tu itna calm hai.

Ishita burst into tears and said-nahi,I was dying inside every second .kaanon par vishwas nahi ho raha tha,ki aap mere baare mein aisa soch sakte hai but can't overlook the obvious.main bhi insaan hoon ,raman.i am just not a body .pyaar karti hoon aapse.she was saying and was crying bitterly.

Raman hugged her tight and said kissing her temple-sorry jaan,u had to listen all this but trust me ,I never wanted to hurt u.main toh bas sach ka pata lagaa raha tha.i was just confirming .he said making her stop crying and look at him.

Ishita-kya Matlab??

Raman -main tumhe sab batata hoon,he said and start narrating everything .

After telling everything he look at her and said-now u know everything .joh saza deni ho dedo.

Ishita-i don't know how to react.someone manipulated u against me and u started thinking I am not good for u.main bhi toh yahin kehti thi that we r not compatible but u were adamant to make me urs and now u were confused.kya kahun main,aapko mujhe chod kar jaana hai toh aap jaa sakte hai .don't worry noone can win over,Maine sirf aapse pyaar Kiya hai ,kisi aur se kabhi nahi u don't have to worry,nobody can ever touch me.i will be always urs aur hamesha aapka intezaar karungi ,but please reham kha kar mat rukiye.stay with me only when u love me .

Raman-i know u r hurt,aur tumhe hona bhi chahiye.even after getting so much love from u ,I was confused but trust me,I am not confused anymore .I know I want u in my life and that's why I am here with u.koi confusion nahi hai ab,bas bahut saara pyaar hai.tumhare liye,hamare bachche ke liye.i am really sorry jaan,I acted like idiot but trust me I love u very much.tujhe kabhi chod kar nahi jaane wala.tu bhagayegi tab bhi laut kar aa jaaunga but will never ever leave u alone.

Ishita cried hearing him and said-please never leave me alone.main bhool gayi hoon aapke bina jeena.main nahi jee paaungi,mar jaaungi .sach I will die without u.

Raman-aise kaise mar jaane dunga,u r my bachcha.will always take care of u.

Ishita look at him and said-promise.

Raman kissed her nose and said-my baby's promise.he said and wrapped her in his arms never to let go.

That's all for now,enjoy.

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Updated next part.

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Very emotional part.

But thanks GOD there is no misunderstanding b/w mishra.

Abhi is just disgusting.

Wanna c how will Raman punish him.

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Lovely update 

Cont soon 

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Lovely update chalo atchha h sab ishita ko pata h

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Nice one

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