Ishra ss-tu ki jaane pyaar mera#2,last part on pg 109 updt on 24/1(Page 85)

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Very interesting teaser 

Please update soon 

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Interesting teaser.. Update soon 

Posted: 7 months ago

interesting teaser 

Update soon 


Thanks for the pm 


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Shame on Abhi and how dumb and how ridiculous Raman behaving do update soon want to know what happened 

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Shocking teaser Di...

Raman is immature..

Plz update soon..

Thank you...

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Interesting teaser di

Plz update soon

Thanks for pm

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Interesting tzr di 

Update soon Di 

Thanks for pm Di 

Sorry for the late reply Di 

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Abhi was busy in his work when his phone rang. He look at the number and picked it seeing raman's number ,only to hear Raman saying-i broke up with her ,yaar .

Abhi got happy hearing this and said-kya??

Raman-haan yaar,I broke up with her finally.i understood what u were saying was right.aakhir mujhe pata chal hi gaya that who is right and who is wrong.

Abhi smirked hearing this but composed himself and asked-but how,all of a sudden.achanak kya ho gaya.

Raman-wahin jiska tujhe darr tha.pregnant ho gayi hai ,maa banna chahti hai ,I told her to abort the baby and she started fighting.the fight turn ugly and I broke up with her.i just can't take it,so I finally broke up with her.arey yeh kaun si baat hui,pyaar kiya hai iska matlab yeh nahi ki turant bachcha bhi hona chahiye.hotel mein shift ho gaya hoon,kaam khatam karke wapas,apni azaad zindagi mein.u know I am really feeling relieved and really thank u for guiding me so much.

Abhi-did she said anything,roka nahi tujhe.

Raman -rok rahi thi,but main nahi ruka.i asked her to choose between us and she chosed  the I just walked out ,gave her some money and came out of the mess.

Abhi smiled fully and said-u make the right choice,I am with u.chal baad mein baat karta hoon,I am busy.he said and both hung the call.

Abhi smiled fully and said-now I can finally try on her,bahut hot hai .bas ek baar mil jaaye ,maza aa jayega.he said and start thinking ways to win her.

On the other hand,Raman hung the call and saw Ishita coming with a cup of tea with snacks smiling.

He smiled fully and got up .he walked to her and said-why u r doing work,now u r not going to do any work.i will arrange help for u,after all u r going to be mumma.our baby is about to come.he said caressing her tummy.

Ishita hugged him happily and said-u r happy naa??

Raman-nahi,happiest.tum khush ho??he asked caressing her cheek.

Ishita -bahut jyada,kabhi nahi socha tha ki yeh bhi kabhi experience kar paaungi.itni akeli thi main ki lagaa hi nahi tha kabhi mujhe bhi koi partner milega.but I found u and finally going to have a family of my own.u know Raman,mujhe kabhi kabhi darr lagta tha,what if u went leaving me.main kehti nahi thi,but our age difference always use to scare me .aapse jyada kabhi kisi ko nahi chaha aur naa kabhi kisi ke khone ka darr itna jyada tha.i love u Raman ,i really do.she said and hugged him tight while he took her lips in his and start kissing her softly.he picked her in his arms and took her to the couch.they kissed for long and finally break it in need of air.

Ishita-aapko nahi lagta,ab hume Shaadi kar leni chahiye.i mean,I know u want to get married after ur project but now it's necessary naa.she said meekly making patterns on his shirt.

Raman kissed her temple and said-ofcourse ,we will get married asap.aur iske liye mujhe do din ke liye wapas jaana hoga.apne parent ko convince karne ke liye.

Ishita's face fell hearing this and she said-aap mujhe chod kar jaayenge.akele,aisi haalat mein.

Raman-i don't want to ,jaan.but I had to,aur ab tum akeli kahan,u have a part of me in u.toh tumhe apna khayal rakhna hai aur hamare baby ka bhi,till the time I go and convince maa-papa.

Ishita-woh maan jayenge naa??

Raman -main mana lunga,tum tension mat lo.just love me and our baby.he said wrapping her in his arms sipping his tea slowly while his mind went to the happenings of the day.


After talking to abhi ,Raman was very much sure that they will not plan a baby soon when his phone rang.he picked it seeing simmi's cry.

Raman got worried and said-what happened simmi,why u r crying??

Simmi-bhai,anurag ko samjhaiye naa.woh meri nahi sunn rahe.

Raman -what happened,give phone to him.he said and simmi gave phone to her husband.

Raman -what happened,anurag.kyun ro rahi hai woh??

Anurag-its nothing big,u know how these girls r,choti choti baat par rone lagti hai.

Raman -tell me clearly.

Anurag-she is pregnant and I said  to abort the baby as I am not prepared for it.its just a year to our marriage.mera business bhi settle nahi hua hai,I am not ready to take the responsibility .toh galat Kya hai.

Raman-yes,that's true.usse phone do,tell me talk to her.he said and anurag gave phone to simmi.

Raman -he is right,bachche.woh ready nahi hoga,why u r pressuring him for baby.u can abort it and plan later.waise bhi tum logon ka bachcha hai,u can plan it whenever u want.

Simmi-what u r saying ,bhai.aap sab ek jaise hai.its our first baby,how can I kill him or her.sirf Mera nahi ,it's a part of anurag too.and what's this rubbish,not ready for baby.then how can u people take the relationship ahead ,if not ready for the baby.anurag can't understand it as the baby is in me.but I can connect to my baby and I am not going to kill my baby.mujhe woh chahiye and u have to convince anurag anyhow,warna main maa ke paas chali jaaungi.yeh achcha hai,biwi chahiye,usse pyaar bhi karna hai but agar bachcha ho toh usse maar do.he is breathing in me and I am not going to kill him for anyone,not even for his father.and it's his responsibility to take care of us,bachcha maar do,mazaak bana rakha hai.just go and look at couples who don't have baby,log taraste hai bachche ke liye and u people r saying ,not a big deal.ofcourse it's a big deal and I am just not going to abort my baby ,aur agar kisi ne mujhe,she was saying when Raman said-samajh gaya,noone will tell u to abort ur baby ,give phone to anurag.

Simmi gave phone to anurag and went inside angrily.

Raman-if she wants to become mother so desperately,why don't u agree??

Anurag-i don't wanna be father soon.

Raman-but she is not wrong,if u wanted so,u should have taken can u kill ur first baby.

Anurag-bolna asaan hota hai,I will see what u will do if ur wife gets pregnant in first year of marriage.yaar,bachcha is a burden.he was saying when they heard simmi saying,bachcha burden nahi hota,tum jaise log burden hote ho,who are scared to take their responsibility.i am going.mujhe tumse koi rishta nahi rakhna ,she said angrily when anurag hung the call.

Raman tried to call again but noone picked the phone.he sat down and start thinking,simmi is just 24 still she don't want to abort the baby ,it's not about age ,it about the feeling.the connection,joh sirf ek maa mehsus karti hai,a father don't.toh agar Ishita pregnant hui ,should I tell her to abort the baby ,just because its ,that will be wrong.simmi is right,if we r ready to take our relationship ahead then how can I deny the responsibility of the baby.i remember,how desperate I was to love her,infact today also I feel fascinated touching her,loving her.toh bachcha akele uski responsibility kaise ho sakti,I can never do this to her ,agar Ishita abhi pregnant ho bhi jaati hai.i will not tell her to abort the baby.agar woh khush rahegi toh main bhi khush rahunga.after all the baby will be ours only.not her or mine.he was thinking when he get call from anurag.they have mended their problems and now all ready to welcome their first baby.raman congratulated them and got busy in the work.

He was working when his phone rang again .he made a face thinking nobody is letting him work but smiled seeing ishita's number.

Raman picked the phone and said-yes jaan.

Ishita-i love u ,raman.i love u alot.

Raman smiled at her words and said-why suddenly.

Ishita-just felt like,aap kab aaoge??

Raman-wahin regular time,jaan.missing me??

Ishita-very much,come soon.i have a surprise for u.

Raman-ok ,will be back soon.he said and both hung the call.

Raman-yeh itni khush kyun hai,kahin pregnant toh nahi ho gayi.he thought and said-kuch bhi will be too much of coincidence that I thought of a child today and she will get pregnant.hoga kuch.he thought and got busy in his work again when his phone rang again.

He made a face seeing mihir's number thinking it must be abhi.he thought to ignore it first but then he thought to clear up the things for ever.

Raman picked the call and said-kya hua abhi,only to hear mihir's voice.

Mihir-its me bhai.mujhe aapse bahut jaruri baat karni hai.

Raman-not now,I am really busy.

Mihir-its very urgent bhai.aap Ishita ji ke saath relation mein hai naa and abhi is convincing u to leave her as she is not good for u,kyunki woh badi hai aapse .

Raman-mihir,tera lecture sunne ke mood mein nahi hoon.

Mihir-please Bhai,answer me.its urgent.

Raman-haan,main Ishita ke saath hoon aur hamesha ussi ke saath rahunga,coz I love her .mujhe abhi ki bakwaas nahi sunni aur teri bhi.

Mihir-i am not telling u to leave her,I am telling u that abhi want u to leave her for him.he said making Raman shocked.

Raman -what does it mean??

Mihir-i mean,abhi chahta hai ki aap Ishita ji ko chod do,so that he can try on her.mere phone se baat karke woh gaya toh I followed him thinking while he is smirking. Then I saw him talking gross about Ishita ji.he said that he will try on her after u will leave her,as she is very hot .aur joh ladki aapke saath so sakti hai she can sleep around with anyone.he said making Raman angry to no end.

Raman-how dare he say that,she is my ishita.usse choone ka haq sirf mera hai.she is mine ,only mine .main jaan le lunga uski.he said angrily.

Mihir-thats why I am telling u all this.ishita ji ko chodiyega mat,abhi want her in his bed.

Raman -before that I will kill him.thanks for telling me his intentions mihir.

Mihir-ur welcome bhai.waise toh woh badi hai aapse aur mujhe bhi aapke liye pasand nahi thi,but now after knowing ur relationship,I don't want u to betray her ever.the girl who give herself to u trusting u,uska trust kabhi nahi todna chahiye.

Raman -thank u mihir,u r my true friend.he said and hung the call.he was angry ,very angry on abhi for manipulating him like this.more then on abhi ,he was angry on himself for hurting Ishita everytime hearing abhi's rubbish.he wanted to meet her now,took her tightly in hug never to let go.

He left his work and went home telling his subordinate to look after the work.he drove rashly to their home and saw her laying on the couch closing her eyes.

He went close to her ,settled next to her and took her in a tight hug .Ishita got startled by his sudden touch while he kissed all over her face and said-u r mine,only mine.tumhe koi aur nahi choo sakta.maine choone nahi dunga ,u r only mine .he said and took her lips hungrily in his.he started kissing her hungrily while she pushed him and ran to washroom .he went behind her only to see her throwing.he remembered she was not well in the morning also.  

He walked to her and held her.she was feeling very  weak after throwing up continuously.

Raman -r u ok??

Ishita took his hand to her tummy and said-our baby.

Raman realised what she wants to say and smiled fully.he cleaned her face and picked her in his arms.he took her out and make her sit properly in the couch.

Raman -now tell me.

Ishita look down and said-i am pregnant,raman.we r going to have our baby .a part of u is breathing inside me .she said blushing hard while he just smiled fully now,as he was really happy with the news of their baby.all the presumption and worries were gone now.he pecked her temple softly and said , congratulations would be mumma.

Ishita-congratulations to u too,would be papa.

Raman-main change karke aata hoon.he said and went to his room.he was changing his clothes but was really angry on abhi for manipulating him .he wanted to caught him red handed,so he made a plan.he thought to inform abhi that he finally dumped Ishita and leave her alone for a day or two making an excuse to go and convince his parent ,while he will wait and catch him red handed ,when abhi will come to woe Ishita.

Then he called abhi and told everything as per the plan and also convinced Ishita to go to his parent.

Flashback end

Raman-i have planned everything,ab dekhna hai ki woh Kya karta hai and after that I will teach him a very good lesson.he thought and kissed ishita's temple softly while she was busy in caressing his chest softly.

Raman look at her and said-i love u.

Ishita-love u too,Raman.

That's all for now,enjoy.

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