Nandini and Mauli: Both will get hurt :(

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Posted: 2018-07-17T00:54:46Z
Hello people! This is my first post in the forum and I've been watching SBRK since the first episode.
To start off, let me be very honest, I am not a KuNan or MauNal fan. I am a fan of Nandini and Mauli's friendship. It is extremely rare to find such a friendship on Indian television.

Now, coming to my post, it doesn't matter whether Kunal stays with Mauli or ends up with Nandini, because ultimately both the women AND Kunal will end up getting hurt.
Let's start with Nandini- As shown in the promos, she says she wants to settle down again but doing so will be at the expense of her best friend. Let's just assume that Nandini and Kunal end up together, will she ever be able to forgive herself? When she was in the darkest of places, Mauli saved her and helped her discover herself again. It won't matter how much she loves Kunal or how much Kunal loves her or how they need each other. Whether Mauli feels it or not, Nandini will definitely feel that she betrayed the one who rescued her and gave her a new life.

I personally feel that among the three of them, Kunal's anguish will be the greatest. He fell in love Mauli, married her, had a blissful married life with her and one day, all of sudden, he just fell for Nandini. Mauli gave him no reason to look anywhere else for love or solace and that fact will bother him the most. He'll be in a Catch 22 sort of situation. He wouldn't want to leave Mauli and acknowledge his feelings for Nandini because that would mean hurting his wife beyond words but not being with Nandini and burying and ignoring those feelings will also be unbearable for him. The reality that he fell for another woman while he had a perfect wife will haunt him. The glimpses of remorse have already been shown. Merely thinking about Nandini and not being able to get her out of his head hurt him so much. He was angry with himself and when he actually ends up falling for Nandini, words won't be able to express his grief.

Lastly, talking about Mauli, this girl will be heartbroken beyond measure. Nandini and Kunal were the two pieces of her heart. She loves them way too much and when she'll get to know that her best friend and her husband both betrayed her, she'll be devastated. She was an amazing best friend to Nandini. She brought her into her house despite everyone telling her otherwise and supported her unconditionally. As for Kunal, her rockstar, her Jana, she loves him so much. Her eyes light up whenever she sees him and she feels so safe with him. She trusts him blindly and to see that trust being broken will shake her. 

I'm not supporting infidelity or any such thing. Personally, I want Kunal to get attracted to Nandini but then to realise that its' only a momentary attraction and he actually only loves Mauli. I want Kunal and Mauli to help Nandini find her feet and help her soar. I want the three to be best friends. 
My post was about the anguish that Kunal-Nandini will feel, if the story pans out the way we think it will. People will sympathise with Mauli and understand her heartbreak but not KuNan's. 

Looking forward to the coming few days.

PS: I will ABSOLUTELY kill the CVs if they even THINK about making Mauli negative to justify Kunal and Nandini's relationship.
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Posted: 2018-07-17T01:50:20Z
I really don't know ke future plans kya hai writer ke but for me all three of them deserves happy ending but not together. KuNan ending up together will ne unfair to mouli. and KuNan themselve will never be happy together when they knews that mouli is hurt because of them. They will forever trap in guilt and about MouNan, I really don't think they should also end up together either because they will never be same like before they used to. Mouli never ever able to trust kunal like she used to do it neither kunal will be able to love mouli like he used to do it. that won't be fair to both kunal or mouli.  This feelings will keep all three of them forever. Damn I am already feeling the pain they were going to feel in near future, already kunal is suffering so much  when this is mere attraction. I am feeling that in near future this won't be a mere attraction but much more than that. Edited by HeartBeat321 - 2018-07-17T01:52:38Z
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