For now it's all thorns--!

Posted: 2018-07-16T11:36:20Z

The gush of wind that brought a new breeze in Kunal's life had bought devastations. He is distraught like a child and is seeking his way. The new sensation that was supposed to blossom his heart with enchanting aroma of flowers, instead it surfaced as thorns that is plunging at his heart ! 

Kunal is a man of character hence all this prohibitions to bar the flood of emotions that is slowly but surely engulfing him. He wants to be saved before it's too late and so he rightly raises all his weapons to forbade its approach! But he is failing and how! 

Mouli is still unaware of the circumstances hence she becomes the incentive to bring the two together but as a result it vandalises his  efforts. He is without shield, afraid, tormented and vulnerable. Everytime he watches Nandini his world stops and unable to stop himself  he helplessly takes a step forward, immersing more deeply each  time, wondering how her spell has taken him in its hold! He is tense and petrified and doing his best to stay couragious but Only time will tell how long will he be able to resist the tempting fire and hide it from everyone.

Nandini whereas is as innocent as a child. She hardly knows what's the matter with Kunal. She doesn't know the new way his eyes are seeking her. But a time will come when she will get to know and I am very much eager to see how she reacts . Smile

The story is going at a great pace currently and I am more than curious to see the unfolding of events in future. 

Great work by Shakti, DD and Aditi . Clap

Please do share your views. Have A Good Night. Hug

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Posted: 2018-07-16T11:42:13Z
Wow!! You write so beautifully... Loued it!!Heart
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Posted: 2018-07-16T11:54:28Z
Such a beautiful post dear...Loved reading it
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Posted: 2018-07-16T12:25:10Z
Originally posted by moumita.madhuk

Wow!! You write so beautifully... Loued it!!Heart
thank you! Embarrassed
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Posted: 2018-07-16T12:26:33Z
Originally posted by -Lehar-

Such a beautiful post dear...Loved reading it
thank you very much.Smile
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Posted: 2018-07-16T12:43:11Z
Wowww you described it so b'fully Clap
truly Kunal is testing all his weapons but he is failing and Mauli being catalyst here ..and Nandini just consider him as a friend ..she just discovered this b'ful relationship with Kunal ..where he is giving unconditional support but me too curious to know whether she also develop feelings first for Kunal or she will came to know about Kunal first and her reaction ..what will be ?
all in all loved today epi and waiting for more Kunan scenes ..
all three doing great job and Nandini was looking ethereal ..myself was in drooling mode ..poor Kunal..what he can do..LOL
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Posted: 2018-07-16T21:40:55Z
Beautifully penned down
lovely post
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Posted: 2018-07-16T23:29:13Z
Beautifully wrote dear, I am also waiting for nandini's reaction also curious to know will se get to know kunal's feeling's first or she starts to feel for kunal first. I think we can't guess what's comeing up next. we all thought that it will be a nandini who going to attract toward kunal first but sab ke expectation ke opposite, it was kunal  
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