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Posted: 5 years ago

The beautiful Himachali Gorkhali lass, Bhumika Gurung aka Nimki of Star Bharat show, Nimki Mukhiya is quickly learning the TV ropes. When asked about her relationship with her boyfriend Amit Singh Gosai, she quipped indignantly, "No comments; I'd rather talk about my work.

We then changed track to Nimki, and this model-turned-actress, who has been in Mumbai for the last many years said, "I am really enjoying the process, for my character is very rooted and real (practical, slightly selfish, yet emotionally vulnerable, as most today's girls are). The best part is that we don't have the normal saas-bahu drama, forget that there has been no romantic angle which normally pushes ratings for a long time. The political and power interplay of Nimki with the other characters takes up most of our time and is enough to please our audiences.

"I guess this could be one of the reasons why we have a large male audience, which normally does not happen with daily shows; so I take it as a feather in our cap, she added.

So how did acting happen? "Although I loved to shake a leg, I never thought I would enter this field. I was first doing a normal job, which I quit, to try my hands at modeling. My first acting stint was in Channel V's Gumraah.

"I could not have asked for a better platform than Nimki, to start off my lead career, for she has so many shades. Doing so much work with one character will surely hold me in good stead down the road, expressed the actress.

Ask about the Mumbai TV industry, and she said, "While I don't know much as I have just started, so far so good. I have come across many good people. At the end of the day, all industries are the same. There is nothing right or wrong; it all depends on how deftly you handle evolving circumstances.

Besides TV, she would also be game for web series. "Post Nimki, if something juicy comes up, then why not? As actors, we any ways need to keep doing different stuff to hone our skills.

In closing, she was undecided about whether she would be ready to drop her clothes, as the web format seems to demand. "It all depends on what the role and character is, and how important the bold quotient is to the overall narrative.

Way to go, Bhumika!!


@bold red - I do agree with what she has to say. 

Am glad that they are pushing romance to backseat👍🏼

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Posted: 5 years ago
The interviewer is a true fan of Nimki. Perhaps thought it was really cute to start an interview with ' tumra boyfriend kaun hai?' dialogue.
80% of her screen time is dedicated to her scenes with Babboji or about her talks about Babboji, her honeymoon plans, her romantic dreams. Rest is with Anaro and other family members. I have never seen her doing any Panchayat work. Except some campaigns and narebaazi her character doesn't have anything political about it. What exactly is she trying to explain?

I so love this girl. Nimki is rooted, real and practical? Last time she was proud that she has inspired women to be self dependent and confident. Before that she thought her haldi ceremony jewellery was so different and innovative.