Love, abuse and duty.

Posted: 2018-06-04T15:12:08Z
Maybe if i loved you more, i would be able to talk about it less. 

So Kunal is head over heels in love with his wife Mauli, he is supportive of her, he may throw tantrums of her busy working hours, but at the end they do their own little thing to make it up for it. Thier heaven is perfect but is it really?

Throughout the episode Kunal went on and on and on about how much he loved Mauli, how she was the perfect woman, how he was the luckiest man on earth. 

His wife Mauli does realize misgivings about thier relationship, she does realize that she is completely opposite to what Kunal might want in his life, but Kunal is oblivious to that. 

Jane Austen said that maybe if i loved you more, i would be able to talk about it less. So the fact that Kunal keeps on chanting about his love is enough to prove that his love and his feelinsg are shallow .. the truth that mauli knows is the reality of their marriage .. that Kunal might have prefered someone else over her .. and he will in future. 

The love Kunal keeps showering on Mauli is like an ehsaan on Mauli, Mauli stays guilty for always leaving him for her profession and that maybe gives his ego a boost that he has an upper hand in the realtionship, and that is going to push him to cheat because he is not in love with mauli. 

As much as he can chant, its a duty which he has garbed over in love, which in itself is abuse. 
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That is such in-depth analysis into Kunals character but yes I do agree, the amount of time he kept boasting of Mauli's perfection and the love he holds just shows some superficiality about their relation. But even then I wan ok he seems to love his wife and clearly sings a song about it lol but then her statement came along of how Kunal would have probably been in love with Nandini had he met her before Mauli. That almost sealed the deal that Mauli is aware of the facade/difference that lies between them.

Maybe because the first two promos but I had my detective cap on lol

As of yet I ain't sure of the abuse on their relationship caused by his repetitive chant but the abuse defo is in Nandinis relationship. The moment he said watch what you eat, my throat constricted and eyes widened

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Posted: 2018-06-04T22:48:59Z
Wow u gave a very detailed description of Kunal 's character. Kunal made his own version of Mouli who is love of his life, perfect wife etc. but in reality Mouli is  a different person..i think when Kunal will meet Nadani, he will see that Nadani is the one  with whom he wants to spend his life. 
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Posted: 2018-06-05T04:23:39Z
Well written post and analysis of Kunal. I felt he kept stating how Mouli is the best wife he could have asked for as though he was reassuring himself and not really saying it because he means to. I think when he meets Nandini he will slowly realise that maybe she is the one for him and not the one he keeps reassuring himself of. Looking forward to see how it unfolds.
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Posted: 2018-06-05T05:39:23Z
People now are making their own versions of the characters. In one episode u know what the show is all about. Really?
Nothing in extreme is good not even intelectuality. I am amazed how none is standing for mauli here. 

Practc wht u preach then. 
Its just one epi down kunal n nandini haven't even met n people have already started justifying about what he will do in future?

I am a dd fan but i won't support the concept until i get convinced about it. By justifying so early you guys yourself are letting people talk nonsense about kunal and nandini. I am sorry if my words hurt anybody here but i wanted to keep it straight. ThanksSmile

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Posted: 2018-06-05T11:35:31Z
The show seems to be disrespecting a doctor s noble profession, by implying because the doctor wife gives less time to the husband, he can develop feelings for another woman. The other woman being "Indianised and a housewife. Quite sick if true.
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Posted: 2018-06-05T12:51:33Z
The show is about real issue and they will show what happening in real life..apart from Rajdeep no one is villain here everyone trying to adjust in their own life... Kunal is a doctor too but before that he is a person with emotions and wishes same with mauli and nandini...all three have some expectation from life sometimes they able to adjust it staying with their respective life partner sometimes choose to move on...just bcs someone's wife is a doctor or police he sould not have expectation or wishes from his life partner is too narrow minded modern world divorce happening everyday it's not bcs one partner is evil or not able to give time..It's just bcs after a certain time they understand they are not compatible for each other and they move on rather than staying in a forced relationship ...the show is about complex emotions not about EMA and no kunal is or will not going to cheat hopefully...but if his heart start feel for nandini we can't really blame him till it's in his heart only ...anyway hatts of to the TM your yesterday's post already turning true..and yeah we are here discussing about characters not blaming mauli or anyone..still if someone have problem try to post it by own rather than forcing other people to nikalo morcha and stand up for mauli.Edited by Snow_Angel - 2018-06-05T14:40:52Z
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Posted: 2018-06-06T20:45:57Z
i loved your analysis . 
I would like to quote a line here. "Jo rishte gehre hote hai woh apnepan ka shor nahi machate"
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