Episode 1

Posted: 2018-06-04T12:30:08Z
Finally the first episode of the show is here !!! N it was worth the wait i guess. It is a simple and short episode ( I expected an hour long epi since it is day 1). The script is tight and straight to the point. Clap
The episode creates the impression it is meant for. A sharp contrast between the two couples. One on hand we have Kunal and Mauli. Thr ideal couple. Crazily in love with each other. Lost in each other. It is a relationship based not only on love but respect. They ate extremely at ease with each other. In short the perfect couple. Their scenes bring a smile to our face. And then we have Nandini and Rajdeep. It is painful. Despite being married to Rajdeep she doesnt feel comfortable with him. He has no respect for her or her feelings. Just a thing to show off. The contrast is so good.

The episode all gives us an insight into the main characters. Mauli confident and independent. She is the lucky woman married to a man who loves her like crazy. N she loves him no less. She is today's woman. Juggling home and career. The character was most relatable to me. Kunal is definitely husband goals. Embarrassed. He understands Mauli and her professional commitments being a doctor himself. Then comes Nandini. Shy, reserved and silent. But her life is painful. She is in perpetual fear. Her fear and lack of confidence is shown beautifully. She is restless, in pain and lonely. Rajdeep lets just say is a monster. 

Drashti was so good as Nandini. Her pain showed in ger eyes. Without a word she portrays her pain and confusion. Love Drashti.

The episode leaves us wondering abt 2 things. One, what had happened between Mauli and Nandini. They miss each other but Mauki seems pissed at Nandini. Another aspect is how Kunal is gonna fall for Nandini. He seems extremely confident about his love for Mauli. He says that he would have fallen for Mauli even if he had met Nandini before her. That is ironic. Wonder how Kunal and Nandini's story will develop.
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Posted: 2018-06-04T12:37:38Z
One thing i liked about episode is all actors did great job drashti ,additi,shakti and abhinav.They played their part so well so yeah cheers for them Clap
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Posted: 2018-06-04T13:06:04Z
everyone did an amazing job
looking forward to more episodesBig smile
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Posted: 2018-06-04T13:06:51Z
Episode defo has showcased that there is lot more to it ..other than Kunal falling for Nandini ..
also I think there will be more of caring and protective kind of bonding between Kunal and Nandini rather than him falling for her so easily when he is so much in love with her wife ..
well let's see how story unfolds ..but as of now ..good start and loved everyone's performance ..
and Drashti  doesn't need dialogs even ..indeed queen of expressions.
loved her entry too..Clap
and as far as Mauli's part .I guess she has some issue with Nandini so she ended relationship but Nandini didn't ..may be some misunderstanding ..
waiting for next episode.
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Posted: 2018-06-04T13:11:21Z
Yeah well n nice episode 
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Posted: 2018-06-04T13:41:56Z
The episode was good...everyone was looking good and know their parts well..the only thing I felt is fast 20 min somewhere little dragged..as I was watching with my family feeling really wired..rest I like the BG and effects.l...all in all I loved last 15 min more than fast half ...And Even if not great it's a good start
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Posted: 2018-06-05T04:11:39Z
Nice post. Episode was decent. All actors were good in their roles. They showed the contrast between the happy and unhappy/abusive couple very well. All of it felt natural and easy flowing.Waiting for today's episode.Smile
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Posted: 2018-06-05T08:15:45Z
I guess Mouli and Nandini got seperated due to Nandu's marriage...Rajdeep might have made her cut ties with everyone...Mauli maybe angry coz she just disappeared without telling her anything
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