list of foreign invaders in india

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1 Aryan Invasion (17001800 BCE)

Vedic India (1500 BC - 600 BC

-Mahajanapadas (600325 BC----

** First Ever foreign invasion in Indian subcontinent ,not by Alexander but by Iranians/Persian !!!!

#2 Archaemenian ruler Darius 1 (Darayabahu) captured places near Indus river which got freed after Darius III's defeat.

#3 Macedonian Invasion (326 BC )

Son of Greek king Philip ,Alexander invaded north west India , with the help of King Ambhi of Taxila defeated powerful King of small territory in Punjab Porus in 326 BC . Alexander stayed in India for 19 month ,left in 325 BC September .

Selecus Nicator defeated by Samrat Chandragupta . Helena married to Chandragupta (Sandrokattas)

 Mauryan Rule for 137 years

#3 Indo- Greeks (2 BCE)

Most famous ruler ,king Milinda who was a great patron of Buddhism .

#4 Sakas (Scythians) 1st cent -4th cent AD . They were defeated by King Vikramaditya of Ujjain in 58 AD (Vikram Samvat era)

#5 Parthians (1st cent -1st AD)

St. Thomas arrives ,first Christian arrives in Kerala (India) to promote Christianity

Kunshans replaced by Parthians . Kunshan Empire at its peak under Kanishaka controlled the Silk -route .

Emperor Harshavardhan dies in 647 AD ,his empire got divided into no. Of kingdoms !

Muslim Invasions

#6 Muhammad Bin Qasim won Sindh in his second attempt from Raja Dahirsen . Sindh lost to Arabs ! (712 AD )

#7 8th century full of Arab invasions in North west India . Arabs penetrated up to Rajasthan defeated the Morris . Alarmed by this Battle of Rajasthan fought . Bappa Rawal defeated the Arab badly !

#8 Arabs after 100 years attacked the borders of Gurjar Pratihar empire ,defeated by Gurjar Samrat Mihir Bhoja and Nagabhatta 1,2 later .

#9 Arab invaders attack Kashmir but defeated by Karkota Emperor Lalitaditya !

#10 Muhammad Ghazni's 17 raids in India ! From 998 AD onwards . 25 year long battle between the Solankis of Gujarat and the Muslim army . Jaipal defeated by Ghazni . Ghazni destructs Somnath Temple in 1025 AD .

#11 Ghazni Armies enters north India by 105070 AD . Battle of Bahraich fought , Rajbhar army under Suhaldev defeats Ghazni general. Kalachuris , Gahadwal rulers fights with the Muslim armies

# 12 Muhammada Ghuri tries to enter India through Gujarat ,defeated by Bhimdev Solanki .

#13 Battles of Tarain (119192) Muhammad defeats king Prithviraj of Delhi . Jaichand , Chauhans ,solankis ,chandellas defeated by Qutubuddin Aibak .

Delhi Sultanate 1206 AD onwards

#14 Mongol armies (Genghis khan) invades west India in 1221AD . Iltutmish ruler of Delhi during the invasion .

#15 Mongol armies capture Punjab and laid siege outside Delhi .Mongols defeated by Allaudin Khilji , khilji sultan of Delhi 1312 AD

# 16 Invasion of Timur 1398 AD . Delhi completely destroyed by Timur .

# 17 Babur wins 1st battle of Panipat , battle of Khanwa 152627 AD .

# 18 Humayun captures Delhi from Suri Dynasty in 1555 AD

#19 Nadir Shah (Shah of Persia ) invades north India and looted Delhi in 1739 AD

#20 Nadir Shah's slave Ahmad Shah Abdali wins 3rd battle of Panipat from Marathas with the help of Najib khan in 1761 AD



- European Invasions -

Constantinople captured by Turks in 1453AD . As a result European sailors set out to discover sea route to Indian Subcontinent . Vascoda - Gama arrives at Calicut in 1498 AD pays tribute to king Zamorin !

# 21 Francisco de Almedia captures Calicut and Cochin ,becomes first Portuguese governor in India . (150509)

# 22 Arrival of Dutch . They setup their factory in Masulipattam (1605 AD)

# 23 Sir Thomas Roe visits Mughal Emperor Jehangir's court ,granted permission to open a English factory in Surat (1616 AD ) by Jehangir

# 24 French East India company formed in 1664 AD ,first French factory opens in Surat 1666 AD.

*** i dont guarantee d source , i posted it as i found it on net

### so darius III never came to india , it was darius 1

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