OMG OMG!! Cutest Male jealousy scene ever shown on tv

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Posted: 2018-02-02T11:56:46Z
I am literally tired seeing male lead's childhood friend coming and then creating drama. Even there, female jealousy isnt well executed. I always wanted to see a male jalousy track which i have seen in this show.
Now coming back to main point, Gautam comes to Mathur house (married and sattled in US). Sahil saw how Vedhika, Arya and Nani is comfortable with him. He felt jealous.

Now the best scene was his monologue in upstair balcony. The way he sat and spoke his mind. It was too cute. Damn i rewind thrice in this show. Let me tell you this scene has to be the cutest scene ever. He was so cute so cute. He was legit cuter than a ziddi kid. I wanted to hug him right there. Havent seen anything so cute. MUST WATCH SCENE FOR SaDhika fans.

Now another scene i liked most was, how Vedhika was concerned for Sahil. Sahil woke up early and went for jogging after the jealousy night LOL Arya and Vedhika were concerned for him not being in room and Vedhika calls him but his phone was off. Last scene was so cute when Vedhika said how he shoukd have informed someone becoz they were worried. I also liked Sahil apology moments to Vedhika on badi amma's behavior.

Meanwhile Sahil knows it was Badi amma and confronts her but he wasnt so sure. May be he will find out about this more in next week and will complain to police for taking dowry.

Interesting episode but not great due to Gautam's entry coz i feel sad for my poor baby Sahil Unhappy He was so cute today. Next week looks so interesting anfmd packed with VD coming and Sahil's confession.
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Posted: 2018-02-02T12:29:00Z
He was certainly cute when he was jealous, and the things he said sitting on the balcony as to what he wanted to do Gautam,  (those kinda of dialogues i have heard from women characters). And how he feels for Vedika

He really is someone who will get upset and annoyed very cutely lol. 

I really liked the end scene, Vedika was concerned for Sahil and then thinking what if he left the house, you could see her feeling uneasy about it, and then finally when she sees him, the tension disappears and then she gets stern awww Heart
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Posted: 2018-02-02T15:15:29Z
Yeah that scene was the cutest thing...jealous Sahil is a treat to watch ...the way he said he wanna beat that Gautam I was laughingLOL . This guy is madly in love ...the way he said I love u Vedika jiDay Dreaming in his monologue.
Vedika worrying for Sahil was a good scene too...I like the way CVs are showing a thoughtful Vedika for Sahil...
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Posted: 2018-02-04T20:46:46Z
I am a new viewer. Binged watched it just now.
Loving it till now.
Hope they don't make the story too complicated and all.
and hope Vedika falls in love slowly 
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Posted: 2018-02-04T21:23:35Z
Originally posted by apoorvaarnav

I am a new viewer. Binged watched it just now.
Loving it till now.
Hope they don't make the story too complicated and all.
and hope Vedika falls in love slowly

She will fall slowly coz she will be skeptical about what society may think and if this relationship is possible at all. And welcome to the show. As i say ppl need to watch the simple show or else makers will make it ugly for trp.
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