Beautiful SaDhika, Arya-Sahil moments and some question

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Posted: 2018-01-31T12:59:32Z
Firstly i absolutely loved SaDhika moments today. The reason is you can feel Sahik's tender love. It directky touches your heart Embarrassed that saree and photography scene was so beautiful. They have great chemistry even though there's no evident feelings from Vedhika's side but she can feel the heat Embarrassed realky loved it. And i am happy how Sahil said he cant follow Badi amma's promise coz he is in love and he did not promise not to love LOL boy he was epic when he came as photographer and propsed to be photographer. Embarrassed so adorabke.

Arya-Sahil moments were so cute. I think Arya will get to know about Sahil's feelings for Vedhika and she might even encourage her since her character is shown with progressive mindset. She will not create dramai guess. And i loved Nani ji. She is epic and hilarious. I like how she doesnt take anything from Badi amma and chacha ji. She is hilarious LOL

Coming to questions, Sahil's new jija ji seems more creepy. I think they are buikding this track to show how elders selecting partners are not always right and Vedhika might expose both jijus. And coming to Nishi's parents. They are legit blood sucker. Its sad how they are shifting everything on Vedhika plus how they are taking money from her. I hope Sahil saves Vedhika from these exploitations.
Most important question, where is Sahil? He should have been in shop right? So many question and interesting preview. Cant wait for episode

So the SRK moments will come tomorrow it seems. And with the plot building up, it will be interesting to see how SaDhika faces all the challenges.
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Posted: 2018-01-31T13:43:58Z
I kinda also feel that Sahil should little bit tone it down when he talks to Vedika's family members, even she is cautious when he does and his chilling act but as we know there is time and place for that at times. The high five was abit too much with the elders. 
But we all know this man will stand up for what he believes and Vedika if he needs to
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Posted: 2018-02-01T03:07:02Z
^ actually i liked him LOL They were mean ppl, he tried to ease up the situation in his own style
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Posted: 2018-02-01T07:07:38Z
Yday epi was good ...Sahil cleverly sent Badi Amma back without making any promise ...this guy is really smart ..he ll love Vedika as he didn't make promise not to love her LOLWink

But Badi Amma badly needs a reality check ...this lady is so full of herselfOuch...she thinks she is the supreme force...she is the only one who has the final wordsDead. I bet the eldest too daughter is having a bad marriage...her husband is like a typical bollywood villain and for sure Shruti is having an affair with him disgustingDead...but in a way all the typical characters are making their entries in order for Vedika to solve all the family matter in her bahu style in future EmbarrassedLOL also Badi Amma ll understand how wrong she is about Vedika and her family too.

Coming to SaDika moments now they are treats as usual...i love all their scenes... the saree one, photos one.  And most importantly Sahil is being aware how she is bein exploited bt her in lawsAngry despite tryin her level best for all the arrangementsOuch

So Badi Amma ll play another dirty game which ll back fire again i guess
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