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Posted: 2 years ago
Even though I have been on IF for such a long time, I didn't know many of these things LOL Am hoping the below information will help all the forum wasis to get an insight how the forum ranking works and together how we can get our show on the top. 

Forum ranking  is based on the following

Chaska Meter(CM)Rating:Points get collected when you hit the Chaska Meter. This is only available in the Desktop mode I believe. I couldn't do it over the phone. So, every time you login to the forum, first rate the show by hitting the CM. I believe the rating is counted only when you login and logout. Multiple times hitting the Chaska Meters on the same login session doesn't help. 

Buzz: This depends on the likes and comments on articles posted by IF. Whenever there are articles posted about actors, show please like and comment. 

Views and Activity: A thread turns in to Red/Pink after 250 views or 25 comments, I guess whichever happens first. When a thread is first created it is blue. A RED/Pink thread is what counts for Ranking. So, comment on all threads, increase views on all threads. 

Followers: The more the followers the better the ranking of the forum. Put the forum in "My forums" and increase the forum's followers. Click on the star in the first picture to get YUDKBH added to "My forums"

Comment and like the Celebrity profiles thereby increasing their ranks on IF and also the forum's.
Posted: 2 years ago
Click the show more button from your mobile to see forum rating and cast ranking

Then you see the following

Rate there
There click on the names there and you get celebrity profiles like

Randeep Rai Fanclub in India-forums

Join there and comment daily
Ashi Singh Fanclub in India-forums
Join there and comment daily
And the rules to increase Randeep and Ashi ranking in IF are:
1. Comment in Randeep and Ashi's profile daily with posting their pics. 
Pic posting is important. that will increase their rating.

to post pic do following
 [I M G] the photo link [/ I M G] then remove the spaces .

2. Like all the comments in their profile. That will increase their rating. 

3. Comment on recent tellybuzz article where YUDKBH forum /Randeep/Ashi are tagged and rate 5 star there, and like all the comments there.

4. In Buzz article comment mention full name of actor and show. Show name shouldbe spelled as Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai.

I hope everyone will do so, and try to increase forum and Randeep & Ashi ranking.
The actors and show makers are trying hard to entertain us. We should appreciate them.

Let's go and start now. Big smile

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Posted: 2 years ago
Ashi and Randeep both are not even in top 100Cry in celebrity ranking i think fandom need to comment regularly i have startedSmile
Forum Ranking we are increasing and have to maintain or even increase itClap
Posted: 2 years ago
Thanks... this is a much needed postBig smileClap
We need to try and increase the forum ranking Big smile

One thing... chaska meter is there on phone as wellBig smile
You need to click show more in the top right corner... then you'll get itBig smile
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Posted: 2 years ago
I need Help...

Chaska meter.. i am unable to find.. plus i cannot add YUDKBH in "My Forums"

Please help
Posted: 2 years ago
I knew it all LOL
We are doing fine as long as there are topics and discussion flow. Even without clicking that stars rating, we will move up in ranking.

We need to have new topics and 25+ replies . That's why, we should try to avoid making topic on which similar discussion is going elsewhere. It splits comments. 

Replying is also important, I am sure we can add a line or two as a reply in as many topics as we can.
Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by meen1

I need Help...

Chaska meter.. i am unable to find.. plus i cannot add YUDKBH in "My Forums"

Please help

Chaska Meter: Click on the 5 man like icons to rate the show as I have shown in the image. It is just below the the show's image.

Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by meen1

I need Help...

Chaska meter.. i am unable to find.. plus i cannot add YUDKBH in "My Forums"

Please help

For @Red - When you are on YUDKBH forum's first page, look at the pannel near "Google Search" box. There is a "Star" icon, click it once and the My Forum pull down menu will automatically add this forum to your list.

PM me if you can't do this.

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