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Part 1

Note that gopi was not sent to jail. She stabbed Radha, but radha survived. Radha was then sent for indore jail and mental hospital.
Beautiful modi mansion is shown from outisde. Many cars are shown parked, fountains, a swimming pool, a huge garden is shown. The inside is shown.

@Modi Mansion

Renovated modi mansion is shown. Beige, cream, and brownish western dcor is shown. Modern furnitue, and sophisticated dcor, candles are shown burning. A wall is shown beside the mandir. 5 frames are shown with garlands. Parag, Baa, Rashi and Kinjal Dhawal s portraits are shown with garlands. A woman is shown blurred. She is shwon walking through the hall ways. She is shown in long brown hair, cyan designer saree, sleveless designer blouse, long earrings. Her face is revealed (lovey sasan). Another room is shown, a woman is shown blurred in reading a book. She is shwon in a bit greyish bunned hair, pearl saree, chained specs. Her face is revealed (rupal patel). Kitchen is shown in white ceramic dcor. Hetal is shown instructing servats. She is shown in a long golden blouse, green saree, diamond necklace , bunned hair, bindi and sindoor. Finally, a woman is shown lighting a diya in front of the portraits . her face is revealed (devoleena bhattachargee). Gopi is shown in a red designer sraee, short sleeved blouse, french braided hairs. She smiles.
A melodious voice is heard singing aarti in the mandir.

@Sahir Samar's room.

A boy is shown yawning.

Ufff, today again early morning aarti. All my sleep is disturbed !!!

He pouts. His face is revealed and its (paras babbar), Sahir . the other side of the room is shown. Aanother young boy is shown doing push ups. He is shwon in a black vest.

Oh no!!! buddy. We are late again. C'mon leave ur sleep, im leaving my girlfriend behind. Coz aarti is important.

His face is shwon (pratap hada ). Samamr kisses his dumpbell and smirks. Sahir gets up from bed, and both of them run off.

Mandir is shown. All are shown gathered. The voice is heard, a speaker is shown playing. A girl comes and switches the speaker off.. (sonam lamba) Vidya is shown, she is shown in a red churridar, sleeveless, with short earrings, highlighted hair.

Vidya ma!! Still that day is not come that kanha ji will listen to speaers aarti. So what if di is not here. Im there na...

Vidya smiles., she starts singing hey gopal krishna aarti. All listen to the aarti, arti ends.
Ahem and jigar are shown in 3 piece suits. They smile. Vidya gives parasad to all ,and feeds sahir and samamr ,with her hands. Gopi cups her face

Gopi Vidya, thnkoyu so much beta. U are doing so much for us. U have chnaged urslef completely so that we and meera ae comfortable.

Vidya its ok maa. U know na I love singing. Be it bollywood songs or aarti. And I can do anything for meera di. After all even she had done...

Sahir and samar nod no to viidya. Vidya stops. Gopi smiles.

@ Dining Table

A girl is shown coming down stais. She is shown in a deep purple bodycon dress, and open hairs. Her face is revealed, (tanya sharma ), meera is shown. She comes down and sits beside vidya. Hetal comes and replaces Meera' oats with aloo paratha.

Hetal meera dikra, come on. Finish this quickly. Leave ur grass foods for tods\ay. Ur badi dadi made ur favorite dish.

Hetal cups meeera's face. Meera jerks off her hand . she stands up .

Meera oh please badi dadi.!! Enough ha. I told u many times I don't love anything that I loved before. Why don't u understand??? And how dare u touch me with ur oily hands. I told that I love hygeine. But no one listens. !!

Ahem meera. What kind of way is that to talk to kakiji?

Meera- oh pls dad. I know very well what to do and how to do. Im going out, and ill be late. And dare if u sned ur stupid tolu molu behind me to spy. Understand ??? u better understand!!

Meera storms off. Paridhi gets angry. Gopi is shown looking at it. She is shown making garlands in mandir.

@ mandir

Gopi talks to rashi's frame. She nods her head in disbelief.

Gopi did u see rashi ben?? Ur meeru has become so insolent. She has no manners at all. U only tell her how to behave with elders.

Gopi smiles and walks away. Jidhi are shown looking at her .
Jigar did u see pari ? bhabhi is hiding so much pain behind that smile. 2 years ago everything changed.

Paridhi yes jigs, I know.

Pari notices jigars mood is bad and decides to cheer him up.

Pari bbut one thing did not change .

Jigar what?

Pari u were crazy for me 10 years ago, and today also u r crazy for me!!

Jigar oh really mamdam, but when I have flashback, I rmemeber something else only!

Pari uh...ok ok ..lets change the topic.

Jidhi laughs .

@ Dining

Vidya decides to change everyones mood. Paridhi and gopi comes too.

Vidya um, badi dadi, when will u get tolu molu married?? Even im eager to get bhabhis.

Sahir first u get married.

Gopi yes, brother don't get married before their sister.

Vidya listen all. .i will marry only my dream prince...when I think it's right...U can't force me..Understand...u better understand..!!

Gopi now u r copying meera haan??? Anyways ok meri Jhansi ki rani!.

Pari jigs...looks like we have to get our sons hitched too!!!

Sahir oh..Great news mom!!! By the way ,Which sons????

Pari Sahir!!! Stop joking...

Sahir no mom...pls.. Want to remain ur little baby always..No shadi wadi..

Pari aww!! My baby..Sahir smiles.

Jigar Samar..what about u???
Samar- dad, no arranged marriage for me..I will do only love marriage.

Samar smiles..Paridhi pulls Samar's ears..

@ Road.

Meera is shown driving harshly. She gets flashbacks.

**** Flashback ****

A family is shown leaving.

Woman sorry gopiben, we cant get our son married to her. We will be defamed!

Gopi no sitaben, pls listen to me, meera loves rohit a lot.

Meera- rohit, pls don't do this to me. rohit listen.

Rohit (rohit suchnati ) im sorry meera. I cant. Its over.

The family leaves. Meera falls on the floor crying.

***End of flashback ***

Meera parks the car. She comes out. She rings the bell.

@Suryavanshi mansion.

A huge mansion is shown . door opens. Meera gets inside. The mansion is shown with old tradiitonal, and beautidul cream dcor. Meera shouts on the top of hger lungs .

"Mr. Suryavanshi!!!!! "Mr. Suryavanshi!!!!! "Mr. Suryavanshi!!!!!

A woman is shown. She comes down the stairs. She is shwon in heavy sraee, and makeup, bunned hairs. Her face is revealed. (vandana pathak ) is shown,

Gaura suryavanshi E ladki?? Why r u shouting in my home ha?? Don't u have any manners ?? who are u??

Meera im not talking to u. call Mr. Suryavanshi !!! Mr Suryavanshi.!!!

Gaura- hey ambe ma!! Look at this girl . hey , u donth ave nay shame at all ?? besharam chokri. Cover ur thighs!!

Meera fumes. A man is shown in 4 pcs black suit, specs, shaved beard. He comes down, and revelas his face. (amar upaddhyay) is shown.

Dharam suryavanshi who are u??

Meera lowers her eyes.

Meera mr, suryavanshi, can I talk to u in private?

Dharam ok sure. Come with me.

Meera follows dharam to a study room. Dharam closes the door.

Dharam so?? Who are u?

Meera im meera modi.

Dharam aah ...meera ...after all this, u have come here. U have no shame at all??

Meera I should be ashamed ? no, mr. dharam, u should be. This f**king socity should be. I want my revenge mr, dharam. Bcoz of u , me and my family have suffred a lot. I lost my boyfriend ,my honor, everything.

Dharam. whatevr!

Meera u will understand mr. suryavanshi. U have made my family shed tears of blood. Now, same will happen to u.

Dharam oh really?? What will u do ?? (fumes)

Meera I will do nothing . (smirks ). U will. U will marry me Mr.suryavanshi .

Dharam gets shell shocked. He starts laughing like crazy.

Dharam u have a good sense of humour Ms.Modi

Meera shut up! (smirks)

Dharam u have done ong by giving such a disgusting challenge. Now see what I do to u.

Dharam poushes meera to a wall and blocks her. Mera brethaes heavily.

Meera mr. dhara...

Dharam- I will honor ur sister, and dishonor u. u will hate her. I shall break ur family. wait and watch.

Meera smirks. She pushes him and barges off.

@ Hall way.

Meera comes out and numps into a man. She falls on his arms. He is shown in a black pant, brown blaxer, white t shirt. (varun kapoor ) Varun Suryavanshi is shown.

Meera and Varun get shocked.

paas aaye..
dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa huin
ek adhoori si hamaari kahaani rahi
aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi
jaa mile.. jaa mile..
ishq sachcha wahi
jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein..

their eyes are shown.

rang thay, noor tha
jab kareeb tu tha
ek jannat sa tha, ye jahaan
waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
likh ke chhoD gaya tu kahaan

meera's eyes get tearry. She starts shivering . she runs away. Varun stares at her.

hamari adhoori kahani..
hamari adhoori kahani..

Meera leaves
the mansion.

End of first episode

Precap : Kokila asks Sahir and Samar from where sound came. Sahir syas it was us lauging. Samar gets nervous. Meanwhile, a girl is shown hanging down the balcony railings. Later, A girl bersecks the whole room and breaks furniture. Her face is shown, its vidya. Later, Dharam liplocks Meera and she pecks his chest.

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Another FF with Dheera. Wonderful. Nice start. Waiting for next part especially hot Dheera kiss
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Posted: 2018-01-21T07:51:26Z
Originally posted by Pollyanna

Another FF with Dheera. Wonderful. Nice start. Waiting for next part especially hot Dheera kiss

second part has been updated by Naira . check it on Telly updates...!
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Posted: 2018-01-21T07:52:48Z
keep on updating it naira .
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Posted: 2018-01-24T05:46:27Z
HERE is the Part 2

Part 2


@Sahir Samar's room
@Modi Mansion

Sahir is shown gossiping with a girl. The girl is shown in wavy hair with highlights, blue thigh length floral dress, earrings, high heels. Her face is shown. (tejaswi Prakash ) is shown smiling.

Sahir really Mona !! u r fab!

Mona sahir, its normal. In my family, girls can sneak out at night!!

Sahir that's why, ma ki ladli bigad gayi!!

Mona c'mon , this much I can do!!

Sahir everyone should have a girlfriend like u, Monica!!

Mona smiles. Suddenly Samar enters with cupcakes.

Samar haw!! Buddy, I went to bring cupcakes and ur stabbing me behind my back!!

Sahir no, bro...

Mona shut up samar, sahir is like my brother only!!

Samar hmm. Btw, baby, how did u manage to come up here?

Mona by climbing...

Samar wow, honey, u climbed Modi Mansion second floor, will heels, this is called courage!!

Mona its not courage baby, its love . (mona blushes)

Sahir coughs...

Sahir let me just go to the balcony to make a call...ill give u some privacy!!

Sahir leaves. Mona smiles. Samar looks at her, and cups her cheeks...

Samar- u should come like this daily...

He brushes her cheeks with his nose, Mona smiles...

Mona oh really ???u r so naughty samar !

Samar yeah, u know im after my mom. She used to do kalakaris to separate a couple and I do kalakaries to unite our couple...

Mona smiles. Samar kisses her cheeks, and then smooches her lips. Mona gets turned on and liplocks him wildly...

Pal pal dil ke pass plays...

Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho-2
Jeevan Meethi Pyaas Yeh Kehti Ho
Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho

Saamar grabs her wiast and caresses her hair. She rubs on his chest. He drags her to the wall and explores her waist, back, hands. She moans softly.

Har Shaam Aankhon Par
Tera Aanchal Lehraye
Har Raat Yaadon Ki
Baarat Le Aaye
Main Saans Leta Hoon
Teri Khushboo Aati Hai
Ek Mehka Mehka Sa
Paigaam Laati Hai
Mere Dil Ki Dhadkan Bhi
Tere Geet Gaati Hai
Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho

He starts kissing her neck wildly, she moans. Suddenly, her hand pushes a vase, and it falls. Samar and mona part off.

@ Hall Way
@ Modi Mansion

Kokila is hsown in a night saree. She hears the sound.

Kokila hey krishna bhagwan. This sound came from Tolaram and Mulchand's room. I hope they are fine. Let me go and chec k.

@ Sahir Samar's room.

Sahir enters.

Sahir guys, choti dadi is coming!!

Samar what?

mona what now???

Sahir and SoNika get shocked. Koki opens the door. The mepty room with sahir and samar is shown.

Koki tolara,...mulchand, whats the sound??

Sahir where dadi?

Samar choti dadi, we were just laughing, nothing else.

Dadi saro...

Koki leaves. Sahir closes the door. Sahir and samar sigh. Mona sis whon hanging on the railing . she calls out. Sahir and samar rush out. Sahir and samar pull her up.

Mona okay I shall leave now..

Sahir ok.

Samar- bye baby.

Mona kisses samar and leaves .

@Modi mansion Hall

Pari comes running. Kopki and gopi are shown gossiping and cutting fruits.

Pari kakiji, gopi ben!!

Gopi what happened paridhi, why are u so excited ,hmm??

Koki yes, paridhi.

Paridhi kakiji, a prposal came. My friend shagun, likes our daughter

Koki hmm...but they will reject her like all others..

Paridhi ohho kakiji, they lked our daughter singing hyms in the mandir, its means its vidya.

Gopi then its more rubbish paridhi. We know vidya is 2 years younger than meera. Meera will feel so bad.

Pari but gopiben, it's a nice proposal, varun is a rich and handsome boy, they have..

Koki but we don't want meera to feel bad...

Suddnely, meera comes.

Meera- maa, dadi. What is this?

Gopi meera beta that...

Meera no maa. Vidya cant suffer bcoz of me. as for me, I don't know if I would ever get married...

Gohemdhi feel bad..

Meera- but vidya has to right...I cant let my gudiya suffer bcoz of me..

Koki meera dikra, we are so proud f u. but u don't worry. Vidya is very young. We don't tneed to think about her now..

Meera no dadi. I know why u r rejecting this proposal. But I really want her to get married in this family. jut see the boy at once.

Pari thnks meeru. U r lovely. I knew u love vidya...

Meera kaki., I might be rude, but im not that bad ok..

Gohem get emotional and hug meera. Meera smiles. Suddenly, her smile turns into a smirk!!!!!

@Pink City Mall

Meevi are shown shpping. Meera shops.

Vidya- di, are u done? Its so long. Enough now.

Meera no vidya, a litle more, pls..lok these shoes r so trendy

Vidya but meera very tired, u already brought so many things...u r now crossing pari kaki...

Meera areh baby, a little more only...

Suddenly, few women spot meera...

Woman 1 areh , narmada, isnt this the same girl ,of that ...

Woman 2 oh yeah preetiben, u r right, she is that meera modi...

Meera feels uncomfortable. But she smiles. Vidya gts tearry. Shge gets some flashbacks in unclar way. Vidya gets hyper, she holds her head, meera shocks...

Woman 3 how shameless she is, she stills roams open...

Vidya gets hyper and runs away. Meera hurries asnd runs behind her. Meera vidya reach mm. vidya is running helplessly. Meera calls someone. Sahir samar come down. Meera signals them. Sahir goes inside. Vidya bersecks all the furniture. She breaks the mirror and cries badly. She messes all the bedsheets and curtains. She breaks the vases. Meera and samar try to control vidya. Vidya cries and howls. Sahir comes and injects vidya. Vidya gets unconscious. Sahir and samar carry her up. A single tear escapes meera's eye.

@Dharam's room
@suryavanshi mansion

A girl is hwon massgaing dharam;s back. Dharam is shown shirtless. Girl ish own in a red babydoll dress. She is sensually massagin him with scednted candles. Dharam moans. Girl is shown massaging his abs. Dharam smiles and relaxes. He takes her hand, and kisses it. Girl's face s revealed. Its meera. Meera smiles and pecks his back. Dharam gets up and takes meera on his lap. He hotly liplocks her. Meera smiles. Dharam caresses meera's belly under her dress. Meera moans and squeezes his hair. Dharam makes meera lie on her back. Meera smiles, as he kisses her neck, shoulders and hands. He goes sucking on her thighs and legs. Dharam gets up and pulls the dstring of meera's dress...
His dream breaks.

Dharam wakes up and sees none around... was a dream..wah ambe mah...what a dream..but that meera!!! (fumes)...well I have to admit that meera modi is definitely a s*xy b*t*h!!

Precap meera shares her plan with samar. Later, Mrs. Shagun (anita hasanandani ) comes with lots of gifts. Later, meera makes vidya agree. Later, dharam and shagun drink beer together and play chess!!! Screen goes black!!

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Posted: 2018-02-22T14:44:15Z
thanks 4 posting it here as per my request

good that radha is not killed by gopi n she is in ail n gopi didnt get jailed.sad that u killed parag n kinwal.wish they were alive.paridhi n sons scene was cute.on d show sns meera turned into a stubborn spoilt angry girl from a soft well mannered girl as gopi wasnt there with her.but here she was nurtured by gopi.Then why is she ill mannered?Did her dark past make her like this?Wow rohit is there as meera's groom.hope in future he gets paired with Sruti as i luv Ricky Sita pair.but sad that he refused to marry her.Is it bcz of Dharam that rohit's family rejected her?But i was shocked that Dharam didnt recognize meera.Meera wants to take revenge on dharam by marrying him.but he was so rude n keen on destroying her n her dharam a villain here?Will he turn positive later?Who is varun?Is he dharam's son or brother?Is he meera's ex boy friend?Varun meera scene with humari adhoori song was emotional.Tanya Varun make a cute pair though i prefer dheera.shocking precap

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Posted: 2018-02-22T14:45:26Z Tejeswi is Monica.nice choice.she is so adventerous.Samar Mona song was hot.surprised that shagun is pari's friend here.Does meera have any intention behind hooking up vidya with Varun?Why was public talking like that n y was vidya behaving so insane?does she have any mental problem?Dheera scene was only a dream.But it was hot
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Posted: 2018-02-22T18:22:28Z
Radha didn't die though Gopi stabbed her how did meets become a brat despite Gopi's presence? Loved Sahir, Samar and Vista scene. It was funny. Surprising to see Vidya copying Meera's dialogue understand, You better understand. I guess Barun is Dharam's son owing to which he refused to marry Meera. 
In the second part, Dharam's dream to consummate Meera was hot but hope he realises that he is wrong. Meera wants Vidya to get married. The family hugging Meera for her sacrifice is emotional but her smirks say something else.
Kavs Creative Writing Index Kavs Writing Index 2
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